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ROYALLY DESTINED by passionatetaurus
ROYALLY DESTINEDby passionatetaurus
Years ago, sun signs were compared , stars were matched, and two innocent souls were promised to be destined together . An arrangement between two of the leading and pow...
Arrange Marriage With My E̶n̶e̶m̶y̶ (Completed) by fantasy_world1995
Arrange Marriage With My E̶n̶e̶m̶ fantasy_world💜
Attachments are dangerous when you are the only one who feels attached because you will always wait for their time, attention and care and by that you hurt yourself dail...
Ishq Wala Love  by Jiminieficss_1316
Ishq Wala Love by Shreya
"you three are sisters , Don't you feel absense of a brother on occasion like rakhi?" Tanvi and mehak punched saumya's arm lightly "She already got us as...
Love & Snuggles  by Miffymuffin
Love & Snuggles by miff 🐾
Welcome to the world of Shivika, this book contains a collection of Shivika one shots and drabbles, peep in to their world and reminisce their memories.
869 in romance dated 31st may 2018 This is about Twinkle Taneja, the daughter of billionaire whose father wants her to marry another powerful family son Yuvraj Luthra ag...
Miss Dream Girl  by deekshithareddy28
Miss Dream Girl by misomaniac
Those enchanting dark brown eyes with lot of emotions in them, sweat dripping down her light brown skin, her long shiny black hair falling on her back as she ran through...
I am waiting for you by keepursoulbeautiful
I am waiting for youby keepursoulbeautiful
Story of Tavish and Sehej!! Tavish- Believe in life where he can enjoy every bit of life, he doesn't believe in love and committed relationship!! neither he is Casanova...
Social conditioning  by shaeob
Social conditioning by shaeob
Just a real life experience, on my feeling after getting married to my love from a different family background ! A love cum arranged marriage in an indian society. This...
Relationship by xbibliophilicx
Relationshipby Tanisha
Relationship. For him, this term was a route to recuperate from his remoteness. For her, it was a solemn promise. #SAFanfic
Short Snippets Collection  by MusingsofAmna
Short Snippets Collection by Amna
The name says it all. This book is more like a file of the short paragraphs I write for myself. No chapter is connected with another one. Just my scattered musings. -Aam
Kh@mosh dil 💝 Ki Dh@dk@n 👼👼(Silent 💝He@rt Be@t's👼👼) by keepursoulbeautiful
Kh@mosh dil 💝 Ki Dh@dk@n 👼👼( keepursoulbeautiful
Story of Dherya and Chahat!! Marriage Just not a relationship it's a responsibility also!! And when it's a arrange marriage then couple will have to face so many new thi...
A Collection of Short Stories by Reflection_of_Dreams
A Collection of Short Storiesby Amber
This book is a collection of Pakistani-American based short stories.
The story of my life..... Wait is it really mine? by Alia1215
The story of my life..... Wait Asifa
Hey I'm Aliya and I'll be writing the weirdest and most realistic story on earth.... Well obviously it has to be weird coz it's the story of my life..... But wait a minu...
Unapologetically by moonlittears21
Unapologeticallyby no
Marwa Kafeel has a strict routine. She wakes up, goes to work, then to her classes at University. She returns home to cook for her grandmother and studies, only to go to...
Hey Sweetheart by _Shiva_Sharma_
Hey Sweetheartby Shiva Sharma
She was in the food isle, looking for some good biscuits when she saw him. He was handsome to the least. But then she saw what he was doing. He saw here and there, when...