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Fiendship by FullOfPotassium
Fiendshipby half-wit brit
During a peculiar heist, Conan Edogawa bumps into amateur magician Kaito Kuroba. A beautiful fiendshi- I mean, friendship is born! (I recommend skipping to the second he...
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A Magician's Twin Sister (Magic Kaito/Detective Conan Fanfic) by AliciaMCDeBurgh
A Magician's Twin Sister (Magic Alicia MC DeBurgh
Kuroba Kazumi was taken away from her family at the age of two. She never got to know her mother, father or twin brother properly but she knew that she had family somewh...
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●A Silent Detective● by LCC808707
●A Silent Detective●by LCC808707
Shinichi, or Conan as he is now called by the people close to him, has been a child for the past 2 years and was having trouble expressing his feelings to other people e...
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KID's Drastic Methods by NoraHanson1
KID's Drastic Methodsby NoraHanson1
*Completed* KID kidnaps people?! Conan is shocked. His rival, Kaitou KID, kidnapped Ran in front of his eyes. But it doesn't stay simply at Ran, because the next heist n...
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The Twin Detectives (CURRENTLY ON HOLD!) by Kudo_Snow_4869
The Twin Detectives (CURRENTLY Jeuel Binotong
The Twin detectives: Kudo Shinichi and Kudo Y/N (which happened to have ice powers) have been famous around Japan for their genius deductions as highschoolers. But becau...
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Why must this happen? by kebwins
Why must this happen?by kebwins
In which KID is turned into a child while Conan and Hakuba were watching. With KID now pretending to be Conan's twin and Hakuba getting himself tangled into the mess whi...
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Kaito Oneshots - Magic Kaito by BerryBerryBlitz
Kaito Oneshots - Magic Kaitoby BerryBerryBlitz
Oneshots involving Kaito, some happy, some sad, some fluffy, some funny, some heartbreaking~ Multiple shippings~ All parts 1K+ Words~ EXCLUDING (A/N)
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Undeniably Yours by GINgoldstein
Undeniably Yoursby GINgoldstein
Set after the defeat of the black organization, Haibara works herself out to finish the antidote. What will become of her relationship with Conan? What will happen when...
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True Love [ShinKai] by iamministarkrogers
True Love [ShinKai]by Peter Stark
Some does not believe in True Love and said it never existed but it differs from what Kuroba Kaito and Kudo Shinichi were experiencing. (or when Shinichi is in love with...
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Life In detective Conan! As shinichi's Sister!! by Wisteria_Reads
Life In detective Conan! As FlowerFull❁
•°•°• Rankings: Detective Conan #1 - Date: June 24, 2019 - July 9, 2019 Conan #1 - Date: July 9, 2019 Rei #1 - Date: August 4, 2019 •°•°• SPECIAL NOTE: This Story will h...
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Blade Series: Another Phantom Thief? (A Magic Kaito and Detective Conan Fanfic) by KaitoRin1
Blade Series: Another Phantom KaitoRin1
Another Fanfic with my OC, Kaitlyn/Blade, and in this one she's known as the famous Phantom Thief, Kaitou Blade. ---------- (I decided to change the summary for those o...
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Glasses and monocles (A DC MK1412 fanfic)[yaoi, shinkai pairing] by moonclawtatts
Glasses and monocles (A DC moonclawtatts
(Please note that I do not own magician kaito 1412 nor do I own Detective Conan. That privilege belongs to ayoma gosho sensei.) It's been a year since the renowned high...
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Thief Lover (Kaito KID X Reader)💖 [COMPLETED] by Kawaiizuh
Thief Lover (Kaito KID X Reader)💖 Wizz
(Y/N) LeBlanc, a 17 year old girl from Paris, France is moving to Japan. She met Aoko, Akako, Hakuba and especially Kaito. Will she fall in love? I... don't actually kno...
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two riddles in one (kaishin, kaicon) by Lilisa_zavala
two riddles in one (kaishin, Ukelady
Kaitou KID, (a.k.a. Kuroba Kaito), has found it really hard to concentrate on heists since his little tantei-kun, (Edogawa Conan a.k.a. kudo shinichi), has been prone to...
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¿Quien soy? (Kaito Kuroba y Lectora) by ChiaraClara5
¿Quien soy? (Kaito Kuroba y Chiara
Después de su primer día en preescolar Kaito Kuroba estaba volviendo a su casa acompañado de su padre Toichi Kuroba, en el camino pueden ver a una chica de la misma edad...
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Stop caring (Kaito×Shinichi) by NoraHanson1
Stop caring (Kaito×Shinichi)by NoraHanson1
[Completed] Kaitou KID and Shinichi Kudo have been rivals since they could think. Whenever Kaito announces a heist, Shinichi would definitely show up to stop him. But as...
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Kaito Kid x Reader (x Saguru Hakuba) by LorenaKagamine
Kaito Kid x Reader (x Saguru PicK a God And PraY
Read the title ^^ hehe I rlly hope ppl like dis
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[KaiShin] The Detective Who Just Can't Remember by IfLifeWasAGame
[KaiShin] The Detective Who Just Life
It had been several months since the Black Organization had been taken down, and several months since Conan left the agency claiming that he had to go back to his family...
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Let's keep this a secret  by AiSadist09
Let's keep this a secret by ★ Ai ★
Detective conan fanfiction Pairing: Miyano Shiho/Haibara Ai X Kaitou kid/Kuroba kaito Warning: Strong uses of language and implied sexual themes.
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Just Another Case... by InfaroyyaAlKarimah
Just Another Royal-Chan
It's always funny on how universe tangled people's fate in the most twisted ways... But anyway! What is the best situation for a shrunken detective, a moonlight thief, a...
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