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Regeneration by Amanda_x_Kimberley
Regenerationby Amanda_x_Kimberley
Hailey Rivera is plunged into a world of chaos, she is confused and scared until she crosses paths with a mysterious stranger with an enigmatic past. Together they fight...
uninvited by ShawMcKnight
uninvitedby ShawMcKnight
Is the end of the world near? The answer to that might be closer than we thought. One thing is for sure, the world as we knew it is gone. We thought we were alone in...
unfinished by ShawMcKnight
unfinishedby ShawMcKnight
the uninvited series book lll
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The Dead and the Restless (Completed with undergoing editing) by A_Story_Spoken
The Dead and the Restless (Complet...by Shelby Caruso
When you are infected with the virus, there are four stages. 1) Your fever will shoot up and everything will become intensified on a maximum level. You'll lose grip on w...
unwanted by ShawMcKnight
unwantedby ShawMcKnight
the uninvited series book II He didn't come for her. Can not be read as a stand-alone. Should read uninvited first. Cover made by @lolmonster07
RAID:  Ashes Remain by Kalashnova
RAID: Ashes Remainby Irrelevant Parrot
(Tom Clancy's The Division x RAID) ---- Loosely based on the event of both RAID and Tom Clancy™ The Division, Y/N as a Second Wave Division Agent has been activated to...
To Survive  by 66125c
To Survive by 66125c
I still remember when the world was lively and beautiful shades of green and yellows, everywhere had tall white buildings with stunning flowers and leaves growing from t...
Penance by Missing_Puzzle_Piece
Penanceby Aria
In the near future, the human race has been forced to quarantine an entire country after the Known Virus, also known as the K-Virus, spread throughout their lands, killi...
INFECTED by Ender_Paige
INFECTEDby ⓔⓝⓓⓔⓡ
Z-Virus Book 1 It was the second week of July, the first day of school when a plague has started to spread inside Cester High, a private school located on the town of Si...
Paroxysm | Genesis by CuddlyDuckling
Paroxysm | Genesisby Mehvy
Due to dubiously negligent virologists, citizens start to show bursts of rather unusual and unsavory behavior. Tag along with Sajjad, Diego, and Kasun, as they face mult...
epidemic. (J5) by sunsetdriva
epidemic. (J5)by ✨
"And suddenly, you're all over the world."
Manhattan (Lesbian Story)(GxG) (ON HOLD) by taylenking
Manhattan (Lesbian Story)(GxG) (ON...by taylen
Everything happened so quickly. One day, I was eating pizza with my best friends, the next, there's a sudden epidemic. Every channel on the television, every station on...
The Last Time We Met by spoffyumi
The Last Time We Metby Kate Spofford
James remembers his past lives with Cedric, but each of those lives ended in tragedy. This time, they will try to change fate. *****************************************...
Those Boys by YourFaithfulServant
Those Boysby Harlem Quinnzel
A deadly epidemic start in LA. I go with my boyfriend Chris, and his family/step-family. But when I meet Nick, do I lose my feelings for Chris?
Waiting Shapeless by KennyFyor
Waiting Shapelessby KennyFyor
*Completed* Ranked #1 in alienplanet in Jan 20 2020 Please, LISTEN TO ME!! I know you think I'm crazy and I know they told you I'm dangerous, but you have to just listen...
Bloodfire - A Different Virus Spinoff by Viupcake
Bloodfire - A Different Virus Spin...by Via Hiortdahl
I remember the day I first heard of them. I was driving my van with my mother in the passenger seat. The news channel was playing over the radio. The current story was s...
everyone you love is gonna die [ zombie apocalypse novel ] [ original horror ] [ cover by @bipanicbarnes ]
An Escape From Reality *Music* by StudMuffinStitch
An Escape From Reality *Music*by ♥︎ 𝓛𝓮𝓮 ♥︎
I write my songs for an escape from reality, A secret place I go to gain some sanity, Where I can stop thinking about the rate of mortality, Come to terms with my sexual...
Danger by Booping123
Dangerby Lexi
(Book 2 of Vanished) It's been four months since everyone aged fifteen and over vanished. Hunger begins to strike as food becomes low. People desperate to get even somet...
19 days in a quarantine by sweet_booklover
19 days in a quarantineby 🌹Evie🌹
A short story about this new pandemic, covid-19 or as most of us call it coronavirus. This book is to communicate the preventive measures we can take not to get infected.