Deadly Obsession.  by yxngmvmii
Deadly Obsession. by a queen
Someone from the past comes back to disturb the peace .... She's coming for blood. [ SEQUEL TO ADDICTION ]
  • deadly
  • erotic
  • fanfic
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Sold to a gang leader by Coridella13
Sold to a gang leaderby Coridella13
Living with her evil aunt and uncle, Miya has always felt alone. Haunted by her family's words and painful torment, she would rather live anywhere but there. Then her fa...
  • abuse
  • guns
  • slave
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The Eighth Deadly Sin (On Hold) by BrokenTheWolfSin
The Eighth Deadly Sin (On Hold)by Broken, Wolf Sin of Hate
Ban, Fox Sin of Greed Meliodas, Dragons Sin Of Wrath King, Grizzly Sin Of Sloth Diane, Serpent's Sin Of Envy Gowther, Goat's Sin Of Lust Merlin, Boar Sin Of Gluttony Th...
  • meliodasxreader
  • theeighthdeadlysin
  • sins
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Marked by asha_2951
Markedby asha_2951
I am going to tell you a story. It is not a beautiful story. It is not a story that makes you strong after hearing it. It is not a story about someone small becoming gre...
  • fantasy
  • curse
  • darkness
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The Hostage and the Wanted by AmatheiaStorm
The Hostage and the Wantedby AmatheiaStorm
Isabella Jade Termlocke was a girl with a deadly secret. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were two men wanted by the law. When their paths cross in a brief moment of rec...
  • liampayne
  • zaynmalik
  • secret
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Living Doll (Sequel to The Doll) by baileyemo
Living Doll (Sequel to The Doll)by Bailey
Chloe, her siblings, and her new friends were on the run. Anna begin possessed by some kind of paranormal activity going on in there new house. She had already killed th...
  • possessed
  • family
  • deadly
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the stuff of legends || teen wolf + supernatural + shadowhunters au by -VoidMoriarty
the stuff of legends || teen Doctor Spencer Reid
the four horsemen are a legend in beacon hills. until they're not [teen wolf au] [supernatural au]
  • horsemen
  • sins
  • teenwolf
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Hunters Chronicles by _Johnnyboii_
Hunters Chroniclesby _Johnnyboii_
A set of triplet hunters named Aaron, Adrien, and Aiden, have to battle a two thousand year old witch that wants to steal Aiden's magic and become the most powerful witc...
  • fairies
  • gaylove
  • death
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Living In A Ghost Fighter World by kyriecarter31
Living In A Ghost Fighter Worldby Kyrie Carter
"Hindi ko alam kung paano ako napunta sa mundo ng mga Ghost Fighters. Ang alam ko kasi pinapanood ko lang sila."
  • fight
  • healer
  • rose
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The War Fought Alone by Sanai_Hitoride
The War Fought Aloneby Amethyst/Twilight
A child, lost, broken, alone. A man, deadly, fearless, strong. A monster, dangerous, ferocious, scary. - - - These three things can come to play in a single life. They c...
  • scary
  • child
  • dangerous
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Online Horror Stories by PowerOfStories
Online Horror Storiesby Fatima Jaward
The most popular horror stories online..... Some even believed to be real. These stories range from deadly scary to somewhat humorous stories. Grab your blanket and your...
  • evil
  • goosebumps
  • onlinehorror
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Who knew meeting you was my gift to life by Lynnrose_2004
Who knew meeting you was my gift Brooklyn
I am in high school 16 years old have good grades a good family great friends a perfect girlfriend, everything has been just perfect, then after mine and Bree's 2 year o...
  • zane
  • swordartonline
  • garroth
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Wrath (The Seven Deadly Sisters) by JohnnyJ184
Wrath (The Seven Deadly Sisters)by NatBoxell18
Mankind has no idea just how close they are to the truth. Creatures from nightmares, bedtime stories, movies, walking the earth alongside them. Some cursed with a thirst...
  • romance
  • action
  • sins
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Falling in love with my master (KingxDiane) The seven deadly sins by kiane505
Falling in love with my master ( kiane505
Harlequin is a werewolf that was going to be the next alpha from his pack but then he was captured by the vampire and now he has to serve the richest and powerful vampi...
  • harlequinxdiane
  • seven
  • deadly
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Seven deadly sins rp by Spanglish_Queen2
Seven deadly sins rpby anime is life!
cause why not?
  • seven
  • sins
  • elizabeth
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The Sister #1 by Slim_Shady_Writes
The Sister #1by Emma
In the quiet town of Robin Cove, people bustle around with their regular lives as usual. Spirits are high and all is well. That is, until, a dead body shows up. Then ano...
  • novel
  • dead
  • romance
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My Deadly Little Demon (Meliodas x Reader) by LauraRose876
My Deadly Little Demon (Meliodas LauraRose876
(y/n) is a demon goddess hybrid and a former sin she (as Well as a cast out princess from demon clan) the was one of the strongest sins along with meliodas him self, and...
  • escanor
  • sins
  • seven
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The Labyrinth Battle of the monsters(book one of the labyrinth trilogy) by Doctorwhofan431
The Labyrinth Battle of the DMB
When a young boy is taken away from his family by non human beings, he finds himself in the company of lots of aliens. Not aliens, monsters. After two days, he wakes up...
  • get
  • chased
  • pigeons
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Trusted By The Highest by Sksqad
Trusted By The Highestby Sksqad
I have the trust to do what I need to for the human race to survive..and I'll do anything to keep that..
  • fantasy
  • vampireacademy
  • supernatural
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A Vampire's Love by BenaiahWrites
A Vampire's Loveby BenaiahWrites
When Melanie falls for the most hottest Vampire of Levonia, she realises that their love for each other is being separated by their differences.
  • deadly
  • vampires
  • vampire
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