Falling For Mr.Parker!

Falling For Mr.Parker!

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First day back at school after the Summer, and the truth all comes out.

Rachel Jones was in Year 13, hoping to enjoy her last year at school. But that wasn't going to happen.

Especially when her new History teacher is her ex-boyfriend, Tom Parker.

Only she didn't know he was a teacher, and he had no idea that she was still a student. Rachel wants nothing more to do with him and makes it clear that his only job now is to make sure she passes History this year; while Tom wants her back.

Will Mr.Parker have his way and get what he wants, or will Rachel stand by what she said and refuse to go the extra mile?

Love is one thing, but forbidden love is a whole other story. Will Tom and Rachel conquer all, or will the law keep them apart?

  • annoyed
  • betrayal
  • break-up
  • choices
  • emotions
  • emptiness
  • enjoyment
  • family
  • friends
  • friendship
  • guilt
  • happiness
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Sukaira-chan Sukaira-chan Nov 26, 2017
English is my favorite. At least my teachers never disappoint- if you know what I mean.
AliceGianlove AliceGianlove Feb 19, 2017
Lmfaooo what is she even trying to accomplish ???It's so funny !!!I feel like she her friend will get over Tom ..Louise will be like "No No no no I can see it in your eyes you love him.."