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Another One? Yugo x reader by Reaper_Reap_13
Another One? Yugo x readerby Colell12
(COMPLETED) Everyone write about how these two grew up together but then it just feels like a sibling relationship the rest of the time. But not this book time to change...
The kings and queen(Yandere Wakfu x Reader) by CherryEclipse2648
The kings and queen(Yandere Wakfu...by A-Starry-Eclipse
yandere wakfu x reader. Images do not belong to me unless stated. Wakfu does not belong to me, it belongs to Anakma.
Yandere Underverse x Eliatrope!Reader(discontinued) by Silverflame345
Yandere Underverse x Eliatrope!Rea...by CherryBlossomDragon345
Underverse but yandere with an Eliatrope reader. what will happen? who knows, but the story will never be the same again.... underverse and wakfu don't belong to me. I d...
The Rouge!-Wakfu x male oc  by TheCrimsonWrath
The Rouge!-Wakfu x male oc by TheCrimsonWrath
In a world where shadows hold secrets and destinies intertwine, meet Nero: a seventeen-year-old with an enigmatic past and extraordinary abilities. Half-human and half-u...
Second Chances Do Exist (Yugo X Reader) by JekyllandHyde01
Second Chances Do Exist (Yugo X Re...by Crystal Methany
"ᖻᓍᑘᖇ ᘜᓍᓰᘉᘜ ᖶᓍ ᕲᓍ ᘿ᙭ᖶᖇᗩᓍᖇᕲᓰᘉᗩᖇᖻ ᖶᕼᓰᘉᘜS ᓍᘉᘿ ᕲᗩᖻ" She whispered in that gentle and smooth tone of hers. "ᖻᓍᑘᖇ ᘜᓍᓰᘉᘜ ᖶᓍ ᘜᘿᖶ ᗩᘉᓍᖶᕼᘿᖇ ᑢᕼᗩᘉᑢᘿ. ᗷᑘᖶ Sᕼᕼᕼ," s...
The Inglorium (Version CEDRUS, PT. 1) [FINISHED, UNDER EDIT] by mysticalkappa
The Inglorium (Version CEDRUS, PT...by TLM
Part One~~ Thank you for coming. Please enjoy the story, and if you don't all criticism is accepted. This is basically my take on what COULD happen after S3. Season fou...
The dragon of hatred (Wakfu x mZohakuten reader) by BlueLilyraven
The dragon of hatred (Wakfu x mZoh...by BlueLilyraven
Y/n L/n was always a mysterious child when he was growing up like he never felt like he didn't belong somewhere in the world, and everything was so familiar to him, like...
The Eliotrope queen by YummyPeaches717
The Eliotrope queenby Evolet Maye Bustier
Yugo finds out more of his past life when he meets an Eliotrope girl at an oasis. Not long after this the entire Eliotrope children fall Ill with a sickness with only on...
IZUKU THE IOP GOD (Paused/Rewrite) by DekiruTheNine
IZUKU THE IOP GOD (Paused/Rewrite)by Dekiru
Izuku Midoriya is giving the chance to become a hero by the Reincarnation of the Iop god now what new threat are coming to his world I DON'T OWN BNHA OR WAKFU ALL OF THA...
Wakfu Yugo x reader by Garbage_Pest
Wakfu Yugo x readerby Garbage Trashcan Pest
welp I didn't see many good fanfiction on this, and the good ones were unfinished for like 2 years, so why not. Here's a few reminders: This goes up to and finishes seas...
The Fire Dragon Of 12 (Wakfu FanFiction) by truss1010
The Fire Dragon Of 12 (Wakfu FanFi...by truss1010
The land of 12 twelve is home to many adventurers and wonder, but watch as a group of young heroes begin an epic adventure which just might. Light a fire in your belly...
A bath of blood and wakfu by catscancook
A bath of blood and wakfuby Catscancook
After the brotherhood of the tofu beat Oropo they prepare for at least a short break, before they have to save the world again. But will the brotherhood finally get the...
Yugo x Amalia by KiirizoMango
Yugo x Amaliaby ON HIATUS
(Art is not mine) "I don't need you. I don't need you..." Those words bounced around in Yugo's head like a ball, paining him whenever the words hit the inside...
Perfect Timing. (Yugo X Reader!Xelor) by JekyllandHyde01
Perfect Timing. (Yugo X Reader!Xel...by Crystal Methany
I'm small, tiny, and what most people call a little menace. But that's only because its hard for a kid like me to make money, especially when nobody listens to me. That...
Inside of Inglorium (Rewritten) by ItsAlreadyEveWakfu
Inside of Inglorium (Rewritten)by ItsAlreadyEveWakfu
This is the rewritten version of my original fan-fiction. The fanfics plot was based on a dream and I will somewhat keep that plot, but my grammar and story writing have...
Wakfu Ruins [AU/Fanfic story] by Jewel_Dragon
Wakfu Ruins [AU/Fanfic story]by 💮☯Jewel☯💮
\\Warning:: mild blood, character death, lots of filler content in early chapters\\ |*Spoilers for up to the end of season 3*| Qilby has succeeded in killing Yugo and s...
Wakfu: Past in the Shadows by VileTheMandalorian
Wakfu: Past in the Shadowsby VileTheMandalorian
1 season: The World of Twelve is a place where all the different races live together in peace and harmony. A boy now roams the world in search of his past and his forgot...
Wakfu QUESTIONS AND DARES [Ended] by mflysnever
Wakfu QUESTIONS AND DARES [Ended]by FracturedFlight
Ok so this one is you will be able to give the dares either as ruel, adimaii, flopin, or elely. you can dare yugo, Amalia, Tristipen, or Eva to do anything or ask them q...
Dear King Yugo, by Star_OfTheShow
Dear King Yugo,by Fable
Once the Eliatrope Kingdom returns to The World of The Twelve, a certain king must take responsibility, and take care of his people. But what happens when an old friend...
♡○°In this universe, you'll be happy°○♡ by ILIKEBOOKSTM
♡○°In this universe, you'll be hap...by ILIKEBOOKSTM
(This is a remake of "Once in a dream." Hope you enjoy!!) What if... Nora was able to save Efrim? What if she could live the happy life she deserves with him a...