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Mania by Bloojeans
Maniaby Bloojeans
Mania...obsessive love...the type that leads to madness. Clemence unknowingly becomes the object of obsession for her handsome but stern new History professor Leon and...
FROM LOVE TO REGRETS. by kyalimpaJollyBirungi
They say when love crosses it's limit then its darkside is enough to kill you. That we should run away when someone's love cages you to the point where you lose your wi...
Wistfully by Kiwi_Berry01
Wistfullyby Kiwi_Berry01
After so many years of wishing for a happy ending were he could be at peace, he gives up. His brother hates him so he would happier. Ink would stop leeching off of his p...
SYNONYMIA SUBTRACT  by QueenAlexandrakr
SYNONYMIA SUBTRACT by QueenAlexandrakr
A story that is different from everything you've ever read before. A new universe.
Trust (Viewfinder) (HIATUS) by saekisakuma
Trust (Viewfinder) (HIATUS)by saekisakuma
Asami did an unforgivable thing to Akihito which is involving his secretary and Akihito's bestfriend. But to his own defense, he did not order his secretary to the exten...
Napoleon by microwavedpopcorn
Napoleonby microwavedpopcorn
❞he swore he'd let her kill him a million times and a million more before he laid a finger on a single thread of the dress she wore.❞ [©2016PO]
Treachery by odairgoesfinny
Treacheryby odairgoesfinny
A Clato fanfiction. — His eyes were so blue, so beautiful; but they held so much darkness and anger within them. His kiss was intoxicating, but it left a poison lining...
jupiter's moons by pathoscide
jupiter's moonsby pathoscide
this pull is more than just gravity.
Life & Death | Han Lue by Seoulites
Life & Death | Han Lueby Yogurt
Lola was Letty's younger sister. She and Han had history, but she broke his heart. When Letty and her crew needs her help Lola returns and becomes at odds with Hans girl...
Guts Over Fear by AnotherHater101
Guts Over Fearby raven_haired goddess
The concept of things being black and white...that's a thing of the past. My entire life, I have resided in sheds of grey. The misery, the anguish, the hurt...they inhib...
Idiots Guide to Intergalactic Warfare by EbonyandTegan
Idiots Guide to Intergalactic EbonyandTegan
Join Ebony and Tegan on an adventure of a lifetime as they travel throughout the galaxy causing trouble, destroying planets and making enemies.
DESTRUCTION 😱 by wild_imaginatorII
DESTRUCTION 😱by Christianah .T. Oluseye
A Series of Destructive jokes updates would be when I feel like, you can PM me to update tho'
the girl who cried anon by awkwardraws
the girl who cried anonby fleau
a collection of poems and creative writing inspired by human responses to a self-conducted interview in regards to social media, later collated and linked to psychology...
So Random Crap by Rockyxan12
So Random Crapby Xander
A collection of randomly written poems dedicated to some special people for me. Every up and down times, and even the love and heartaches and some are just for fun. p.s...
My Only Desire by bb_marie24
My Only Desireby bb_marie24
Emily Jean had her heart ripped out of her when tragedy struck her life. Her life was turned upside down and nothing would ever be the same. She has a burning desire for...
Magic: The Destruction by XxBooFanFictionxX
Magic: The Destructionby XxBooFanFictionxX
As three young students find themselves inside a school they never applied for, things started to change rapidly. Once, Cameron was a carefree teenager living the life h...
Love Games by scheherazades
Love Gamesby Luisa
A compilation of poetry about destructive love, on how it dooms and redeems us in the strangest of ways.
Unsuitable  by mellanori
Unsuitable by mellanori
Manipulated by the world, lost in the misery, uncovering your real self.