A Minor Technicality [Completed] *Slowly Editing*

A Minor Technicality [Completed] *Slowly Editing*

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Blythe Conners was definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was just a small town girl who had been taken by the shiny lights of New York City. She never expected to witness her boyfriend murdering someone, or to discover that even with a simple name like Michael Johnson, he was actually from a powerful crime conglomerate. The situation has put her life in danger, and now she is on the run, with nothing more than the clothes on her back. She only has enough money in her pocket for a child's bus ticket to get home, so she hopes her youthful appearance will finally prove useful.    

Luca Morelli is working one of the biggest cases of his career. All he needs is one breakthrough to take down the Fitzgerald crime family - just one key witness to a major crime to help him. Frustrated by the lack of movement with the case, he gives in to the demands of his long-distance fiancée, and plans to spend a week with her family. What he doesn't expect is the twelve year old girl sitting next to him on the bus. She's precocious and funny, but she's on the bus to the wrong city, alone and with no money. The least he can do is help her get home safely. There's something about her, though, that has his senses on alert. He can't help but feel she isn't what she seems, and every so often, she acts much older than twelve years old.    

***Loosely based on the classic film The Major and The Minor***

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