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Differences (Let me love you ) by kavinJhonson
Differences (Let me love you )by kavin Jhonson
life is always unpredictable. You never say what will happen in the next few minutes . the story of two women , who fallen in love with both . if they love is acceptabl...
Falling in Love by kavinJhonson
Falling in Loveby kavin Jhonson
You fell in love with someone you cannot hold in your life . This story about two best friends who found their soulmates within them .
Twinkle (Never Lose Those Magical Moments 🤍) by kavinJhonson
Twinkle (Never Lose Those kavin Jhonson
Freen is an actor who is fallen in love with an ordinary women Becky . Remaining !!! Read the book to know about the story 🫣😉
Gensokyo's Involuntary Pioneers by RubenHilly
Gensokyo's Involuntary Pioneersby Ruben Hilly
This is the First Time I write this story so please be gentle
Survivor 2.0 by Zanlorz11
Survivor 2.0by Zanlorz11
A continuation of Survivor The new era of their lives from zombie apocalypse.. Are they really safe now? Cure?
သင်္ကြန်ဖူးစာ(One short) by Taryi_14
သင်္ကြန်ဖူးစာ(One short)by TarYi_Khin
"ကျွန်တော်ကလဲ ပိတောက်ပန်းတွေလိုပဲ အန်တီ့အပေါ်သစ္စာရှိပါ့မယ်"
Cages Of Time by Garykyene
Cages Of Timeby Gary Alison Kyene
Be ready to be on a roller coaster of story
Loving In School [COMPLETED] by Leya20077
Loving In School [COMPLETED]by Leya20077
Kim taehyung the sassy yet kind, adorable, beautiful, sexy, addicting and most popular boy with yet feminine features Jeon Jungkook the best basketball ball player, hot...
When i was In High School by missperse
When i was In High Schoolby Persephone
"that girl, she stole my heart, im gonna take her heart too." "psh that jerk sino nag sabi na mamahalin ko yan tss aso lang mag kakagusto sa nerd nayan&qu...
Nimona (OC Insert)  by 456meg
Nimona (OC Insert) by Kirishima Fangirl
Ballister, an ex-knight who was framed for the murder of a queen. Icarus, a "demon" who is just trying to live life. And Nimona, a shapeshifter who is simply b...
It's a Love, Hate Kinda Thing by AuthorSadieWaldon
It's a Love, Hate Kinda Thingby Sadie Waldon
Nearly a year after the tragic death of her father, 23 year old Annalee Hunter is finally loosening her reigns a bit and getting back into the dating scene when she reun...
Love You Like A Romance  by GunyeeGunii
Love You Like A Romance by GyeGni
It was a bizarre feeling to believe in. A volatile romance if it should have been. Love courses are so vague, But when it passes it leaves tracks. A feeling hard to con...
A Gap Between Us by crsntmoon_
A Gap Between Usby Selene
Carlyle Feliciano, just a simple girl with a wild and free life. Her father is OFW in Spain with his new family. While her mother left her in early age when her Dad comp...
Eternal Flame 🔥  by LadyA360
Eternal Flame 🔥 by Adzo
Will their love be strong enough to overcome the obstacles and challenges against Them??? Find out This is my first story, more to come Idea from Gap the series 😀
The Vein by KimGuzha
The Veinby Kim Guzha
Beware!. Meet Alex williams a beautiful young girl ,who grew up with her abusive aunt and ancle with no one to look after her.she is 18years old young lady she is kind...
Ayesha Dale Meranda, one woman for five men is the motto of her life, she is not a fan of a serious relationship, and above all, she will not tie the knot with a man who...
A hot headed medico falling for an architect guy ??? Let's see if that is something possible.....
History teacher x student by Ximnotlikeothergirls
History teacher x studentby Ximnotlikeothergirls
It was the beginning of the new year. And matherine was ready for a fresh start. New teachers, new seating plans.