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The Teacher {mature} by cxmcdonald
The Teacher {mature}by C. McDonald
"I would stop that if I were you." His voice was low and sexy, and right next to my ear. I smiled, we couldn't be in a better position. Once more I moved my a...
  • mature
  • steamy
  • passion
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In To Deep ( A Dave East Story ! ) by k-wavyyy
In To Deep ( A Dave East Story ! )by -
Life is beautiful , but tremendously short . Blessing has to learn this the hard way . Read the intro to find out more!
  • thugs
  • drama
  • hood
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Into The Woods (18+) by AuthorrUnknown
Into The Woods (18+)by AuthorrUnknown
Aceso has always been sheltered by her pack ever since she was a little girl. Never being allowed to leave for school field trips, and always kept on a tight leash. Litt...
  • luna
  • love
  • fate
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His Forbidden Love by unicorns_and_beards
His Forbidden Loveby Sarahi De Leon
There's always that one story where the girl is always shy, clumsy and quiet but ends up getting the guy... Well not this time. Max Black, a junior in high school. She'...
  • mature
  • agegap
  • explicit
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The Forbidden Affair by vintagexpast
The Forbidden Affairby vintagexpast
Donna always had a crush on family friend, Robert Redford. Now that she's of age, Donna finds herself eager to show Rob exactly how she feels. When Mr. Redford is invite...
  • erotic
  • 1960s
  • vacation
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when I was kid (very nasty) by katty353
when I was kid (very nasty)by katty353
be aware... Read at your own risk
  • adultery
  • explicit
  • nasty
Supernatural Smut by buckysdick
Supernatural Smutby Marian Heda
Title says it all bahaha All ships and kinks welcome. I will try to post everyday. Comment or msg me requests. Don't forget to follow me 😁💕
  • sexualthemes
  • smutish
  • mature
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Insecure by shyla_stories
Insecureby Shyla
Sara Andrews has always had image issues but now that she's a senior in high school everything seems to be falling apart around her. When she finally confides in a teach...
  • harrystylesfanfic
  • harrystyles
  • dirty
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Wish You Were Here - Part 2 by RubySlippers_
Wish You Were Here - Part 2by Ruby Charlot
PART 2: The story of Liv and Harry continues as we see their relationship tested and tried in ways they wouldn't have thought possible. Are they strong enough to withst...
  • smutty
  • love
  • passion
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WILD // (Harry Styles) by TheasWriting
WILD // (Harry Styles)by THEA
❝You drive me fucking wild,❞ he says, pulling at his hair. He moves closer again--this time grabbing me by the waist. I let out a groan as he kisses my neck. ❝Shut the f...
  • kink
  • zayn
  • smutfanfic
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Unity | Harry Styles AU by hxrryparadise
Unity | Harry Styles AUby yours truly x
[COMPLETED] pairings are not limited to wine. this story sits well on the tongue with the art teacher - rufus wainwright :) "Unity is what makes art complete."...
  • harry-styles
  • styles
  • explicit
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Sexy One Shots by Physicallydxlan
Sexy One Shotsby grayson's bbg 😅💘
  • fun
  • kinky
  • bxgxg
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Kiss Me Scandalous by atiyamunirx
Kiss Me Scandalousby ˗ˏˋAtiyaˎˊ˗
"You don't want to get involved with me Ophelia, it'll end in more than tears. They'll be blood and bruises, and pain I can't see you bare." Jonah King was bad...
  • billionaire
  • dangerous
  • hot
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FWB: The Hunt for Giovanni by urbanwhore
FWB: The Hunt for Giovanniby $$$
This is the sequel for the book "Friends with Benefits".. When 1 year old Giovanni gets kidnapped in the comfort of his own home, couple Jelani and Autumn face...
  • explicit
  • hoodlove
  • goodgirl
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Sanders Sides Smut Oneshots by amethystdarkwolf
Sanders Sides Smut Oneshotsby Max
[Requests Are Currently Closed] A collection of Sanders Sides Smut oneshots written by @Evey-M and I!
  • explicit
  • sanderssides
«Bro»                                                              ||Jihope|| by JeonJungkook-Jk
«Bro»...by Hopekook
"I'll keep fucking you until you stop calling me bro and call me Daddy." - Hoseok has a hard crush on his roommate but it hurts to know that his crush was, sad...
  • fluff
  • angstwithhappyending
  • explicitlanguage
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Collection by cravingforlusth
Collectionby Harukun
Pinaka-una hanggang kasalukuyan kong mga works ipopost ko dito. I'm aware sa mga grammatical errors, sana ikaw din. All of my works are posted in my roleplay account, Lu...
  • smutwarning
  • eroticromance
  • explict
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Mated to the Alpha Triplets by xliyxh98
Mated to the Alpha Tripletsby Lee
"Mmmm yea, f*ck, right there!!!" I moaned out loud "Brothers hurry please she doing this on purpose to try and make us stop the car" Thomas said &quo...
  • mate
  • triplets
  • werewolf
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Daddy Loves You by Jewycenter1
Daddy Loves Youby Jewycenter1
DDLB Au. An alternate universe where Usami is the Daddy Dom and Misaki is the little boy. Some characters are obviously OOC.
  • fanfiction
  • junjouromantica
  • daddy
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Hunter academy  by CecileRosaline
Hunter academy by Cécile Rose
I think I am the best hunter, with or without a familiar. Familiars usually become romantically involved so you must choose the opposite gender as your familiar if you w...
  • lesbianromance
  • kiss
  • academy
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