Inferioritycomplex Stories

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✓Guide to Stabilizing the Blackening of the Villainous Husband by MingzuMing
✓Guide to Stabilizing the 𝑴 𝒊 𝒏 𝒈 𝒛 𝒖
Ling Zhen transmigrated as a female cannon-fodder in a dog blood novel. The female partner had plastic surgery done for the novel's male lead, and then divorced her husb...
Somebody Else (Christian Romance) by GloryOrah
Somebody Else (Christian Romance)by Glory Orah
|Completed| Stephanie's secret desire for love and acceptance drives her into a friendship that leads her through a path she doesn't expect to take. A path that brings h...
It Had To Be You by RishitaChawan
It Had To Be Youby Rishita Chawan
A tale of a very good looking, confident girl and an average looking guy who faces inferiority complex. Quite unlikely right? 28 year old Aashika is a headstrong aspirin...
How To Paint Love by xxsoteria
How To Paint Loveby tired potato
Rembrandt Evans, preferably wants to be called Remy. She dislikes being associated with the famous painter of her namesake. Firstly, because she is not a man. Secondly...
My First My Last [A BKDK Fanfic] by UwUKimino
My First My Last [A BKDK Fanfic]by UwUKimino
[A Bakudeku fanfic] I'm bad at writing story descriptions. And this story is actually gonna get darker. It's sweet at first but trust me, it gets really really dark. TT...
Have A Heart (Food Wars! Mafia AU) by wolfstarr96
Have A Heart (Food Wars! Mafia AU)by Kisato
*Please read the Disclaimer!* Ambrosia Tachibana; a 22 year old doctor --an intern technically, with just half a year left-- got her whole world turned upside down after...
I dream of daeth by doppelganger09
I dream of daethby Edgy Psychic
this is my take on the omari or hikki au Shout outs the gen3king
Inferior [completed] by BibiNoorree
Inferior [completed]by Bibi Noorree
« She was the girl who talks others out of suicide, but has a hard time doing the same for herself. She truthfully assures everyone how beautiful, lovely, wonderful and...
Repurposed | Quirrel x Sheo x Nailsmith by PurpleDragon2424
Repurposed | Quirrel x Sheo x PurpleDragon2424
The Nailsmith packs a bag. He fills it with food and water and picks up a nail when he steps outside. When he stares at the nail, he considers, just for a moment, if it'...
ECHO'S ( HAITUS) by SnoozingPokko
ECHO'S ( HAITUS)by SnoozingPokko
AOT Cannon/FAN made story of Reiner and Porco hope you like it
enchanted by nittuwittu
enchantedby nitwit
Purposeless young woman Nina Leids, meets the magnetic Flint Markham at an evening party. In this enchanting encounter, she realizes just how dull her life is - and is i...
LIGHTS AND TUNNELS by wayneericofromez
LIGHTS AND TUNNELSby The Upside-down Pineapple 🍍
' It's all in my head. And I have to do it. Otherwise I won't be able to sleep. These voices...'
Asking myself by zarka121
Asking myselfby Zarka Khan
Its about a girl asking herself questions and talking about her life hope u like it....❤️
Asturian Warbringer - A LitRPG on Earth by AsturianAuthor
Asturian Warbringer - A LitRPG AsturianAuthor
Currently releasing 5 chapters a week - Humankind was kidnapped and forced to fight for their survival in the Sentinel Tower-and they won. Their victory brought them a r...
Relapse. (A Reincarnation Story) by FALSEFICATOR
Relapse. (A Reincarnation Story)by H E S T I A
A story about a Villainess and a Heroine in a single book. Unveil the secrets, lies and misunderstandings surrounding our Protagonists. Their past, present and future a...
Harder than usual.  [ On Hold ] by ScarredKnee
Harder than usual. [ On Hold ]by tanisha
Suffering from depression and inferiority complex, at the same time is not easy. Its very hard, impossible sometimes. At least for a 16 year old. Follow the journey of S...
Poison and Ice *Bleach Love Stories* by KiGiMiTo
Poison and Ice *Bleach Love luvudismuch and XxdancrnritrxX
Kisami: I've been a Soul Reaper for over 100 years. I thought it'd be boring after a while... but I've had too much fun! Honestly, I just got reaccepted after being give...