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Rabt-e-Dil  by unknown1389107
Rabt-e-Dil by unknown1389107
In this story, we follow the lives of four brothers and their kind-hearted father, who is more like their best friend than a strict parent. Even though he is gentle, he...
Abhirohi: Hate and Love by SaNa_NiRa
Abhirohi: Hate and Loveby @Sunshine
This story starts in temple where Abhi founds Akshara saved his life and breaks his marriage with Arohi. This story is completely on Abhirohi and there Hate and Love jou...
I Caught You Looking ~ An Aru Shah AU Fanfiction by lifeisstupid135
I Caught You Looking ~ An Aru Tis I, Shadowfax
Aru Shah fan-fiction galore. We got a LOT of Aru x Aiden made up moments cos who doesn't love these two. I expect literally no one to read this or see this in general...
A Series of Aru Shah Oneshots by calypsowriting
A Series of Aru Shah Oneshotsby Calypso
Major spoilers for all the books. There is an unfortunate lack of Aru Shah fanfiction on the Internet, so I decided to write my own. A lot of Aru x Aiden because I love...
LightningSmolder by mxnkeydo
LightningSmolderby mxnkeydo
ARUDEN ONESHOTS!! I own nothing, all characters belong to QUEEN ROSHANI Please, do not steal these ideas as they are mine. If you do want to take inspiration, I'd be hap...
Aru Shah One-Shots by upsettiespaghetti
Aru Shah One-Shotsby upsettiespaghetti
Writing small stories on Aru Shah and her friends. Some may be AU's, others may not!
The Abducted Scandal (An Aru Shah Fanfic) by winter_is_fun
The Abducted Scandal (An Aru Winter
Aru Shah has been trying to live her fullest life. Emphasise on trying. She's a kidnapper who has no experience on kidnapping. Yet, she receives a mission to abduct a ch...
Brilliance - Aruden AU by book-girl4eva
Brilliance - Aruden AUby Bea
Aru Shah's life is just getting better. Her mom had almost recovered from the past few years, she had finally finished middle school and she'd been selected to take part...
Aru shah One Shots by Greg_the_Elephant
Aru shah One Shotsby 𝐒𝐡𝐫𝐚𝐲𝐚 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐍𝐢𝐯
This is a group of Aru shah stories from multiple points of view. We originally had them all separate but decided to add them together into a whole group of them. Hope y...
Aru Shah Incorrect Quotes/Memes by DystopicBookQueen
Aru Shah Incorrect Quotes/Memesby Vika
There's a Part 2! I LOVE ARU SHAH!
Aru Shah Memes, Jokes, Headcanons, Etc. by rai060906
Aru Shah Memes, Jokes, tanushree
I don't think there is need to elaborately explain the oh-so-simple-and-not-so-creative-title. Thank you.
Aruden oneshots by Saara-Shah2
Aruden oneshotsby ✨Saara✨
I love Aruden so I tried to make this. This will include Mini x Rudy. Brynne x Hira, and Aru x Aiden! This is on hold for a while while I Re-read and edit this.
Cache VS Patate (Aru Shah gang au) by Potato_at_heart
Cache VS Patate (Aru Shah gang au)by Potato_at_heart
Aru Shah is an honored member of the Cache clan. Why? Because her dad, the Sleeper, is the leader. Aru thought her life would never change, but then she gets captured an...
Thieves and Beggars by CJDaia
Thieves and Beggarsby Daia
After so many years Marilyn returns to the Isle of the Lost not just to bring Mal back but she was summoned back home by the Brethren Court she soon encounters Uma the d...
Aru Shah and the Chamber of Lies by fanfic_suna
Aru Shah and the Chamber of Liesby Sun
(After NOI) Ever since defeating the Sleeper, Aru Shah's dreams have been plagued with nightmares. However, she soon realizes that they're not regular nightmares, but ra...
Second Chance  ( Abhirohi ) by Varshit_msd
Second Chance ( Abhirohi )by varsha
abhira fans pls stay away from this story it's a abhirohi story ... peep into know more ...
Aru Shah and the Soul Trident by fanfic_suna
Aru Shah and the Soul Tridentby Sun
Aru Shah 4.5 (after CoG but before the fifth book) Aru Shah and the Potatoes have suffered a huge loss. Kara has gone to the Sleeper's side and Aru and her friends have...
Opposites - An Aru Shah Fanfiction by Fish_Ofishial123
Opposites - An Aru Shah Fanfictionby Fishy
I BEG YOU, DONT READ THIS. ITS OLD AND HORRIBLE. PLEASE- *sobs into pillow* Aru Shah's life is horrible. Everything is so boring and plain, and she's always covering up...
Aru Shah Short Stories and Oneshots by arulikesaiden
Aru Shah Short Stories and Oneshotsby arulikesaiden
Hey guys! These are some oneshots and short stories about the Aru Shah series. A lot of Aruden, since they're my OTP. This is my first time publishing my stories so they...
Aru Shah One Shots by Fish_Ofishial123
Aru Shah One Shotsby Fishy
Let's pretend that this is interesting- ​🇦​​🇱​​🇱​ ​🇹​​🇭​​🇪​ ​🇨​​🇭​​🇦​​🇷​​🇦​​🇨​​🇹​​🇪​​🇷​​🇸​ ​🇧​​🇪​​🇱​​🇴​​🇳​​🇬​ ​🇹​​🇴​ ​🇷​​🇴​​🇸​​🇭​​🇦​​🇳​​🇮​...