My Robotic Boyfriend

My Robotic Boyfriend

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Nora Rebecca JPee By Emelradine Updated 6 days ago

I ordered a boyfriend, Crazy right? I kinda have a good reason for that...

Ivy Fisher was the definition of Forever Single, she has never ever had a boyfriend. Senior year didn't even make it easier for her. Her best friend started dating the school's most hottest guy, she was jealous, frustrated, and sad, but then she had a crazy idea...

She ordered for him. He was delivered.
She was human. He was a robot- well we're not so sure about the last part...


...."I believe you ordered for me?"

With her jaw dropped and her eyes wide, she asked. "Are you -you Trevor? The robot?"

He gave her a blank look. "No... I'm someone who stumbled to your door step, late in the night, seeking shelter- of course I'm Trevor. The Robot."


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