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It Takes Two To Tango by MaddieGrey
It Takes Two To Tangoby Maddie
Kyra Fox is a dedicated dancer who loves nothing more than losing herself in the music and forgetting everything. But when she gets paired with Jude Callahan, a dancer w...
I Should've Kissed You (Louis Tomlinson) by Sameoldgames
I Should've Kissed You (Louis Louisababe
Bestfriends? there was a time and a place. but not anymore. let's just get to the point. Kyra Jade williams aka Myself was once bestfriends with the one and only famous...
Hide by Nooshjunior
Hideby Noosh Novels
He sighed, throwing his head in his hands. "You're- you're not like us, Ky. You're... one of them." His words made absolutely no sense. "What the hell ar...
A Spy For You( High school Spy AU) by Miraculouseash
A Spy For You( High school Spy AU)by Eash
(updates randomly)Miyo is a spy from Metronome she enrolled in tree city's high school Running Man Academy her superiors tell her that there's a double agent from Metron...
Far Beyond by BeulahNegedu
Far Beyondby Beulah Negedu
She wants to be free, she's in an almost constant state of confusion and struggle. She is not sure anymore of what she knows, always picking at edges and desperately gra...
Kingslayer by rebeccagalloway
Kingslayerby Becca Lannister
Robb Stark has captured the most valuable prisoner he probably ever will - Ser Jaime Lannister. But when a new prisoner is brought to him - a girl going by the name of K...
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The Unexpected Roomate. by wordforwords
The Unexpected Taylor Mead
Kyra Hunt lived with her Mom and Aunt. Her next door neighbor? Jeydon Colt. The most popular guy in all of Hull High. Kyra is a quiet to herself type. Jeydon on the othe...
die besondere Gestaltwandlerin by HannahHecklin
die besondere Gestaltwandlerinby Shadow
Sie ist eine Legende, sie ist etwas besonderes und weiß nichts davon. Kyra ist eine Gesaltwandlerin die sich noch nicht verwandelt hat, anders ist und deshalb gemobbt wi...
Assassin Creed Odyssey:Kyra x Kassandra by simping-for-ur-girl
Assassin Creed Odyssey:Kyra x 𝕤𝕙𝕪-𝕓𝕦𝕥-𝕝𝕖𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕝
After a long journey of finally finding her mother and reuniting her family once again, and protecting everyone from the evil cultist by killing their leader Aspasia and...
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Ending of the Avatar Cycle by Sbailey7198
Ending of the Avatar Cycleby Sbailey7198
I own Kyra and many of these characters but the main characters off of ATLA and TLOK are property of the people who made the shows. The Avatar Cycle has broken. The new...
Star Wars- Life After the Order by Monkey2770
Star Wars- Life After the Orderby Silent K
After walking away from the Jedi order, Ahsoka meets a new friend and together, they unlock the greatest secret of the republic. They must learn to embrace their inner f...
Unborn (Sequel to Loving Being Different) by InfinitelyBeau
Unborn (Sequel to Loving Being InfinitelyBeau
Being 18 and a vampire isn't all fun and games. Especially if you're Loralie Gilbert, Elena Gilbert's twin. After being changed into a vampire, cursed by a witch, fallin...
Finding Ursa by Sbailey7198
Finding Ursaby Sbailey7198
A prequel to the End of the Avatar Cycle: It's been twelve years since my wife's encasement. My children have grown but I feel a hole still in my heart. My mother... Sh...
My estranged, Protective, Older brother by xoxolalaxo
My estranged, Protective, Older Laura
Overview: Laura is a Furyan, she was born five years after her brother gave birth to her old brother Riddick. Back then the necromonger officer Zhylaw attacked Furya in...
My Best friend.  by JourneyClifton
My Best friend. by Journey Clifton
Journey has been friends with the Hart's. she is best friends with Jake. what happens when Journey doesn't have no way to go and Reba finds out.
Friends x Forever x Fatality  (A Hunter x Hunter fanfic Book 2) by MrsHall0716
Friends x Forever x Fatality (A Emily Hall
This is a sequel to my first Hunter x Hunter fanfic: 'Tragedy x Secrets x Killua's Choice.' A year has passed since the fateful events in book one. Important questions w...
The Bureau of mako witch by FanOfFantasy101
The Bureau of mako witchby Dark Phoenix
Hello guys this story is just a fanfic
Elements by Delena_x_Semi
Elementsby DELENA_x_SEMI
Water - Fire - Air - Earth Kyra - Miley - Selena - Demi A world where all the things in life that can't be explained are being carried in the souls of humans...