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Whispers of moonlight ✨ by by_sera
Whispers of moonlight ✨by Sera!!
When I met JUNGKOOK, I made a silent vow to cherish every moment, every memory, every heartbeat shared with him. For me, he was not just a dream come true, but the promi...
Wildest Dreams (a trevor zegras fic) by kellslibrary
Wildest Dreams (a trevor zegras kellslibrary
a story in which an actress and a hockey player meet, he's got a massive crush on her already and she think he's a cute golden retriever read to find out where it goes
Second Chance | ✓ by flossyflorencewrites
Second Chance | ✓by Florence
~ Featured 2× on @StoriesUndiscovered's Reading List Tales Of The Heart. ~ Featured on @WattpadEmpowered's Reading List Monthly Spotlight. ~ Winner in the Amby Awards C...
The Marriage Law  by DirtyDarkSecret
The Marriage Law by DirtyDarkSecret
A new law is passed that will change the lives of many... Can those affected get through it with their sanity or will they lose it. Will the new couples discover secrets...
Loving Him (Pietro x Male!Reader) by HusbandOfAMaximoff
Loving Him (Pietro x Male!Reader)by Pietro's Husband
you were new to the avengers, but it felt like you were treated as if you were with them since they started. but someone in the group couldn't help but treat you a littl...
Third Chance Mate  by Ruellecharlotte
Third Chance Mate by Audrey Dismuke
Colton, beta of the Blood moon pack has lost two of his mates, at this point he is done trying to open his heart again. He lost his first mate by a rogue attack and he...
SMUTS🔞 by simpledim143
SMUTS🔞by author nimxjm
A book full of smuts including gxg kpop bts and othersss🔞 WARNING 🔞 💍🔥🌚
BTS smut Journal (18+ content) by jo__kook
BTS smut Journal (18+ content)by Jo
This book will contain BTS Smuts and other short stories. Read at your own risk. I'm not an expert on smut writing but I'll try.
Zero O'Clock | Taekook  by artanniesy
Zero O'Clock | Taekook by Yoshii
Where an annoyed Jungkook goes to stop his new neighbor from fire cracker noises but instead he returns home to get ready for his date. ___ (Small chapters) (I found the...
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A Date To Remember by Jackinthebox123212
A Date To Rememberby Jack Vandenborre
A salacious short story filled with passion and lust that stands as a guide to your imagination.
Soulmates by AntheiaW
Soulmatesby A. N. Wanga.
In these times it's not that easy to find you're soulmate, what happens when Alpha Christian finds his... what does faith have in store for these 2? will he ever tell he...
Malec for life by Whimsical00005
Malec for lifeby Whimsical
Fluffy Malec one-shots
Racing Hearts In Bloom by Antascia
Racing Hearts In Bloomby Antascia
"Where speed meets serenity in a journey of love and family " In the thrilling world of Formula One, Taehyung's bold racing career collides with Jungkook's tra...
Horny Time  by xLoverGhostx
Horny Time by xLoverGhostx
After a date with an adorable girl, she gifts me with something I won't forget. ( First story I made ) I'm new to this and on here.
The Nerd and The Hunter by Argo_Winchester
The Nerd and The Hunterby Argo Winchester
Sam and Dean get caught by the FBI for serial murder all around Vermont. Over twelve kills. The signature; Decapitation and injecting dead people's blood antemortem. Th...
Lukadrien (completed) by Jewel5306
Lukadrien (completed)by jp.13.18
Adrien finally realises who his heart belongs to but he is scared to make the first move...
Short Love Stories/One Shots by AKemp94
Short Love Stories/One Shotsby Liyah Kemp
Combination of love stories both interracial and not.... but probably mostly bwwm.
Next Generation Marriage Law  by DirtyDarkSecretPart2
Next Generation Marriage Law by Dirty Dark Secret 2.0
It's time for the child of the last generation to be put through the marriage law but will they just take it like their parents did or will they fight for their freedom...
Yandere!Winnie Pooh x Reader  by scarasfeet
Yandere!Winnie Pooh x Reader by Cursed
After your breakup, Winnie never managed to get over you. In fact, it seems that he has grown even more attached to you... what will you do when he decides to kidnap you...
Locked In |N.H| by BellaABCDEFGHIJK
Locked In |N.H|by Bella
In a world where you get locked in with your favorite celebrity Niall Horan