Triple the Innocence, Double the Dominance by markin512
Triple the Innocence, Double the D...by Kat
Highest ranking: #53 in Werewolf Farah-Ember, or Fe, is the most innocent and shy person you will ever come upon. She loves nature and being the Betas daughter has some...
  • innocence
  • fear
  • dominant
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Blood Lust (completed) by Cmlwrite
Blood Lust (completed)by courtney
Valeria is the princess of the vampire, for centuries her father has been enemies with the werewolves. Now for her 180th birthday as of tradition all the creatures of im...
  • james
  • ajax
  • vampire
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fallar » lisandro magallán by -gardenmessi
fallar » lisandro magallánby ccele
❝ una, dos y tres veces en el acto de fallar. ❞ » a lisandro magallan fanfiction | contiene social media
  • desamor
  • ajax
  • holanda
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Devil's vow by EraRexon
Devil's vowby Persephone's pride
Ugly face with an aim- vengeance. Do not let the facade deceive you because when it falls the truth is more handsome and sexy that you could have imagined .Keep your hea...
  • power
  • mafia
  • possessive
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Ajax in a RWBY World by AlexRandolph2
Ajax in a RWBY Worldby Alex Randolph
My first novel or story that's base on a popular Roasterteeth series called RWBY. Ajax is a part of team ZLAP. Ajax is a faunus (a human with a animal part), Ajax has wo...
  • rwby
  • grimm
  • ajax
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The Leather Jacket   by NixxiomNation
The Leather Jacket by JoyMakesMeSick
Ron can't help where she came from. A girl following in her family's footsteps of being in the biggest gang in the whole city. But on the night of the meeting that chang...
  • gangs
  • snow
  • cowboy
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Flying High || ELLIE PHIMISTER: NE...by Nameste
In which Ellie Phimister ignites a different fire within her.
  • deadpool
  • francisfreeman
  • wadewilson
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[1] BITTERSWEET ° W. WILSON by buchanansbarnes
[1] BITTERSWEET ° W. WILSONby a-cakes
❝#relationshipgoals, am I right?!❞ ❝Wade, stop breaking the fourth wall.❞
  • wadewilson
  • ajax
  • ryanreynolds
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If I Believe You {Tom Riddle x OC}  by warakurna
If I Believe You {Tom Riddle x OC} by キラ
I walk faster until I'm almost across the courtyard, the sunlight dipping behind the trees, when I hear a voice call out. I want to kill someone. No. I want to kill her...
  • fanfiction
  • beforethefall
  • horcrux
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The Road by cocopuffcatLady
The Roadby The God of cats
Andromeda, Ajax, and Mark are three siblings who live in a post apocalyptic world, and It's honestly not that bad. Compared to what it was a decade ago they live in a dr...
  • backround
  • fanfiction
  • mark
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Diaper punishment by RhysRebecca20
Diaper punishmentby RhysMatthews
Jax get diaper punishment, gets a new brother and gets revenge on someone
  • ajax
  • diaper
  • jax
Deadpool's Daughter by InsaneImpulses
Deadpool's Daughterby ~Izzy~
Y/N is Wade Winston Willson's daughter. Though, some know him as Deadpool. Your mother was the one and only Vanessa, she freaked when you were born and had to skip town...
  • comic
  • ajax
  • marvel
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Here for you by Larissa2701
Here for youby Larissa
Langzame updates!! -------------------- Carel Eiting een jongen die bij Ajax speelt, altijd alles beter weet en een relatie heeft met een lid uit een worldwide coverband...
  • ajax
  • muziek
  • matthijs
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OC by Aylentbeing0l
OCby AylentBeing
My OC's !!!
  • malyshka
  • sara
  • ocbook
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Was EXO Imagines. But know it is just Kpop Imagines. Request anything for any of your favorite Kpop groups. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Updated Randomly Cov...
  • nuest
  • imfact
  • fanfiction
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Long Shot | Frenkie De Jong by dolbergs
Long Shot | Frenkie De Jongby -SIENA
an old fashioned "jailbreak" in the twenty first century
  • soccer
  • soccerromance
  • ajax
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The Warriors Preferences by TheOmxgaHavoc
The Warriors Preferencesby *Flips you off*
I made a preference book!! (wow I have no more creativity left in me)
  • 1979movie
  • movies
  • thewarriorsmovie
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The Testaments of a Dreamer: My Autobiography  by CalvinsPersonalOven
The Testaments of a Dreamer: My Au...by King Calvin
My stupid adventures that I put on the internet for y'all to read! BEWARE OF CRINGE!! ㅁ213 in Non-Fiction (!ㅅ!)ㅁ
  • is
  • rant
  • k-drama
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Demigods And Wizards by xXPaladinOfVoltronXx
Demigods And Wizardsby Paladin of the Black Lion
What if, at first, the Percy, Thalia, Nico, Will and Adriana AKA AJ OR A-Jax had to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? All on one mission: To protect Harr...
  • hp
  • jkrowling
  • ron
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