Acnologia the Sin of Destruction by Luna_Uchiha1
Acnologia the Sin of Destructionby Luna Uchiha
The Seven Deadly sins, the sin of wrath, Meliodas, the sin of pride, Escanor, the sin of gluttony, Merlin, the sin of envy, Dianne, the sin of greed, Ban, the sin of slo...
  • gowther
  • dragonslayer
  • sin
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PROBLEMS 18+++ by unicorngalixieXx
PROBLEMS 18+++by Zy-sis Middleton
actual book my old acount deleted😐
  • deadly
  • shattered
  • betrail
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Cute, but Deadly Assassin by susilawong
Cute, but Deadly Assassinby SZE WING WONG
She is cute on the outside, but she is a deadly assassin inside. Will she be able to control herself, or killed by her own father just to stop her?
  • love
  • magical
  • kid
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Tord x reader[A DEMONIC PHASE] by Bendy_the_bunny
Tord x reader[A DEMONIC PHASE]by Bendy_the_bunny
You're the new neighbor of Edd,Matt,and Tom,you walk in the streets to do your daily run,but you stumble against someone,He was badly injured you ty to take him in,but i...
  • violent
  • kindness
  • edd
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Leo's Outpost by iCapyy
Leo's Outpostby iCapyy
Leo's outpost, a game deadly game where you have to be the last man standing. 12 competitors, one small, packed city called Rosedale. All you start off with is a phone...
  • bestfriend
  • murder
  • innocent
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Septem Peccata Mortiferum by AshenCardinals
Septem Peccata Mortiferumby Ashen Cardinal
"Bro, you know about the seven deadly sins, yeah? Well, rumor has it that this school has some sort of strange connection to 'em. "Supposedly, they manife...
  • sins
  • superpower
  • seven
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Greedy  by JadeJeffersonX
Greedy by JadeJeffersonX
You are Cora, a young woman from Liones. After being saved by Ban, the Fox Sin of Greed, you both slowly fall in love with each other, however there are many obstacles a...
  • fox
  • escanor
  • sin
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The Disney Effect  by ChineseAvocado
The Disney Effect by traseh
Michael at a very young and tender age was fascinated by the Disney World. Their tales and magic made him enlightened and engrossed especially when it came to the Prince...
  • fantasies
  • boy
  • kidnap
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Nanatsu No Taizai || Meliodas' big sister??!!! by venomcure126
Nanatsu No Taizai || Meliodas' venomcure126
It was a regular day in good ol boar hat but then SHE arrived with a bone chilling scream.This is my first story so please go easy on me. (***This will contain spoilers...
  • ban
  • meliodas
  • praisethesun
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Our House [Editing] by Vianel_D
Our House [Editing]by Vivian Eleanor
Clara,15 years old girl discover something odd happened in her new house. Seeing something unnatural,scary dream and a girl who calling her at night. After a few days, s...
  • sad
  • horror
  • deadly
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Deadly. Toxic. Pain by shawmilaisreal04
Deadly. Toxic. Painby _Shawmilaisreal_
After Camila starts getting threats from an unknown number she goes to the club and sees something she shouldn't have saw... what will happen to Camila?
  • gangleader
  • shawmila
  • pain
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The Seven Deadly Sins ~ { King x Helbram + More Oneshots } by FanFic_Daddy
The Seven Deadly Sins ~ { King x FanFic_Daddy
Requests Open OCxCharacter Character x reader Character x character Fluff Angst Something Random~ My writing kinda sucks.
  • oneshots
  • seven
  • deadly
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Sin Of Rebellionism Male Reader X Rwby by bacon_dreemurr909
Sin Of Rebellionism Male Reader Hoi
you are the sin the youngest brother, your true family is meliodis being the oldest, estterosa being the second oldest and zeldris being the second youngest
  • haram
  • lemon
  • sins
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Surrender | Taekook by Pisanthrophobia_
Surrender | Taekookby Pisanthrophobia_
"Face it Jungkook. You've lost the game." V said as his arms trapped Jungkook against the wall. "I haven't! Get off of me V! Let me go!" Jungkook sho...
  • dominance
  • smuttyfanfic
  • taehyung
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FUJIHARA HIGH:(meet the wierd girl) by The_badass_princess
FUJIHARA HIGH:(meet the wierd girl)by SH.
Hindi lahat ng ng nerd pangit pero wag mong ma pangit pangit ang isang wierd kung ayaw mong may tumamang kamao sa pagmumuka mo ng di mo inaasahan tsk Lahat ng tao may s...
  • gangsters
  • deadly
  • pakboi
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Hunters Chronicles by _Johnnyboii_
Hunters Chroniclesby _Johnnyboii_
A set of triplet hunters named Aaron, Adrien, and Aiden, have to battle a two thousand year old witch that will stop at nothing to become the most powerful witch ever.
  • lgbt
  • death
  • deadly
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Curse ( Meliodas story ) by jacklenas
Curse ( Meliodas story )by Jackson
Emma, a new born who grew up into a curse. A boy who becomes an enemy, might be the cure to her curse. All pictures and the seven deadly sins don't belong to me !!!
  • meliodasxreader
  • meliodas
  • elizabeth
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Erin Sky by Flooded_Cities
Erin Skyby Flooded_Cities
Poppy stares at the sun, a gleam in her eyes, she sighs a sigh of freedom as the gates open. The wings on her back unravel themselves as she steps forward into the long...
  • school
  • funny
  • poppy
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The Last Angel (Meliodas x Reader) by Chrissie_Vampire
The Last Angel (Meliodas x Reader)by Chrissie_Vampire
Eradicated... Erased... Destroyed... Forgotten... Lost... That's what happened to the Heavenly Angels. They were slayed for power because of the demons. You heard right...
  • sins
  • blood
  • merlin
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