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The Fawn and Her Fox by High-Lady-Lana
The Fawn and Her Foxby High-Lady-Lana
Despite the time that has passed, Elain Archeron relives the night everything changed, the key to her recovery also one of her greatest fears. To let someone in, someone...
A court of pain and twilight  by Anonymous150403
A court of pain and twilight by Anonymous
❗️This story takes place after ACOSF❗️ After the events of ACOSF, the inner circle has not only gotten a new member, but also a newfound peace; though this does not mean...
A Court of Stars and Shadow by Everything4books
A Court of Stars and Shadowby Everything4books
Completed~After her abusive parents punish her one day, and destroy her book, Luna finds herself in an all too familiar world: Prythian. Here, she meets the high lord an...
Feysand fanfic by Everything4books
Feysand fanficby Everything4books
Completed~Life after the war was not the same for anyone, especially the inner circle. But years later when everyone is starting to heal, Rhys and Feyre get a little sur...
Alida- Warrior Maiden by sunday_kind_of_love
Alida- Warrior Maidenby K.M.B
You might know the story of the the three Archeron sisters, but do you know the story of the four Archeron sisters? Of course you have Feyre; the youngest who was turne...
ACOTAR One~shots [Discontinued, Will be deleted] by LovinQueen
ACOTAR One~shots [Discontinued, Wi...by LovinQueen
One shots from Acotar, Acomaf, Acowar and Acofas. Art belongs to their owners.
Daddy Azriel  by lovemesomeazriel
Daddy Azriel by lovemesomeazriel
See what happens when Azriel unexpectedly meets his mate and discovers that she has a child from a previous relationship. Their romance flares as Skylah opens herself ba...
A Feysand Fanfic by howlwolf12
A Feysand Fanficby feyreaelin
About 1 1/2 years after the ending of ACOWAR, Feyre realizes that she is pregnant, and is going to bring twins into the world. But, with Feyre, who has the powers of all...
A Court of Darkness and Melodies by _BookAddict79
A Court of Darkness and Melodiesby _BookAddict79
Azriel is spiraling and shutting everyone out. Ever since that night on Winter Solstice, Azriel has been going in deeper and deeper, and even his brothers fail to pull h...
❝ we're all great pretenders, aren't we? ❞ (pre-acotar to acowar) (eventual azriel x fem!oc) (ungodly- [2021])
A Court of Shadows and Love by unexpectedsavior
A Court of Shadows and Loveby unexpectedsavior
Ivy hasn't had much to do with her life except to keep her family alive. She hunts daily, sparing no effort to get food to feed her hungry family. But when her father ge...
The Fourth Sister by InsaneBookMind
The Fourth Sisterby InsaneBookMind
Before she died, Feyre, Nesta, and Elain's mother had a fourth child. Nobody but the child knows. The child, Adira, was raised as an assassin. She is the most feared as...
i n   t h e   s h a d o w s  - a z r i e l by archerlightwood
i n t h e s h a d o w s - a z...by gem
Eileánóir is like Feyre, she likes to paint. Perhaps that's why they are best friends. When Feyre was taken in Prythian, Eileánóir was left alone. Then, one day, she fo...
The Court of Electricity and Shadows || Nyx Archeron by luv_anah
The Court of Electricity and Shado...by Aninha
Lilianne Washington era uma garota normal, ou o mais normal que se é possível ser em uma escola interna na Suiça. E, quando recebe uma visita inesperada em sua casa em u...
ACOTAR One~Shots by MG_writing2703
ACOTAR One~Shotsby Madeline Grace
ACOTAR, ACOMAF, ACOWAR, and ACOFAS One~Shots and short stories that I've written and constructed myself. I also have a tendency to make my one-shots long and detailed. S...
Acotar x Reader oneshots by 1001fandxms
Acotar x Reader oneshotsby Immy
A book for Acotar character lovers. Requests open! I write for any characters you want :)
ACOMAF (Rhys's POV) by crazygurl4ever
ACOMAF (Rhys's POV)by crazygurl4ever
A group of fic's detailing some of the more major scenes of A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas from the point of view of Rhysand, as he deals with after effect...
golden | acotar by kaixcookies
golden | acotarby kai
Briella Soleil just wanted to spend a week with her brother when she accidentally ended up in Prythian instead. • ☼ • "Hi, I'm so sorry to intrude but I was going...
The Heirs of the Night Court  by Azrielstruemate
The Heirs of the Night Court by Azrielstruemate
Spin-off book from "Shadows like Mine" (Read that first) Luna, daughter of Azriel, is an exceptional Valkyrie and spy in training. In her early twenties, she...
TIMELESS - An ACOTAR Fanfiction by nisaeiam
TIMELESS - An ACOTAR Fanfictionby Nisaeiam .
After spending her entire life in Cretea, Zivia finds herself in the company of the Night Court, sent as an emissary to help after the war. As she navigates her way outs...