Can I Be Saved? (OHSHC fanfic Tamaki Suoh) by AliceInWondeerland
Can I Be Saved? (OHSHC fanfic AliceInWondeerland
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Not A Fan by paynefullife
Not A Fanby paynefullife
Harry's not a fan of Zayn Malik.
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The Beautiful Violinist and Her Daring Adventures✦|NALU✓ by CammieCat
The Beautiful Violinist and Her Cammie☺️💞
ad·ven·ture adˈven(t)SHər,ədˈven(t)SHər/ noun
an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity. Or
engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especi...
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Summer Break [A Markiplier Fanfiction] EDITING by Markiplier45
Summer Break [A Markiplier Markiplierfangirl
Charity Williams was the average 18 year old...EXCEPT she is a Youtuber. She was walking one day when something extraordinary happened to her... :D
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A case in music by OhWatson
A case in musicby "Oh, Watson"
Sherlock is a famous violinist and when he meets the rather well-known blogger John Watson it's rather difficult not to talk to him again.
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Crimson Kuro//  A RWBY Fanfiction// Volume Two// Slow Updates by Zero_Cat190
Crimson Kuro// A RWBY Zero_Cat190
-TAKES PLACE RIGHT BEFORE VOLUME TWO- Everyone knows the stories about the hunters and huntresses in training from Beacon academy. About how they team up into teams of...
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Mr. Giaul  (Book 1 Set 1) by CassandraOfTroy7214
Mr. Giaul (Book 1 Set 1)by CassandraOfTroy7214
Rian Giaul had a perfect life, a beautiful wife, a nice penthouse, a well paying job, but he was unhappy. Cécilia Giaul also had an amazing life, she was a famous violin...
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ωเттℓε ɓεαɳ by norinemalixi_27
ωเттℓε ɓεαɳby -ทσriทє-
Hey! I'm Norine and this is my book. I'm making new friends...
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7 Notes To You || Your lie in April [EDITING] by Cirenoz
7 Notes To You || Your lie in D
Talks about cherry blossoms, flowers, performances, stars, ...the letter. Kousei writes letters to Kaori. He has words left unsaid and words that he can't say, but only...
  • emotional
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THE STARS THAT NIGHT    [ A SCREENPLAY ] by -leanansidhe
+:。.。Zoe, who is born completely colorblind, oddly dreams of a boy's life in vivid colors and gets automatically transported to his aid everytime he is in danger. [A bo...
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Remedy  by stradivari17
Remedy by 👑Anonimowy👑
How can you fall in love with someone who's face terrifies you? Can you even? 'Cacophobia' is an overwhelming, persistent trepidation about ugliness. An irrational fear...
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The Only Violinist ( A Lindsey Stirling fanfic) by Victoria2214
The Only Violinist ( A Lindsey Little Lindsey
Happiness used to flow in the world. The keyword is used to. Not anymore, The world is different. Out of the blue, the leader decides to ban everything that has to do wi...
  • violinist
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Duet (girlXgirl) by KatElwood
Duet (girlXgirl)by Kat Elwood
When a new neighbor moves in next to violinist Merrill's apartment, they start making sweet music together. A balcony wall prevents them from ever seeing each other, but...
  • shortstory
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Kōusei X Tsubaki OneShots by _blankslate_
Kōusei X Tsubaki OneShotsby _błāńkšłåtę_
This is just a oneshot I came up with and I am excepting requests, but I do hope you enjoy! I don't own any of the characters or Your Lie in April in general.
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Liebestraum by KuroshiLen00
Liebestraumby Len Kuroshi
Rasanya mustahil jika pianis jenius seperti Jongdae tidak bisa memainkan sebuah lagu. Ya, hanya satu lagu. Yaitu Liebestraum Sebuah cerita ketika Liebestraum yang dimain...
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Music To Our Ears. by MacaylaLanea
Music To Our MacaylaLanea
For Reese Wolfe and Jasmine Daniels music is their life. Reese is a violinist, while her voice is Jasmine's special instrument. He's rude and moody, she's bubbly and car...
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Your lie in April  A/U by xxgirl28xx0
Your lie in April A/Uby Girl82o
Hello there! So yes , this story is basically an 'Alternate Universe' version of the very famous and well know anime : YOUR LIE IN APRIL. No copyright intended! I'm just...
  • anime
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Xemel by NahnahNajeeb
Xemelby Nahnah Najeeb
O' She wrote and her hands bled, She is Xemel, that's what they said. She played the instrument in her hands, like her soul is tied within the sands. She tried to break...
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