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Red and Deadly || #OpenNovellaContest2019 by carmen6106
Red and Deadly || carmen_writes
Follow Rose Granger-Weasley and her old friend, Albus Potter as they discover their biggest mistake. Getting a wizard tattoo. It's chaos, the tattoo is affecting school...
  • fanfiction
  • fantasy
  • rose
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LIVING WITH THEM((Oc)) by sierrajones_islifee
LIVING WITH THEM((Oc))by deadlyclass_Hoe
just somethingg to write about because everyone loves deadly class so you basically live with the main characters Marcus maria saya billy willie and oc or y\n enjoy it...
  • syfy
  • bored
  • class
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deadly class imagines ━  marcus lopez arguello by uchihaskickass
deadly class imagines ━ marcus 𝔠𝔞𝔪 🍥🍜
❝you're an idiot.❞ ❝but i'm your idiot.❞ ━ a collection of marcus lopez arguello imagines requests: open!
  • headcanons
  • kingsdominion
  • deadly
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Mc's 7 Deadly Sins x Reader/OC by TPikachu
Mc's 7 Deadly Sins x Reader/OCby PTX*4
UPDATES: Not confirmed Valentine's Day Special For both girls AND boys~ Character will come back as new Characters emerge from Original Book Once one story is done, it'...
  • deadly
  • minecraft
  • withermu
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Secret Class of the Elite: My Hero Academia Fan Fiction by CreepyLullaby101
Secret Class of the Elite: My CreepyLullaby101
In the lower ground of UA that's very forbidden, there is a big abandoned classroom that only has seven elite students and two crazy teachers who used to be villains. Wh...
  • class
  • deadly
  • anime
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selcouth // deadly class by diamondswhite
selcouth // deadly classby e
❝apple juice fallin' from her lips, took a little sip.❞ selcouth adjective strange, unusual, rare; unfamiliar; marvellous, wondrous. origin from middle english, from old...
  • chico
  • woc
  • mannymontana
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Three deadly regrets by nilzane
Three deadly regretsby nilzane
This is not a simple diary where I talk about my life. This is more than that. I was tired of keeping all my mistakes to myself, they have consumed me killing every bit...
  • tdr
  • suspense
  • secrets
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A New Companion ~ The Seven Deadly Sins Male Reader Insert by Desynate
A New Companion ~ The Seven Matheu
Throughout the years of the world, many different people were seen: Fairies, Demons, Humans, Mages, Holy Knights, etc. but one never before seen has just came to the Boa...
  • deadly
  • sins
  • xmalereader
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Cute But Deadly by BlackSkyeSLines
Cute But Deadlyby тєσ н.
(A remake of my first one) Yui, a young 3rd grader, was very protective over her brother, Y/N. She disliked perverts, and those who you hate. The bond between you and yo...
  • deadly
  • insane
  • kawaii
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VOID, Deadly Classby ebs
I wonder how I got by this week, I only touched you once. Deadly Class, Season 1 copyright 2019 by ABRlEFINQUIRY
  • class
  • billybennett
  • sayakuroki
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I can't take this anymore my Fair Lady part 5 a summer High  by unicornfairies15
I can't take this anymore my unicornfairies15
The last book in the My fair lady franchise Emilie and Maddie have married the guys in a summer high after finding maddie Mason married Maddie but after 11 month of marr...
  • love
  • emilie
  • deadly
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crown. by chaelivia ☆
hello miss rebekah with a k. crossover. tvd x dc marcus l. arguello x rebekah mikaelson © chaelivia
  • marcus
  • crossover
  • marcusarguello
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Deadly. Toxic. Pain by shawmilaisreal04
Deadly. Toxic. Painby _Shawmilaisreal_
After Camila starts getting threats from an unknown number she goes to the club and sees something she shouldn't have saw... what will happen to Camila?
  • deadly
  • shawmila
  • hostage
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two faced  by doggydarlingpuppy
two faced by One_direction_love
One man. One girl. What happens when the young girl finds out her uncle is two faced. (nothing sexual will be in this book only violence and threats. Nothing sexual) &q...
  • deadly
  • death
  • news
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POISONOUS GREED (18+ MAFIA/ - ̗̀𝓙𝓮𝓼𝓼𝓲𝓮 ̖́-
⚠️MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY⚠️ MAFIA/ROMANCE - "Ma lascia che ti tocchi." Alessio's fingertips run over the softness of my inner thighs, tracing along in a feather...
  • deadly
  • mafia
  • love
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The Adventures of Arcadia and Hendrickson by 553Butterfly553
The Adventures of Arcadia and JMG
A girl named Arcadia goes on the adventure of a lifetime with Meliodas and his group. They face a lot of issues and trials and the end of their path is unknown, but alon...
  • merlin
  • deadly
  • sevendeadlysins
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Trigger Happy Harmony by Xxhaku-amagix
Trigger Happy Harmonyby xXxShinji-AsuraxXx
A boy named Shinji is in a city plagued by crime, death, and the supernatural. Can this one boy survive in this city if trigger Happy harmony? Cover art by: -Ariescult
  • mystery
  • seven
  • supernatural
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Ominous by BurningSpace
Ominousby Aggie
In a world where Earth is long gone, people managed to find a way to survive like fleas. They colonised multiple planets and made peace with other species while living a...
  • space
  • battle
  • love
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FAWN (18+) by rosejessiejames
FAWN (18+)by - ̗̀𝓙𝓮𝓼𝓼𝓲𝓮 ̖́-
Instead her sole attention is given to the man who stands between her legs. Lying on her back against a mossy flat boulder, Fawn props herself on her elbows and lifts he...
  • deadly
  • nymph
  • agegaps
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Jungkook's Book by -Sweet_Cum_Bunny-
Jungkook's Bookby TaeTae~❤
me and my friend Jiminie and TaeTae my book *waves shyly*
  • jiminie
  • deadly
  • mybook
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