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What's The Point? - NCIS Fan-fiction by unloved_scars
What's The Point? - NCIS chloë
THIS FIC IS DEAD TO ME I HATE IT AND I WAS 12 {NCIS fan-fiction} Tony's not acting like himself, and nobody knows why. Will they save him before they're too late? WARNI...
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  • depression
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Adopted by NCIS  by GreatCorals23
Adopted by NCIS by HarryDylanElijah
Maria Elizabeth is a 15 year old black girl who was adopted by the one and only Leroy Jethro Gibbs. She loves herfather and is so grateful she was adopted by him. Join...
  • gibbs
  • labrats
  • theorginals
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nct/wayv smuts by AlexCosplays
nct/wayv smutsby Alex Cosplay's
lowercase intended ships maybe 5/19/19 <3
  • xiaojun
  • jisung
  • xuxi
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Hard Case: NCIS fan fiction by mybearsaysbeawesome
Hard Case: NCIS fan fictionby mybearsaysbeawesome
A school bus is ambushed and students kidnapped. All except one... This very student becomes the first NCIS junior field agent, a valued member of team Gibbs. What will...
  • palmer
  • ellie
  • tonydinozzo
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Nct's 19th Member ♡ by sugar-cheri
Nct's 19th Member ♡by -cheri 👹
"Please welcome our newest member Rosa!"
  • nct
  • jaehyun
  • nctdream
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What Really Happens: NCIS by erikakull
What Really Happens: NCISby Erika K
Gibbs rule #12 starts to have less purpose when Melissa Peters starts feeling the chemistry between her and Timothy McGee. Melissa is always cooped up in Abby's lab. Try...
  • donaldmallard
  • tony
  • anthonydinozzo
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ellick short stories cuz i'm trash for that shit by BrilliantIdea577
ellick short stories cuz i'm Katherine Sweet
yep, some ellick one shots/short stories. these are terrible but most fanfic is so deal with it ig. but yes, ellick one shots. cuz I'm fuckin trash for them.
  • nicktorres
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Old Vendetta (NCIS Fanfic) by FLKeysGal98
Old Vendetta (NCIS Fanfic)by FLKeysGal98
Tim McGee thought that because he was too wrapped up in writing his books that he would never find true love. That thought changed when he met a beautiful woman firefigh...
  • zivadavid
  • ncis
  • gibbs
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The unknown Gibbs daughter by DiamondTricks01
The unknown Gibbs daughterby Trickster
Growing up without a father was hard but having cancer was the worst part of Alexis' childhood. She's found the one man who she has spent her entire childhood dreaming a...
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  • ncis
  • mcgeek
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Thank God for Murders by FionaHaruka
Thank God for Murdersby Fang
Tony and Ziva go undercover as a marine couple expecting a baby to catch a psychotic midwife killer.
  • ziva
  • abby
  • mcgee
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Impressions and Sensations NCIS Gibbs/DiNozzo slash  Complete by LeaConnor
Impressions and Sensations NCIS Wereleopard58
While in Mexico Gibbs spent some time out in the desert alone. He has come back to NCIS, but his senses are going crazy. He thinks he is going crazy. This is the first s...
  • tibbs
  • ncis
  • fanfiction
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McGee Breaks//NCIS fanfic by iluvcows7
McGee Breaks//NCIS fanficby iluvcows7
Timothy McGee was always thought of the Probie, the underdog of the group. Going through a mid life crisis, he keeps quiet. But when he screws up part of a case, and get...
  • doctormallard
  • zivadavid
  • ducky
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What's Going to Happen: NCIS by erikakull
What's Going to Happen: NCISby Erika K
This is the second book in the What Really Happens: NCIS series. The first book is What Really Happens: NCIS After Melissa and Tim are separated, one of them starts to...
  • love
  • agentdinozzo
  • ziva
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NCIS LA: The New Member by alexabg21
NCIS LA: The New Memberby alexabg21
This is the first of many fanfic I will be writing for NCIS LA. Please comment even if it's bad. All Feedback is welcome.
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  • kensi
  • ncis
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Boss Down... by user96741437
Boss Cool
When Gibbs is injured how will his team react? What impact will it have on them?
  • timothymcgee
  • duckymallard
  • tonydinozzo
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This isn't done will correct spells and grammar errors please point them out I going to change this to ncis oneshot but they will be mainly ellick some will just be the...
  • friendship
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Family business  by Agent-Lokitty
Family business by SpecialAgent-Lokitty
NCIS and Supernatural crossover. You'd got out, got a good good and started to feel normal. Going as far as starting to fall in love. Everything was fine until you got...
  • spnfamily
  • crowley
  • duckymalled
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NCIS Los Angeles one shots by F1icker
NCIS Los Angeles one shotsby F1icker
NCIS Los Angeles is my ultimate fave TV show and I have so many ideas for stories so here they all are...... Please enjoy! This cover took me ages to make *sigh*
  • kensiblye
  • ncisfanfiction
  • samhanna
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NCIS LA: The New Member Part 2 by alexabg21
NCIS LA: The New Member Part 2by alexabg21
This is the second book to the NCIS LA series I am writing. If you have not read "NCIS LA: The New Member" this story may not make sense so please go read that...
  • sam
  • samhanna
  • calex
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Ellick forever❤️ by ellickncis
Ellick forever❤️by Ellick💓
Ellie meets nick before he joins ncis..what will happen when he has to leave for undercover work,will she be left alone..and pregnant?or will she lose the baby and have...
  • bishop
  • ellick
  • torres
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