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scott x hope oneshots by cakiebash
scott x hope oneshotsby emily
i feel like there isn't enough fanfics of hope and scott (aka ant-man and the wasp) on wattpad so i made this collection to try and give them some more recognition, as t...
our silhouette,            tedros ¹ by taytayluvrswift
our silhouette, tedros ¹by ❝ ᴀɴɴᴀ ❞
OUR SILHOUETTES, tedros ¹ [full synopsis inside] School for good and evil, movie tedros x oc
Diner Girl ~Jess Mariano~ by Nichole_303
Diner Girl ~Jess Mariano~by Nichole_303
"See you later Westely" "As you wish,darlin" ------------------------ Jess Mariano has just moved to the small town of Stars Hallow where he...
Maven Calore (Red Queen Book 1) by LaurenB1106
Maven Calore (Red Queen Book 1)by Lauren🖤
Maven had been trapped in a cage his whole life. But what if she held the key to fix him.
Being Lizzy's Sister (Ciel Phantomhive Fanfiction) by acediamonde
Being Lizzy's Sister (Ciel Phantom...by Aliace Diamonde
I was always a sickly child. Never went out of the house much. Until the day Elizabeth dragged me to Ciel Phantomhive's mansion with her. "Come on, Bethy! You have...
plausible invincibility || s.hyde ✓ by ThisCupOfTea
plausible invincibility || s.hyde ✓by 𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒂𝒉!
it's been a while, but i still feel the same [ word count: 42,000 ]
Catch Them by jacks_of_the_hollow
Catch Themby Jacks
The fabric of his suit snaps on his wide, light blue tail and eventually spreads into the water. I don't even see it as a challenge anymore. I'm a professional hunter. I...
Wakfu: Tempest Twilight (Wakfu x Male OC) by Falchion27
Wakfu: Tempest Twilight (Wakfu x M...by Faulino27
Just another writer that likes fanfiction. This time though I'm trying Wakfu cause it intrigued me. Anyway the OC's name is Taiko Tempest he is a young boy who has power...
Wakfu: Other-Dimensional Elementalist by c12376
Wakfu: Other-Dimensional Elemental...by Clyde Draconazha
There are rumors of a powerful Huppermage able to exert his strength akin to the gods,however,one aspect is wrong. This adventure tells the tale of this very individual...
Nanny McPhee//Simon x Reader by K_PopGirl20
Nanny McPhee//Simon x Readerby K_PopGirl20
At the age of 4, Ashley's parents died in of drug addiction, she is now 12 but she has no choice but to live with a family, the Brown's family but see meets a certain bo...
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Red Queen Oneshots by HamiltonPotterGirl
Red Queen Oneshotsby ★ taylor ★
just some oneshots and random stuff <3
Shadow's Throne by mackattack_1
Shadow's Throneby Mackenzie
Red Queen Fanfiction Takes place after King's Cage, my version of War Storm "Then we take them over," I say hesitating before finishing my thought. "By...
Stephen Sanchez One-shots (CLOSED) by DangerousOliveowoalt
Stephen Sanchez One-shots (CLOSED)by TheEclipseWatcher
Suggestions/Requests are ok IF THEY ARE OPEN!
[Under Edit] The Threat (Amalia × Yugo) by mflysnever
[Under Edit] The Threat (Amalia ×...by FracturedFlight
This story will take place a year after season 3 but they did not end up in the "God Realm" instead they ended up at the World Of Twelve again. Original Story:...
DiCaprio's daughter  by ilovehp1D5sosTNS
DiCaprio's daughter by 1D-HarryPotter-5sos lover
What is it like being the daughter of a very famous actor? What happens when you finally let out your feelings? What is it like having your heartbroken? Evangeline DiCap...
Dallygo( Under Heavy Editing) by Jeffy_senpai
Dallygo( Under Heavy Editing)by Jeffy_senpai
Sir percedal x yugo or dally x yugo from wakfu if you don't know the show go watch it and if you don't ship go suck a lemon. Not rated mature but might be later in the f...
The Inglorium (Version CEDRUS, PT. 1) [FINISHED, UNDER EDIT] by mysticalkappa
The Inglorium (Version CEDRUS, PT...by TheGirlMystic | TLM
Part One~~ Thank you for coming. Please enjoy the story, and if you don't all criticism is accepted. This is basically my take on what COULD happen after S3. Season fou...
The feline master (wakfu x male reader) by pisces0302
The feline master (wakfu x male re...by pisces0302
A story of a boy wandering the lands after losing it all who finds interest in a boy with a strange hat with a tofu. Armed with his family spirit's what kind of adventur...
The Phantom's Legacy by ChristinaMorgan7
The Phantom's Legacyby Christina Morgan
Erik and Evangeline Destler have been through so many test and trials within the 25 years of their marriage. From the the drug overdose that ordained their meeting to t...
Ace by Gabi_M429
Aceby Gabi_M429
During the beginning of first grade, Ace and Evangeline were inseparable. After a traumatic event, Evangeline pushes Ace away. Now, almost eleven years later, Ace is b...