Uncertain Times • {Alec Lightwood} by -bxckybarnes
Uncertain Times • {Alec Lightwood}by •b r i t t a n y•
In which they're forced to marry and might just end up being able to stand each other.
  • lightwood
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  • shadowhunters
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Marching Band Humor by Wolfgirl3183
Marching Band Humorby Trinity
There's are not my own Ideas I have found them on line and I thought they were hilarious. Being a band nerd my self I can relate and I'm sure many of you can to so I hop...
  • bandcamp
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  • colorguard
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♛ City Of Lost Wishes ♕ Malec ♛ by CheshireCatLife
♛ City Of Lost Wishes ♕ Malec ♛by ~Maddie Williams~
''our parting was like a stalemate...neither of us won. yet, both of us lost,, When Alec goes to Magnus' party his whole life is filled with colour. He soon gets wrapp...
  • short
  • numbers
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Slowly Falling For You // Jack Avery Fan Fic by pearl_love_27
Slowly Falling For You // Jack Pearl
Claire Besson, yes Corbyn's little sister has just graduated school and now she is off into the big world... Her Physco and mentaly unstable ex is on the loose and is ch...
  • jonahmarais
  • music
  • jackavery
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Faking It |j.h by Morganaallen
Faking It |j.hby Morgan
"We have to kill him." "Okay." "You have to date him." "Wait what?" Arianna Highsmith, a Shadowhunter from London, holds loyal...
  • jordankyle
  • domsherwood
  • raphaelsantiago
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Heartbeat (short story) tagalog by kaori-megumi
Heartbeat (short story) tagalogby Maye14310
Its a short story with a girl with a koku haku disease and a boy with had a healthy lifestyle that turns out to be a lovestory but gone wrong
  • willmakeyoucry
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Saving the Lightwood (BoyxBoy) by I-Wright-Fanfics
Saving the Lightwood (BoyxBoy)by I-Wright-Fanfics
Alexander Lightwood. A reserved, loving, protecive Shadowhunter. Magnus Bane. A confident, glittery, powerful Warlock. These two, somehow, met eachother and finally allo...
  • bxb
  • boyxboy
  • alec
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in which i write imagines of alec lightwood i do not own any characters from the shadow hunters series
  • fanfiction
  • theimmortalinstruments
  • mortal
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Falling ~ Jamie Campbell Bower by MssAmber
Falling ~ Jamie Campbell Bowerby MssAmber
CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN Abby is just an ordinary girl who feels like she's forced to live a life that everyone expects her to live, one where she has to do what other...
  • campbell
  • herondale
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MALEC ONESHOTS! by I-Wright-Fanfics
MALEC ONESHOTS!by I-Wright-Fanfics
The title SAYS IT ALL! Yep. I'm going to be writing a bunch of REQUESTED Malec oneshots. You request it, I'll put it in a bank I'll make and it might even get written. T...
  • bane
  • tmi
  • malec
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Chords & Lyrics (Ukulele, Piano, guitar, Whatever 🖤) by Harru_The_Writer
Chords & Lyrics (Ukulele, Piano, Haru
This book is just songbook for ukulele but you can play this songs with any instrument you want ^^
  • chords
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Insane Things To Do If You Become A Shadowhunter. by Awkward_Normallity
Insane Things To Do If You ʈџϳɵ & ϳɨʂɦϣɑ ||-//
A/N: [COMPLETE!!!] A list of things to do if I ever became a Shadowhunter!!! That's on the top of my Xmas list: To become a Shadowhunter. XD anyway enjoy.
  • luke
  • vampire
  • mortal
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Angels • Alec Lightwood (DISCONTINUED) by quicksilvers
Angels • Alec Lightwood ( INACTIVE ACCOUNT
DISCONTINUED "Let the devil know that I was brave enough to die." She's the Faerie Queen's favourite with a secret love of Shadowhunters. He's a Shadowhunter...
  • isabellelightwood
  • cityofashes
  • alec
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No Light, No Light In Your Bright Blue Eyes. (A Malec FanFiction.) by Awkward_Normallity
No Light, No Light In Your ʈџϳɵ & ϳɨʂɦϣɑ ||-//
A/N: [COMPLETE!!!!] Set after City of Lost Souls. (I'm assuming most people know what happened at that time between Malec!) :( Three weeks have passed after Magnus and A...
  • idris
  • brooklyn
  • seraphblade
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Marching band memes by madisonc127
Marching band memesby Madison
Marching band memes. Yaaa
  • marching
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Flute Melodies by kyky9103
Flute Melodiesby kyky9103
The title says it all. Request are closed.
  • instrumental
  • music
  • lyrics
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The Queen's Curse- Alec Lightwood and Clary Fairchild by Snowdrop0804
The Queen's Curse- Alec Snowdrop0804
Clary Fairchild loves Jace Wayland, and Alec Lightwood is gay, with a future relationship with a warlock. The Seelie Queen knows this, and loves causing turmoil, especia...
  • lightwood
  • mortal
  • fairchild
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My OC Book. by TrbldGoddess
My OC XSilverX
These OC's are based off of Certain Fandoms, feel free to comment your opinions and advice. If you want to roleplay, just give me a friendly tag and remember. No stealin...
  • book
  • hungergames
  • descendents
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Malec and other Fluff <3 by RosesOfForever
Malec and other Fluff <3by Anna
Just a collection of all the one shots I write about Malec
  • magnus
  • bane
  • alexander
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Colliding Souls /Alec Lightwood/ by WaveringLyric94
Colliding Souls /Alec Lightwood/by Addict With A Pen
Alec and Emerson had a rough first few months when they first met. After Alec's death and resurrection the pair grows closer and Emerson becomes a shadowhunter, both lea...
  • instruments
  • isabellelightwood
  • jaceherondale
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