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Their little princess by wizardic
Their little princessby wizardic
Calista Blackthorn, fierce and tough 14 year old fighting her own darkness. After a long 9 years, she is sent back to her 5 older brothers. Both sides held their own sec...
Dark Secrets by thedaydreamer270
Dark Secretsby The Daydreamer
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEvguFLTJGI "How could you? I loved you! How could you do this to me?" I cried, tears streaming down my face as I sta...
Changed by SapphireRosekook
Changedby Kim Seo Ah
She wasn't always like that, but you know, people change. So did she... A 17 year old, named Rose is a cold, rude, brave and fearless tomboy, who has learned to live in...
Different Worlds by Zeemzie
Different Worldsby Ezinne Ojukwu
I don't know what it was about her but when our eyes locked I felt the overwhelming need to defend and protect her from the harsh realities of the world. Her warm brown...
You Should See Me In A Crown by ThisShitIsCrazyy
You Should See Me In A Crownby AmIAJokeToYou?
Kalia Johnson was by far the most "nerdiest" girl in school. She hated "The Kings". Now you might be wondering... How did she caught their eyes?
Her Darkest Secret by meghamind14
Her Darkest Secretby megha
Skyler Lopez is a girl, who is... different from others. She knows someone's darkest secret, as soon as she looks into their eyes. She's relieved when her adoptive paren...
Mistress Avenue by always_clever
Mistress Avenueby Nia
In the year 2199, time seems to have rewind to the point of horse and carriage. The great war between the most powerful nations has left all the continents powerless and...
Forbidden Love by itsmecinzia_cxx05
Forbidden Loveby cinzia ツ
"Leave me alone!" I shouted at him. "How is it all my fault!?" "If only you listen to me, none of this would happen!" He shouted back. &quo...
You Are Not You by Folashademinnie
You Are Not Youby FolashadeMinnie
Two sisters meet an accident which led to a twist and complete change in their fates. What really went down on that fateful or not so fateful night remains a mystery. ...
ANGIE BOOK 06 by BlitzMikaelson
ANGIE BOOK 06by ✨BlitzMikaelson✨
In this story tale of the Violetverse series spin-off, the ANGIE series centers on Angie Saunders, a teenage girl who embarked on her path after departing from Somervill...
I'm Reincarnation into a Otome game As The 'Error'. (On Hiatus) by Twitchybunbun
I'm Reincarnation into a Otome gam...by Twitchy bunbun
Sako was a average crazy otaku 19 year old girl, who had a pretty normal life. Well until she escape death by Truck-san only to get hit by Car-San. ;-;.. now she somehow...
The Rise of Athena (An Arrow: Season 1 Fanfiction) by WinterPhoenix123
The Rise of Athena (An Arrow: Seas...by WinterPhoenix123
My name is Evelyn Rose Queen. The second child of Robert and Moira Queen. I'm two years younger than my brother Oliver, and 15 years older than my sister, Thea. I love...
Dark Secrets ✔️ by _hijabigirl_
Dark Secrets ✔️by Hijabi Girl
Assad Junaid is a 27 years old businessman admired for owning a well-known company at his young age. However, he has got secrets which no soul knows about. So he uses wh...
•Road to insanity• (BillDip) by Littleme_Thea
•Road to insanity• (BillDip)by •Hizuka•
'maybe I am insane' "Dipper! Pine tree!" "I'll kill you" "AHAHAHA HAHAHA"
Two Weeks That's All It Took by Weirdhooman_666
Two Weeks That's All It Tookby Weirdhooman666
Affina came to Denmark by mistake she was supposed to go to England for her friend Edmund. Plans had change Mads and Eddie both become friends with Affina the assasin. S...
Behind The Psychopath's Beam by LightInTheDark07
Behind The Psychopath's Beamby S.A.
Vienna Skye Salazar always believed that villains were born to be merciless devils and their only purpose in the world is to ruin everyone's idyllic lives but what will...
My Sister His Brother  by Aalshu
My Sister His Brother by Aalshu
2nd part of dark side written by @hiddenAlisha #2 in Hindi ❤😿 #8 in Lucky #24 in darksecrets
Nerd In Disguise by DreamySha
Nerd In Disguiseby Shah
Elaina Morris, or known as The Nerd in school, isn't really the nerd when she's outside of school. Though the only person who knows that are Louisa Morris --- her twin s...
The Hood and Athena: An Arrow: Season 2 Fanfiction by WinterPhoenix123
The Hood and Athena: An Arrow: Sea...by WinterPhoenix123
It's been several months since the Undertaking. Malcolm Merlyn is dead - or so we think. His son Tommy is dead, sacrificing his life to save his ex-girlfriend Laurel L...
Welcome to Lotus Pier by barsha4444
Welcome to Lotus Pierby GoldenStar44
"Father why does mother hates me so much ?" "Because you lived and she died while giving birth to you ." 🏯🏯🏯 The cultivation world took notice of...