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Second Chances Do Exist (Yugo X Reader) by JekyllandHyde01
Second Chances Do Exist (Yugo X Crystal Methany
"ᖻᓍᑘᖇ ᘜᓍᓰᘉᘜ ᖶᓍ ᕲᓍ ᘿ᙭ᖶᖇᗩᓍᖇᕲᓰᘉᗩᖇᖻ ᖶᕼᓰᘉᘜS ᓍᘉᘿ ᕲᗩᖻ" She whispered in that gentle and smooth tone of hers. "ᖻᓍᑘᖇ ᘜᓍᓰᘉᘜ ᖶᓍ ᘜᘿᖶ ᗩᘉᓍᖶᕼᘿᖇ ᑢᕼᗩᘉᑢᘿ. ᗷᑘᖶ Sᕼᕼᕼ," s...
baby; ruel van dijk by bonezzzzzz
baby; ruel van dijkby <3
"You know he'll never talk to you again." "Baby, as long as i have you, no one else matters." In which Ava Johnson meets her brothers best friend ove...
Wakfu: Past in the Shadows by VileTheMandalorian
Wakfu: Past in the Shadowsby VileTheMandalorian
1 season: The World of Twelve is a place where all the different races live together in peace and harmony. A boy now roams the world in search of his past and his forgot...
Male Singers Pregnancy Series by xmoonlight_dahyunx
Male Singers Pregnancy Seriesby Helly 💖
This is my fifth pregnancy series book. I have four previous ones. This one is for my favourite male singers. Shawn Mendes, HRVY, Niall Horan, Ruel, Khalid, Eric Nam, Hu...
Ruel Imagines by NervousHood
Ruel Imaginesby Soft Soul Vevo♡
I'm just a sad and soft mess writing imagines *slow updates* #1 in Australia #1 in adorable #2 in imagine
World Of Thirteen - Wakfu x Male (Shinobi) Reader by Spdr-Nja
World Of Thirteen - Wakfu x Male ( Spectacular_Web_Head
Instead of a World of Twelve, it's a World of Thirteen. You already know the first twelve, but the thirteenth is a special race. They're not so much a race, but more of...
Yugo x Amalia by KiirizoMango
Yugo x Amaliaby ON HIATUS
(Art is not mine) "I don't need you. I don't need you..." Those words bounced around in Yugo's head like a ball, paining him whenever the words hit the inside...
Encounter with a Pixie | Wakfu x Reader by xellleee
Encounter with a Pixie | Wakfu x 🎀 🩰🌸
After escaping the Sadida Kingdom, you travel with your two friends, Evangelose and Amalia. You travel to a small town called Emelka, there you find trouble and new frie...
Perfect Timing. (Yugo X Reader!Xelor) by JekyllandHyde01
Perfect Timing. (Yugo X Reader! Crystal Methany
I'm small, tiny, and what most people call a little menace. But that's only because its hard for a kid like me to make money, especially when nobody listens to me. That...
Prohibited// Ruel Van Dijk by ruelislanky
Prohibited// Ruel Van Dijkby ruelislanky
@ruel is lanky on insta - Y/n is a 17 year old who just moved to the North shore, she has a twin brother and a little sister who she loves with her whole heart. She is v...
A bath of blood and wakfu by catscancook
A bath of blood and wakfuby Catscancook
After the brotherhood of the tofu beat Oropo they prepare for at least a short break, before they have to save the world again. But will the brotherhood finally get the...
Wakfu: Other-Dimensional Elementalist by c12376
Wakfu: Other-Dimensional Clyde Draconazha
There are rumors of a powerful Huppermage able to exert his strength akin to the gods,however,one aspect is wrong. This adventure tells the tale of this very individual...
Wakfu: My One And Only  [New Update!] by Mini_7
Wakfu: My One And Only [New heyomimo
Years After The Quest for the six Eliatrope Dofus, this tender tension between the best of friends is questionably growing into something more. He's The king of a race i...
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The dragon of hatred (Wakfu x mZohakuten reader) by BlueLilyraven
The dragon of hatred (Wakfu x BlueLilyraven
Y/n L/n was always a mysterious child when he was growing up like he never felt like he didn't belong somewhere in the world, and everything was so familiar to him, like...
Saving Them by Pen-the-guin
Saving Themby Penguin 36
Do you ever wonder what happens after they enter the portal? Who they will meet? If Amalia and Yugo get together?😏 because I do...Please enjoy😁😁 (Artwork is not my wo...
The Ruels of My Heart by 3rdruel
The Ruels of My Heartby 3rdruel
After a troubled past you swore you'd never love again. Fresh out of high school, you move to Sydney, and meet someone just as mysterious and misunderstood as you are. W...
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