Child of Sky (eventual Legolas/OC)

Child of Sky (eventual Legolas/OC)

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InariKiri By InariKiri Updated Jan 29, 2018

Therith is asked, alongside a hobbit, to join a company of dwarves on their quest to the Lonely Mountain to reclaim what is theirs, unsure if their prize is still guarded by a certain dragon. Will this former loner learn to cope with being around creatures as forward as dwarves and gain their respect and friendship? And who else will she cross paths with and how will they influence her life? Read her story and get to know this mysterious woman and follow what befalls her on their dangerous journey that might just cost them their lives.

This story will be split in two parts: The first book follows the events of The Hobbit and the next follows The lord of the Rings. The sequal wiil be called 'Lady of Sky' I do not own The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings, but I do own Therith.

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