Demiboy Stories

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LGBTQ Memes by Pan_Wolfie
LGBTQ Memesby Gay_Trash_:v
Just a book full of gay memes that I found in my gallery. Enjoy!
What Happened When I Came Out by stuckwithasnakeboy
What Happened When I Came Outby Virgil Elliott
Hello, guys, gals, and non-binary pals! My name is Virgil and I would like to share with you my experience with coming out. I know a lot of people only share their exper...
LGBTQIA+ by Piper-ConnorDragon
LGBTQIA+by H̸̭̠̖͎̘̻͚͕̾̀͊̃̾́̎͌͜͝͝ẻ̷͐̅͐̑̚...
Welcome to a place where your gender identity and or sexual orientation is welcomed with open arms! "One day we won't have to 'come out of the closet' we'll just sa...
Explore The Rainbow by VocaloidGal0320
Explore The Rainbowby Dang.Edd.Ronpa
Learn all about the different sexuality's.
✨ Demiboy ✨ by danny-to-the-blake
✨ Demiboy ✨by Blake
I am a demiboy and here are somethings ?‍♂️
 Stargay (Bandom Multiship) by 0strayclown0
Stargay (Bandom Multiship)by chan’s clown
Just a Starbucks AU about your favorite coffee beans She's back She's wack She's Paige!! Yeah I'm writing another story with Paige If you don't know who she is go read...
My Journal by lucidality
My Journalby Aaron
I'm just a transboy looking for a way to get my feelings out. If you don't respect or don't like anything lgbt+, mogai, non binary, or queer--please leave. This journal...
We're Here, We're Queer, And This Is Our Story by just_writing_heh
We're Here, We're Queer, And Panic At The Everywhere
A collection of short, true stories about and from queer people. If there is a story you want shared, dm me it and I'll publish it. You can choose to stay anonymous or...
LGBTQ+ supportive  photos by Angel_blood666
LGBTQ+ supportive photosby Drew
Just a bunch of lgbtq+ photos/drawings for my favourite queers and alis (I don't own any of this art all credit goes to the artists)
Take A Look: Behind My Mask Of Lies by LogicalDeception
Take A Look: Behind My Mask Of Liesby DxddyDeeSxnders
These are the little stories I write based off of Janus' life of my Twitter accounts and their past. Twitter: @▪︎DxddyDeeSxnders Instagram: @▪︎decepticn.sxnders Pintere...
We Are Rainbows by Lollys133
We Are Rainbowsby Lollys133
This Lgbt+ book is a place for all of us to hang out, discuss topics, and inform others about our sexualities! I am hoping this can be helpful for questioning peeps and...
Nonbinary  (Human) by TrashDurban
Nonbinary (Human)by Human
little things and chats with and about nonbinaries.
LGBTQ+ Poems by butterflycookie218
LGBTQ+ Poemsby Squip5.0Neo
🏳️‍🌈This is a book full of Poems. But not just any poems, their LGBTQ+ Poems. For pride month I start this book trying to write every flag and sexuality's down. Wish...
The royal blood and the servant by Louie_Larry28
The royal blood and the servantby Athirah Nafisah
The dominant, strong and fierce princess is called Katherine. The king and queen hoping that their daughter will find a good prince. But they don't know that she is pan...
Pride Month by PansexualCosmosLemon
Pride Monthby Something
A ton of images and videos to show that you are loved and supported.
LGBTQ+ Guide by spaceprincesam
LGBTQ+ Guideby Sam or Strider
An incomplete guide to the LGBTQ+ world and the language we use (in progress)
Trans & Gender Queer tips/tricks/hacks by BraidenLGBTQ
Trans & Gender Queer tips/tricks/ Braiden Garrett
some stuff I have gathered for myself and my fellow trans/queer friends! Im up for requests on things!
Different types of genders  by JustANerdGuys
Different types of genders by Panterklo
Are you confused about your gender? I want to help. The point with this book is to introduce ya to new genders and help ya find a gender that is suiting for you. If I wr...