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No One Really Understands by Censored4YourSafety
No One Really Understandsby bean boy
Karkat felt alone. Friendless. An outcast. He thought he was alone in the world. Until he met Dave. He understood. They weren't so different, the two. They understood ea...
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Demonstuck [Davekat] by TheFloralWizard
Demonstuck [Davekat]by ❄️
Your name is Dave Strider. You're 16 years old. You have an.. Interesting career. ---- 16 year old Dave Strider is a demon hunter with his older brother, Dirk. The Stri...
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Porcelain Smile by fa113n_ang312
Porcelain Smileby Adrien Roman
Sburb never happened but trolls came to earth and started going to school with humans. Karkat Vantas is a grumpy, new, depressed and small Senior. Dave Strider is the p...
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Karkat and Dave React to Ships by KarkatVantabulous
Karkat and Dave React to Shipsby Karkat Vantabulous
This is exactly what the title says. Karkat Vantas and Dave Strider reacting to different ships, you can request a ship here, on my announcements book, or you can PM me...
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My Happiness {DaveKat} by iznot_kit
My Happiness {DaveKat}by ღ KitKat ღ
Just another story of Davekat (Dave Strider+Karkat Vantas) Or is it..? Dave Strider, the cool, ironic, kid with shades, has to help guide one of the new kids in school...
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My healing Cancer (DaveKat) (HighSchool Stuck AU) by Archive_the_artist
My healing Cancer (DaveKat) (HighS...by Raccoon Dad™
Dave Strider, on the outside he's a cool guy that everyone at school want to be friends with, but on the inside, he's hurt. He thinks no one can help him, until a short...
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Davekat stuff by Sketchybro
Davekat stuffby Sketchybro
DaveKat oneshots. I am trash for this ship.
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Red (Davekat) by 2docisgod_69
Red (Davekat)by Cranky Rantas
Some Davekat cuz I was bored. Basically, Dave likes Karkat. He thinks there's nothing he can do about it, but during Summer Break (wow, so original) they get invited to...
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I Need You Here Now (DavexKarkat(eventually davejohnkat) by SalemTheMortician
I Need You Here Now (DavexKarkat(e...by 🍼🍭🔮Salem🔮🍭🍼
Dave meets Karkat while running to class one day... It looks like they both have a secret they need to get out... This is my first fanfic so dont judge (This may be a bi...
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Davekat (High School AU) by bakugousleftnipple
Davekat (High School AU)by oof™
Karkat Vantas is the least popular kid in school, he moved 2 months ago and his depression grew worse ( which was a big shocker because it was already really bad.) Then...
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The Heart Wants What It Wants: DaveKat by Dave_Vantas
The Heart Wants What It Wants: Dav...by KARKAT STRIDER
Its a bit messed up but oh well
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Davekat by HypocriticaI
Davekatby Scoff
Alright so this is just some fluffy davekat, there is smut so just a warning there. I try and update as much as I can but I do not have a schedule so, you could obviousl...
The lonely nights get even more lonely (erisol) by SalemTheMortician
The lonely nights get even more lo...by 🍼🍭🔮Salem🔮🍭🍼
Eridan online friends are all friends in school. He's all alone. He's bullied but what happens when a group from school stand up for him... The 3D glasses kid becomes a...
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Red Secrets (a Davekat fanfiction) by underversefalls
Red Secrets (a Davekat fanfiction)by Jean Vantas
This is only my second fanfic, so it might not be the best thing ever. Oh, and there WILL be cursing. I'll make one chapter a lemon, if it's requested too. So make sure...
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Crushin' on Karks { DaveKat } by Niconolikeyou
Crushin' on Karks { DaveKat }by Niconolikeyou
Dave Strider has a crush on Karkat Vantas. Major crush actually. He's going to attempt to ask him out. Oh great. Karkat starts developing feelings for a certain boy. But...
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Oh, Joy (Davekat) by Filthy_Homestuck
Oh, Joy (Davekat)by yikes
Since everyone writes so many sadstucks I thought hey let's make a happy and funny one aye ((excuse bad grammar, I don't write very often..))
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Davekat by kayrakitty
Davekatby Kayla Birindelli
Uhm davekat fanfiction from Homestuck . I may start as a fluff and end as a smut just to warn you.
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Neighbors (Davekat) by sp00kyJish
Neighbors (Davekat)by sp00kyJish
Dave Strider. Jock of the century. Leader of leaders. God of gods. King of kings. Most ironically loved guy in High School, every and any girl and/or guy loves the iron...
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love letter to my bully (davekat) by beepthedeep
love letter to my bully (davekat)by paris rose
karkat is bullied by his crush Dave is his crush I DON'T OWN ART OR HOMESTUCK
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Together. (Davekat) by Filthy_Homestuck
Together. (Davekat)by yikes
After reading my old January Davekat fanfic, I'm gonna write a new one. Here we go again. /// NOTE: There is NO smut or sadstuck whatsoever, so if anyone is here for tho...
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