My Robotic Boyfriend

My Robotic Boyfriend

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Rebecca Johnpee By Emelradine Updated 8 hours ago

Frustrated and Lonely, Ivy Fisher orders a Robotic Boyfriend from a dark web, knowing fully well it wouldn't work; but when a boy with the exact description of who she ordered, winds up at her doorstep, her world came spiralling down.


On a mission to get herself a boyfriend by all means, Ivy Fisher orders a Robotic Boyfriend from a mysterious dark web, unknowingly to her that it wasn't just some flimsy organization at the back of someone's warehouse, but an organization named The Human Robotic Inc, which was supposed to be shutdown from operation by the United States government, thousands of years ago due to their failed experiments of enhancing the minds of humans by implanting a device called 'The Chip' in them.

But on a mission to save all the subjects forced into this illegal organization, Ivy Fisher finds herself in big trouble, as an unfortunate incident causes her life to change for the worse.

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