I write. Finishing what I write is a problem. Unless it's fanfiction. That I seem to be able to finish... 

Just a warning: I do NOT tend to read within Fandoms I am actively writing it. It's a quirk of the muse and I abide by it. So it's nothing personal if I don't immediately jump to read stories recommended to me or that I am asked to read. It's just my way of keeping myself focused on the stories I'm working on. <3

I have been writing Fan Fictions for a while now but have only managed to completely, 100% finish a paltry few of the dozens I have floating around in my head...Lord of the Rings ones, Star Wars ones, MCU ones, Harry Potter ones, Game of Thrones ones, Song of Ice and Fire ones...the list goes on...and on...and on...

More than that, I have yet to finish the dozens more original ideas bouncing around up there, especially since the FanFictions seem to yell all that much louder...

But it will eventually happen! And feedback on any of my stories, especially the original ones, would certainly go a long way toward encouraging that. ;)

So give me a follow! Throw in a couple votes and be sure to comment!

I am on fanfiction.net, AO3, Inkitt and Twitter too! (DarkLadyAthara on all!)

Same rules will apply for the most part here as on FFN and the others - at least when it comes to the fanfics. My original stories totally aren't finished being written yet...

I do not start posting my fanfictions until I have finished writing them! (Save one very obvious exception and that's only because it's a bit of a special case.... ;P)

Curious what I'm working on? What stories I've got planned and started? How troublesome and crazy and overenthusiastic my brain is? Be sure to check out my 'In the Works' collection! More entries are going up all the time! Vote on your favourites! Ask me questions! Tell me which ideas sound the most exciting! Who knows! Your comments and votes might just prove the motivation I need to get some more of them done! :D
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