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Now Can I Shoot?: Tony Dinozzo X Timothy McGee  by Rank_of_Master
Now Can I Shoot?: Tony Dinozzo X Rank_of_Master
Tony always felt alone in his apartment, it's about time he found someone. But what if that someone was his partner in crime? No smut will be included in this one...unl...
When Gibbs met Jane  by italexys
When Gibbs met Jane by Alexys
Jane is the daughter of former NCIS director Jenny Shepard. Hardly anyone knows that she exists or who her mother is. She lost her mother very young and when she was old...
Maraya Torres by SweetAndSaltyWP
Maraya Torresby Jacie Winchester 🫶
When the unknowing nine year old daughter of Nick Torres finds herself tangled up with NCIS, things take a turn for the worse. With her adoptive family murdered, a stran...
Who are you? by just_me_4321
Who are you?by just_me_4321
Gibbs adopted a troubled girl 8 years ago. He didn't tell anyone since she never did really good with a lot of people around. She was a foster kid since she was 3 years...
Old Vendetta (NCIS Fanfic) by FLKeysGal98
Old Vendetta (NCIS Fanfic)by FLKeysGal98
Tim McGee thought that because he was too wrapped up in writing his books that he would never find true love. That thought changed when he met a beautiful woman firefigh...
You and I   *McGee* ( An NCIS story) by NCIS_18
You and I *McGee* ( An NCIS NCIS_18
My names Jessie... Jessie Valentine , i was a former marine and have now recently started working for NCIS, i feel at home. Ive never been one to have feelings for someo...
Secret Love (Tony & Gibbs Fan Fic) by KingOfPopMJ_58
Secret Love (Tony & Gibbs Fan Fic)by ♡ 𝚂𝚑𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚢 ♡
This is my FIRST EVER NCIS Fan Fic & My FIRST EVER Gibbs x Tony Fan Fic..I hope you like it & I hope it isn't too bad. Jethro Gibbs & Tony DiNozzo are both Federal Agent...
Ellie and Nick +baby girl  by lesbianheartbreaker
Ellie and Nick +baby girl by idek anymore
Ellie and Nick have been 'secretly' dating for a whole... what happens when a bundle of joy appears!?
His little food monster by Tiberius44
His little food monsterby Bear
Gibbs and Bishop pairing Bishop and Gibbs travel back together after her trip home to Oklahoma. When they both feel something for each other. What wIll happen in this r...
T H E   D A U G T E R   O F   N C I S by A_23_Romanoff
T H E D A U G T E R O F N A_23_Romanoff
Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David work at NCIS along with the rest of the crew (Gibbs, McGee, Abby, Director Jenny, Ducky, Palmer, Nick Torres, and Ellie Bishop) which has now...
What Really Happens: NCIS by sameeehere
What Really Happens: NCISby sameeehere
Gibbs rule #12 starts to have less purpose when Melissa Peters starts feeling the chemistry between her and Timothy McGee. Melissa is always cooped up in Abby's lab. Try...
It's Happening: NCIS by sameeehere
It's Happening: NCISby sameeehere
This is the third book in the What Really Happens: NCIS Series. The endless ring is supposed to represent endless love. What if that love was interrupted by more than wh...
NCIS x Reader by bastew5
NCIS x Readerby 1XKornKnot
This list contains the names of all the characters I have written about thus far: Leroy Jethro Gibbs Tony DiNozzo Timothy McGee Dwayne Pride Christopher LaSalla Sebastia...
What's Going to Happen: NCIS by sameeehere
What's Going to Happen: NCISby sameeehere
This is the second book in the What Really Happens: NCIS series. The first book is What Really Happens: NCIS After Melissa and Tim are separated, one of them starts to...
NCIS Oneshots & Preferences (PREFERENCE AND ONESHOT REQUESTS: CLOSED) by PerrieMckenzie
NCIS Oneshots & Preferences ( ☽Pez☾
REQUESTS FOR PREFERENCES ARE OPEN. REQUESTS FOR ONESHOTS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED. It may take some time to catch up to yours, but please remember that I've got a lot going...
What The Hell || Nick Torres  by KV42007
What The Hell || Nick Torres by KV42007
when they were young Nick Torres and Sofía Gutierrez were so madly in love what happens when he finds out she's still alive and not alone?
Our journey  by ncisoffice
Our journey by ncisoffice
Gibbs and Jack start their relationship but Jack will decide to stay in Afghanistan...will she go back to Gibbs? If yes what will be the reason? In this fan fiction they...
Right Here (ellick) by ahsdramione
Right Here (ellick)by zoey <3
Ellick Fanfic I don't own NCIS or any of the characters, just the plot :) TW: Foul Language, violence, sexual scene Started: May 25th, 2021 Completed: December 21st, 202...
A step away by ncisoffice
A step awayby ncisoffice
Everything starts with a dream and a nightmare... Will Jack and Gibbs finally be able to confess their feelings to each other?
NCIS LA: The New Member by alexabg21
NCIS LA: The New Memberby Alexa
FBI and NCIS are working together on this case. An FBI informant joins the team to help. What could go wrong? What could go right? Action packed Love story. This is the...