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Undercover NCIS  by DiamondTricks01
Undercover NCIS by Trickster
When Mason Gibbs is finally able to get into the field they put her undercover to long. Mason is Gibbs' little sister. He got her a job at NCIS and never saw her again u...
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Gibbs's Daughter. by JessicaKoehler
Gibbs's Daughter.by Jessica Koehler
Gibbs has another daughter with Shannon along with Kelly, but didn't die with her mom and sister. She survived and continued to grow up with her dad. When she was 27 yea...
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Tiva One shots by NCIScrazy
Tiva One shotsby NCIScrazy
Book one of my Tiva One Shots. This is one of my first books written on here. I'm sorry for the spelling/grammar mistakes. I may get around on re-editing them later on...
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DiNozzo's Kid (NCIS fanfiction) by caler_jo_hyden
DiNozzo's Kid (NCIS fanfiction)by Caler Jo Hyden
"Wait, what? She really is my kid who's five years old?" Anthony DiNozzo asked shocked as he stared at the screen with the DNA results of his and a kid who sho...
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The NCIS Family Crossover by ncmesust
The NCIS Family Crossoverby ncmesust
A case joined with the DC Team and the FBI changes the team dynamics and much to the horror of 3 people, the past comes back to haunt them.
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The New Techie ~NCIS~ by emilyw_isqueen
The New Techie ~NCIS~by 🌿kayleigh🌿
When the crew get a hard case they have to call in a transfer tech geek.Her name is Rachel - Lily McAmber . The story will be her pov unless said otherwise
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My dad Gibbs by bondirescueno1
My dad Gibbsby ❤Bondirescue
Gibbs had 2 daughters with shannon. Charity was 7 when her dad was deployed and kelly was 9. Charity lived with her grandfather until her dad came back 3 years later.Cha...
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Special Agent Loki Laufeyson by darthwitty
Special Agent Loki Laufeysonby Skylar Wittenborn
After the devastating invasion of New York, the war criminal Loki is being punished. He has been sentenced to work for a mortal law enforcement agency, and S.H.I.E.L.D...
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Aht lo leh-vahd by briannahhh2K16
Aht lo leh-vahdby briannahhh2K16
Ziva and Tony part ways but never lose connection. Can he convince her to come home? To come back to him? After some drastic changes, and troubling threats can their lov...
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NCIS imagines  by culinarygirl12
NCIS imagines by culinarygirl12
Any sort of NCIS imagine I think of. Mostly Gibbs and my character, Mae.
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Stuck by tiva_is_forever
Stuckby Lisa
Tony and Ziva get stuck with a murderer's baby, and they need to take her to her aunt in Amsterdam.
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Old Vendetta (NCIS Fanfic) by FLKeysGal98
Old Vendetta (NCIS Fanfic)by FLKeysGal98
Tim McGee thought that because he was too wrapped up in writing his books that he would never find true love. That thought changed when he met a beautiful woman firefigh...
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"If you're the wild card, Tony, what does that make me?" [ANTHONY DINOZZO x OC] [NCIS] [SEASON 2 - TBD]
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NCIS: The New Recruit by LupinsWerewolf
NCIS: The New Recruitby Molls
Molly Lees, a British teenager, arrived home one day to discover she and her parents were in terrible danger. After the murder of her parents, she is moved to Washington...
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Jennifer Todd (NCIS FanFiction) :) :) by AimlessDreamre
Jennifer Todd (NCIS FanFiction) :)...by Jennifer Kohlstrom
So, what if Kate Todd had a child but gave it up before she joined the Secret Service and only Gibbs knew anything about it because, well, Gibbs knows everything? Well...
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DiNozzo's Daughter » NCIS [Discontinued] by AngieGami
DiNozzo's Daughter » NCIS [Discont...by Angeline
Karen Cranston, 16 and soon-to-be motherless. While her mother, Elsa, is dying of cancer she tells her daughter that there is a box underneath her bed that will tell Kar...
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NCIS Short Stories by KrazyQueen13
NCIS Short Storiesby KC
A collection of short stories about NCIS and a couple of NCIS LA. Will update as creativity flows. PS- I WOULD LOVE IF YOU GAVE ME IDEAS!!
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Ziva Comes Back by NCIScrazy
Ziva Comes Backby NCIScrazy
Almost a year gone from her team. Holding a secret that can only be told in person. When a threat is put out on her life, will the team step up and help her? Or leave he...
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Trauma Queen: A NCIS Fanfiction by xcaittayxx
Trauma Queen: A NCIS Fanfictionby Cait
EMT Naomi Cahn joins the NCIS team. As a first time field agent, she has a lot to learn. Thankfully she's got a good team to show her the ropes. As someone who saves liv...
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A Pain Never Forgotten (NCIS) - Part One by SolveMyMystery
A Pain Never Forgotten (NCIS) - Pa...by SolveMyMystery
When a new agent joins the NCIS team, there seems something strangely familiar about her, she is welcomed by everyone. But Is she really who she says she is? and will sh...
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