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TBATE - Knowledge is power (being rewritten) by KuuroS
TBATE - Knowledge is power ( Kuuro
Arthur leywin a reincarnated being. Can he protect those he cares for and can he mend past relationships?
COTE x TBATE | A Masterpiece by Reprobate_
COTE x TBATE | A Masterpieceby ---
"You may come to regret trying to manipulate me." "You may have invaded my mind and my body, but if one thing an asura always keeps, is his pri-" &qu...
The King's Personal Assassin Maid [ Arthur x Oc ] by StazEmpress
The King's Personal Assassin Stazia
"Bloody Mary" is what she was called by the Knights, as her maid outfit was always covered in blood during the war. Her eerie smile, mannerisms, bloodlust aura...
An Expected Betrayal |TBATE by Ironswordsman
An Expected Betrayal |TBATEby Ironswordsman
After Arthur told everyone his big secret they hated him. He ran far away and found a teleport gate. Once he went through he found himself in an unknown location. There...
TBATE - Fated To Rule Together by Amber_Degen_Simp
TBATE - Fated To Rule Togetherby Amber_Degen_Simp
Queen Julie, the person who stood beside King Grey. She was his beloved and he was hers. He was her world and she was his. Those happy moments ended the moment he died...
No Longer The Hero | TBATE by Night_108
No Longer The Hero | TBATEby Night_108
Alex, who is the former hero of his world, is executed after committing a mess genocide to 'cleanse' the world of impurities and is reborn into the world of TBATE as an...
A Swordsman's Oath by jhlnlul
A Swordsman's Oathby what
Honour, Knowledge, Power, and Motivation. Those were the things that fuelled him to do the things he had to do. After Vergil was killed by his brother, he was given a se...
TBATE : Another Fate by aleaaciaa
TBATE : Another Fateby Ciaa~
A girl who suddenly reincarnated again, and unfortunately or fortunately into the novel she had read in her second life 'The Beginning After The End'. Will she decide to...
The Mysterious Ascender and The Scythe. by inviolableWater
The Mysterious Ascender and The Miracle Invoker
On a busy day at the academy, Caera Denoir was interrupted by a call from her lovely mentor; Scythe Series Vritra, and asked to arrange a meeting with Grey together. She...
Arthur's Life - Reaction  | TBATE | (On Hiatus) by CatsCool89
Arthur's Life - Reaction | CatsCool
This is your typical reaction fic. I will not drop this but don't expect regular updates. English is not my 1st language so there might be mistakes. The story and the ch...
TBATE - The  Dragon Prince by ZacMller7
TBATE - The Dragon Princeby Zac
What if Sylvia not only gave Arthur her Will? What if she gave him way more? Following the events in her cave, Arthur's body starts to change... Will it bring happiness...
Better Days (Discontinued) by cercxr
Better Days (Discontinued)by CERC
Grey, a king and the strongest man in the world, was killed. Left alone to rot even after death, he finds a way to surpass even death. Yet, his biggest accomplishment is...
TBATE reactions by Ace0421
TBATE reactionsby Ace
Exactly what the name says. People from the tbate world will be reacting to events in their future timeline. I've seen other Authors do this as well, So I decided to giv...
TBATE novel reaction by Cutiegizmoanime
TBATE novel reactionby Cutiegizmoanime
I haven't seen anyone do this so I hope you enjoy Grey, Kalon, Ada, Ezra, Riah and Caera are all teleported to a cinema where they are told by a mysterious person that t...
Requiem-The Beginning After the End Fanfiction by MykeWrites
Requiem-The Beginning After the MykeWrites
"This is my fate? The destiny of everyone? What was even the point of it all if this was inevitable. I have moved heaven and earth, mastered the building blocks of...
TBATE-More than a will by iXiLeF
TBATE-More than a willby F M
In this fanfiction Arthur gets more from Sylvia then just her will. How much will the changes help him? Can he get stronger than before? The Beginning after the End is f...
TBATE : Reborn Scientist  by Doy6328
TBATE : Reborn Scientist by Doy6328
Due to Agrona's negligence and the unpredictable nature of aether, a scientist's soul from Earth slipped into Dicathen without anyone's knowledge. Follow him on his jour...
TBATE | A Traitor  by lasershock_
TBATE | A Traitor by Lasershock
Arthur Leywin, after losing his dad in the war against the Vritra accepts Agrona's offer of removing himself from the war. Agrona accepts, under one condition... Best ra...
"Darkness which is endless some May think it's not a hope but a cruse. but what if that darkness become your hope?"...... follow the journey of A mortal sendin...
TBATE: Wish Upon A Star by Sameer_Khanna
TBATE: Wish Upon A Starby Sameer
Arthur just wanted a normal, peaceful life spent honoring Sylvia's wishes for him to have a good life. However, the discovery of a new continent changed his life in a wa...