Demi Lovato Adopts by sweetfangirl23
Demi Lovato Adoptsby Fangirl😜
Her name is Miranda Drane and she is eleven years old. Miranda is a fifth grader, who lives with her abusive mother. Her parents are divorced. What happens when Miranda...
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Just another lovatic? by demiiloveyou
Just another lovatic?by demiiloveyou
Like every other lovatic, Kayla has a story. Her story, however, isn't a 'I used to self harm, have an eating disorder or want to commit suicide and Demi saved me' story...
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Sorrow's End (Gaining Trust Trilogy 1) by malea5545
Sorrow's End (Gaining Trust Trilog...by Ruth Anne Garcia
Gaining Trust Trilogy Book 1 Demetria Lovato has known nothing but isolation and control. Fear of making mistakes and stepping out of line. Head of her father's marketin...
  • love
  • drama
  • romance
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Chills // Demi Lovato by poisonlovato
Chills // Demi Lovatoby poisonlovato
Amber and Demi crossed paths one morning. Little do they know, the first time won't be the last
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The Other Lovato by Kblue_0281
The Other Lovatoby Kblue_0281
Hi! You may know me, actually no scratch that idea on second thoughts. Who am I kidding? I'm sure you don't have a clue who I am. So let me introduce myself. I'm 15 year...
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Olivia DeLaGarza by DemiXoXo69
Olivia DeLaGarzaby demixoxo69
Olivia DeLaGarza has lived in the shadows of her sisters ever since she can remember. Pressures of wanting to be good enough take a toll on her health, and finds herself...
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Mistakes Made by DemisPringle
Mistakes Madeby Demi's Pringle ✌
Alexis, or Lex, is 16 and living in an all girls orphanage in California. Demi lives in LA with Wilmer and their daughter Hayden, 15. Demi and Lex share a secret, Demi...
  • selfharm
  • anorexia
  • triggerwarning
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Future Promises (Gaining Trust Trilogy 2) by malea5545
Future Promises (Gaining Trust Tri...by Ruth Anne Garcia
Gaining Trust Trilogy Book 2 Demi and Wilmer make tremendous strides in their personal relationship. Demi takes her father's place as the head of the company only to tak...
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Demi Lovato Facts by kylanyman
Demi Lovato Factsby Lovatic & Directioner ❤
Facts about all about the amazing talented Demi Lovato ❤ Cover by :@mystical_star ❤
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Nah, I'm fine...(Demi Lovato Fanfic) by lieswetold
Nah, I'm fine...(Demi Lovato Fanfi...by Hannah
Delancy Darcy Lovato is an average 15 year old, oh so you think. Faced with many problems, her last resort is self harm, just like her elder sister Demi Lovato. Can Demi...
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Needed your help, but not anymore {D.L} by ladvsgaga
Needed your help, but not anymore...by .
I needed you there for me . I needed you to tell me everything would be fine , but you were never there. I just needed your help but not anymore.
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Demi Imagines by theLovatochick
Demi Imaginesby Rhianna
The title says it all, enjoy.
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A Lovatic's Dream by briawalker200
A Lovatic's Dreamby Bria walker
Your whole life could change with one press of a button
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Surviving by wordsweneversaid
Survivingby wordsweneversaid
Keep running until you're found. 2015 Lovatic Fanfic Award Winner Cover by @susanlovato © All Rights Reserved.
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Short Stories by wordsweneversaid
Short Storiesby wordsweneversaid
This book contains a compilation of short stories starring Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama. Send any short story requests with the title "Short Story" to my...
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Lovato-Jonas by Kblue_0281
Lovato-Jonasby Kblue_0281
My names Jade Lovato-Jonas. Yes my mom is Demi Lovato but I bet your wondering which Jonas brother she ended up with after all lol! My dad is Nick Jonas. I guess after a...
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Will Be Loved {Dantana} by Imalovatic
Will Be Loved {Dantana}by Imalovatic
Will Santana make Dani feel loved for the first time? Will it last forever?
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Staying Strong 365 days a year by Demi Lovato (part 2) by Imane_Lovato
Staying Strong 365 days a year by...by Imane
This is the part 2 of Demi's book "StayingStrong". Enjoy it. Don't forget to check out the part 1 if you haven't.
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Imagine That. [Demi Lovato Imagines] by __slaydems
Imagine That. [Demi Lovato Imagine...by 🧡
Please Vote and Comment suggestions for more DEMI LOVATO IMAGINES!!!❤️
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Behind the scenes- Demi Lovato by demidevonnelovatic
Behind the scenes- Demi Lovatoby DEMITRIA
Demi Lovato may have recovered from her issues after entering rehab in 2010. Everyone thinks that she if fine, but will X factor judges Paulina, Kelly and Simon find out...
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