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Depression Quotes by suxcxdalxgalaxy
Depression Quotesby Lilith the Emo
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Quotes by -sadlmao
Quotesby a l o n e
“Here’s to the kids who try their hardest to be good enough for everyone;who spends hours reading random quotes to find the right one;who listens to the same song dozens...
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Self Harm Quotes by fefe22
Self Harm Quotesby A
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Depression, self harm quotes by depressionismylyfe
Depression, self harm quotesby depressionismylyfe
Says it in the title
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quotes from a book ill never write by breanaok
quotes from a book ill never writeby bree
☹ sad sad sad ☹ i miss you
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Quotes by sunny_solace
Quotesby Bob Says Hello.
Some of these quotes are happy. Some are sad. Some are deep. Some are by famous people or books. Some are by people in my life.... Including myself. Basically they are q...
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Depression Days: A Book Of Poems #Wattys2016 by poemwriter2001
Depression Days: A Book Of Poems Love Yourself
Poems I've written myself **TRIGGER WARNING**
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Depression Quotes by sungarochellee
Depression Quotesby Rochelle
[ Just some quotes that you can relate to. ]
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Depression Kills by Imissssyou
Depression Killsby Imissssyou
Depression quotes #2 by joonprincess
Depression quotes #2by .
Oh the little girl so bright and tall. Oh the teenager all broken and small.
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