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Coming Into Your World I Fell In Love With You by LisbethLemonPuff18
Coming Into Your World I Fell In L...by LisbethGallagher18
Coming Into Your World I Fell In Love With You| "I'm...In love with someone who's in a TV show?! And he's not even in the show he's supposed to be a girl!" - I...
Reincarnated in Star Vs The Forces of Evil by StoryTeller5011
Reincarnated in Star Vs The Forces...by LannaBanana396
If you've seen the show, you know the story. However, this version has a few changes. There's more exploration, politics, magic. Oh, and Star has been replaced with a bo...
Delicate Bond ✔ by Little_Dreamerz
Delicate Bond ✔by Little_Dreamerz
In a world where werewolves secretly co-exist with humans, it quite common for werewolves to reject their soulmates in hopes to find a partner with a better status. Unfo...
Helping Gwen 10 by AnimeEagleScout
Helping Gwen 10by Joeseph Moore
Ben is driving a while after the final battle in Ultimate Alien and ends up in a portal to another world. Ben doesn't get the new Omnitrix due to Azimuth not finishing i...
Arc-V: Cultivating Future by Aquarius727
Arc-V: Cultivating Futureby Aquarius727
A normal person, with normal and boring life, wo was just regular Fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, suddenly got transported to YugiohVerse. It was not a planned event, but when life giv...
Gate of Dimensions by ManOfIllusions
Gate of Dimensionsby ManOfIllusions
1940, two years after a brutal civil war that saw the return of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the revived German Empire has become the most dominant military, economic and technolo...
My Robotic Boyfriend by Emelradine
My Robotic Boyfriendby MOMMY R.
(COMPLETED) Wattpad NA Featured Novel After ordering a Robotic Boyfriend from an anonymous website on the dark web, Ivy Fisher goes to many length to free him from the s...
Mysterious Beauty " A Beastworld Story!" by Momma1982
Mysterious Beauty " A Beastworld S...by Momma1982
Your, just an ordinary vlogger who made an interesting point but you get invited to an unexplored jungle with a team of archeologists and your the only one the bea...
Getting To Know The Future by mnn_mnn_mnn
Getting To Know The Futureby Cale Hermoso
[DISCONTINUED] <The Birth of Hero> people reacts to the WIKI of the people of <Lout of Count's Family> Date posted: March 23, 2022 Language: English Status:...
Percy Jackson the Tribute (Percy Jackson Hunger Games crossover) by IsaacChristensen
Percy Jackson the Tribute (Percy J...by The Turtle Guy
Everyone loves Sally Jackson, and by extension, her son Percy. Her kindness, charity and loyalty has rubbed off on him, and half of the people who live in the Seam are o...
The Dragon Gamer Of Remanant (Adoption) by LupusNoir00
The Dragon Gamer Of Remanant (Adop...by Lupus Noir
This story is about a gamer who got transported to the world of Remanant. He spawns in the jungle with his trusty system Mira,But there is a big mishap. Instead of being...
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he's dying by WhiteHoodCurse
he's dyingby Calais Jade
Zuku also known 'Charm' is a dying vigilante. he was involved in a lab experiment that resulted in him dying. His time was limited to 16 year's. And so he started his vi...
Demon Obsession by Starry_Galaxy20
Demon Obsessionby Starry_Galaxy20
He can hear her each breath He can see her every move He can sense her every emotion He can appear anywhere He craves her He wants her And He has her He resides in her a...
BNHA Isekai to Modern World x Reader by sakunasfiftheye
BNHA Isekai to Modern World x Read...by sakunasfiftheye
Todoroki, Midoriya, Iida, Momo, and Kirishima go to save Bakugo after he was captured by the League of Villains. What they didn't expect was that right when they were a...
A War across the Multiverse by WagnerWC4
A War across the Multiverseby Johannes wagner
After acquiring documents from a dilapidated bunker in Antarctica with the assistance of his friends, Jason Williams, a mad scientist, utilized these documents filled wi...
Hero Ninja (Bnha x Naruto Reader) by pioues
Hero Ninja (Bnha x Naruto Reader)by BTS_OT⁷⚘⁨⟭⟬
(Y/n) (L/n) and the rest of the five villages are fighting in the Fourth Great Ninja War. While fighting something weird happens, a bright light caused by somebody appea...
Echidna Journey! [Reader Knuckles X Pokémon journeys] by BehindToo
Echidna Journey! [Reader Knuckles...by Under your Bed
Knuckles known as Y/N is just guarding the master Emerald...but now..his getting chase by multiple humans and throwing some white and red balls at him, Where is he?!
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: The Fifth Factor(slow updates) by Dragon-Slayer454
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: The Fifth Factor(...by Dragon-Slayer454
A young duelist with a troubled past arrives at Maiami city in order to participate in the Maiami Championship, but soon finds himself embroiled in incidents exceeding h...
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V : The Hero of Justice by DarkGravity__
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V : The Hero of Just...by DarkGravity
Shin Tanaka was just a normal boy who had a hard life, with his parents always arguing and being alone in school with no friends. The only thing he had was his love for...
The runaway ( Tanjiro x fem reader ) by Kimetsu_no_yaiba1234
The runaway ( Tanjiro x fem reader...by Kimetsu_no_yaiba1234
You're a powerful demon who has been under Muzan's control for years. You always wanted freedom, until you escape and find out life changing secrets along the way. Also...