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Not a Homosexual (Homestuck fanfic: DaveKat) by RainbowDragoOUO
Not a Homosexual (Homestuck fanfic...by /ˈrānˌbō/
Karkat is so bored that he could die because of it. His friend, Sollux, helps him with his problem. What Karkat knows is that Sollux is an ass. But what he doesn't know...
davekat smutshots by marineeds2sleep
davekat smutshotsby #1 KARKAT SLUT
davekat sexy times ;) uH IF U KNOW ME IRL YOU DONT SEE THIS!!! NOPE, DOESNT EXIST- ➳ davekat (dave strider x karkat vantas) ➳ homestuck ➳ boy x boy (with the exception o...
~Davekat~ MERSTUCK by johnegboii
~Davekat~ MERSTUCKby spaghetto
Karkat's entire life was going to change after his father won the lottery. "A private island", he said. He never said they weren't alone. I'm updating the stor...
A Life Made In A Movie. A Very Bad Movie [DAVEKAT] by iicantword2
A Life Made In A Movie. A Very Bad...by sol
Karkat Vantas. A very unpopular, short, and short-tempered troll. He tries desperately to make it through his first year in a human school, but with everyone still not f...
Crushin' on Karks { DaveKat } by Niconolikeyou
Crushin' on Karks { DaveKat }by Niconolikeyou
Dave Strider has a crush on Karkat Vantas. Major crush actually. He's going to attempt to ask him out. Oh great. Karkat starts developing feelings for a certain boy. But...
Minestuck; The Beginning of Frenemies (A Davekat Fanfiction) by psych0-ruins
Minestuck; The Beginning of Frenem...by leruid
Dave Strider. The coolest miner yet. Was second in line to his Bro, but he's not anymore. For now, the miner decided to take a short cut through a cave than going over...
Davekat oneshots by _AnimeMeme_
Davekat oneshotsby Ace
Just a bunch of Davekat oneshots :P
The Roommate I Never Expected ( Davekat ) by Hello-how-are-you
The Roommate I Never Expected ( Da...by Pooplord
Karkat has left the house and is looking for a place to live. He finds a place with a roommate who is a total douche, but the rent is cheap and the apartment is better t...
The sleepover (A Karkat X Dave FANFICTIONS fluff) by LevitatingSock
The sleepover (A Karkat X Dave FAN...by LevitatingSock
A mean Boi and a other mean Boi have a night together. There much alike then they thought This is for a friend, Love you mom ♥ ♥
drunk texts from my ex by awsdog
drunk texts from my exby valentyne🫀
davekat exs au; oneshot. karkat gets shit-faced and texts dave.
Karkat x Dave: Red by lalondestuckfuxk
Karkat x Dave: Redby Violet Maryam
Karkat and Dave learn something new about each other (cough cough it has to do with the color red if you couldn't tell)
Davekat One Shot by GreyNihilst
Davekat One Shotby Dememetri
Self explanatory. Just a small one shot may or may not be based off of certain people but adjusted to fit character personality ;^)).
yandere karkat x Dave by childwithacroyon53
yandere karkat x Daveby childwithacroyon53
karkat is INSANELY in love with Dave Cover art by: @Cini-Kwil44-69
[Davekat] Ticklish? by ramensensei
[Davekat] Ticklish?by ramensensei
[Homestuck] Davekat oneshot; while their still on the meteor Dave finds out Karkat is ticklish
And They Were Roommates (Davekat) by sharpieguts
And They Were Roommates (Davekat)by angus
Karkat finds himself in a situation where, with Sollux basically kicking him out, he has to find a place to live. You can imagine who he automatically turns to. ...
Red Eyes, Red Blood by disnerdbookie
Red Eyes, Red Bloodby disnerdbookie
davekat short story! I hope you like it. No smut, and no depression. ENJOY!
The Cool Kid: A  Humanstuck Dave x Karkat story by TooGullible
The Cool Kid: A Humanstuck Dave x...by 🔸️Alt🔸️
When Karkat Vantas moves in with his brother Kankri and becomes "The New Kid," he is unsure of what to do. His online friend decides to take him under her wing...
Together. (Davekat) by Filthy_Homestuck
Together. (Davekat)by yikes
After reading my old January Davekat fanfic, I'm gonna write a new one. Here we go again. /// NOTE: There is NO smut or sadstuck whatsoever, so if anyone is here for tho...
Fuck You and Fuck This After Story by LightWithoutAngels
Fuck You and Fuck This After Storyby Misoee Clover
THIS IS A SEQUEL TO FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR INTENTIONS. PLEASE DONT READ UNTIL YOU'VE READ THAT. But basically this is what happens after high school for the two love b...
Will You Remember This Time? by antiIllusionist
Will You Remember This Time?by Jace Holden
Winning the sburb secession made Dave and Rose Immortal on earth, letting them experience every piece of history since year 0 and letting us live to see the future while...