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Triple the Innocence, Double the Dominance by markin512
Triple the Innocence, Double the D...by Kat
Highest ranking: #53 in Werewolf Farah-Ember, or Fe, is the most innocent and shy person you will ever come upon. She loves nature and being the Betas daughter has some...
  • twins
  • innocence
  • wattys2017
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Poveștile fotbalului by CatalinDumitrescu8
Poveștile fotbaluluiby Catalin Dumitrescu
Fotbalul e viață! Restul, doar detalii....
  • ajax
  • cruyff
  • fotbal
Coincidence {Joe Sugg Love Story} by 1475Miya2004
Coincidence {Joe Sugg Love Story}by 1475Miya2004
Jade Ajax, came from the wizarding world into the muggle world to complete her muggle studies course. She finds out new things about muggles and meets people called yout...
  • youtube
  • house
  • sugg
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Blazing Moon by Shaelajo
Blazing Moonby shaela
When dark forces threaten the safety of the Prowesses of Blazing Moon along with the rest of shifter kind, it's up to the young Luna and her loyal pack to ban together w...
  • luna
  • alpha
  • delta
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My snazzy art book ;) by _DARK_HEARTED_
My snazzy art book ;)by _DARK_HEARTED_
This sorta has to do with star wars I guess,but I don't really know... IDK just read/look at it! ):D
  • sketches
  • dark
  • art
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Learn how to use Java int type by sundarisiva
Learn how to use Java int typeby Siva Sundari
Learn how to use the Java type: Description When the values of bytes and short circuits are used in the expression of expressions, they are promoted when the expressio...
  • javaprogramming
  • hibernate
  • javascript
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What code should you learn in 2019 by nitesh2018
What code should you learn in 2019by Nitesh Khawani
Today, computers are an inescapable part of our work and personal lives. As technology develops, computers are increasingly more integral to our lives, and the more we u...
  • java
  • python
  • asp
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Spells by jsc2238
Spellsby Jaci
Max was just another girl living with her Mother, little brother Jace, and her identical twin sister Lily, trying to support her family after her father's tragic death...
  • love
  • harmony
  • spells
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The Destined by RichardLaxgang
The Destinedby Richard Laxgang
Year: 2940 . System: SOL . CRD Location: Unknown . Brief: Project Ajax has shown much promise, even in its earliest stages. General Alli has proven to the council its im...
  • philosophy
  • special
  • forces
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Sh*t That's On My Google Drive by _DARK_HEARTED_
Sh*t That's On My Google Driveby _DARK_HEARTED_
  • hearted
  • shortstory
  • googledrive
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NightWolf's Tales by _lost_and_confused__
NightWolf's Talesby Aria Parker
This is my personal write journal. I write ideas and you guys vote for the best! Idk, maybe I might make a book out of one of them some day...
  • birthday
  • evlyn
  • girl
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Things to know about Ajax Indoor Soccer by ajaxsoccer02
Things to know about Ajax Indoor S...by ajaxsoccer02
If you are really willing to become a good soccer player then register for Indoor soccer at The Ajax United Soccer Club. It is the nonprofit organization and provides ul...
  • soccer
  • ajax
  • indoor
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Ajax by Jad3dR3ap3r
Ajaxby Jad3dR3ap3r
What happens when Aria's horse, Bell, her only friend in her secluded town, dies? Read this short story as Aria recovers from depression and makes a new friend.
  • aria
  • peace
  • bell
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The Girl Named Skylar by apmermaid
The Girl Named Skylarby apmermaid
Skylar: I just want a normal life, have normal friends and go to a normal school. But I can't do that, because of him. He makes my life far from normal. He is so sexy, b...
  • gossip
  • fantasy
  • ajax
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Ultrasound Clinics in Pickering by xuscanada
Ultrasound Clinics in Pickeringby xuscanada
Welcome to the Ultrasound Clinic of Pickering. Ultrasound Clinics in Toronto a remarkably seasoned specialists in delivering you the most effective quality ultrasound an...
  • open
  • pickering
  • sunday
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Programming Adventures by JasonReilly
Programming Adventuresby Jason Reilly
True stories on my adventures through software design, old and new stories.
  • lua
  • network
  • programming
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