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The Hatred That Fuels You (Homicidal Liu x Mute Reader) by The_Pseudonymous_One
The Hatred That Fuels You (Homicid...by The_Pseudonymous_One
Normal. What is normal? Normal is defined as the usual, typical, or expected state or condition. But what is it really? I thought I was normal. But others say i'm differ...
Homicidal Liu x reader by Ghost_of_lacy
Homicidal Liu x readerby Ghost_of_lacy
"You, it can't be true. You're alive?" she paused. "How can this be true, you died. Everyone died that day! You can't be alive" The boy just looked...
CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenarios by Nyghtfall
CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenariosby Nyghtfall
CreepyPasta: Fictional Horror Characters Includes: SlenderMan; Eyeless Jack; Jeff The Killer; Laughing Jack; Lost Silver; BEN Drowned( Doctor Smiley And Homicidal Liu Ha...
-I promise I'll help you (creepypasta fan fiction) by -Its_Echo-
-I promise I'll help you (creepypa...by Axel or Echo
✨Jeff and Liu story✨ By the time your seeing this all the chapters are done and I'll try to post one of the 6 everyday This used to be an old story I wrote on another a...
I'm Fucked Aren't I? (Slenderman x Jeff) by ATadFruity
I'm Fucked Aren't I? (Slenderman x...by no need to know <3
To the people who actually read this and like it, I will see you in hell lovelies. <3 Sometimes I put my own feelings and thoughts into the stories I write. Jeff, can...
creepypasta x child reader by _cecilia_gallegos
creepypasta x child readerby cecilia
creepypasta X child reader
Room 240 | A Homicidal Liu x GN! Reader Story by Blxrrii
Room 240 | A Homicidal Liu x GN! R...by Ᏸliメ
୨⎯ "Well, I thought it would be my finals that killed me, but I guess this is a nice way to die too." ⎯୧ Things had already been stressful enough for Y/n, with...
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios (Male Reader) by thesleepymonster
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios (M...by Zero Cipher
So, I'm bored and saw more of these female scenarios than male. Might as well give it a try. Basically, for male readers but anyone can read it. Enjoy gentlemen or anyon...
Yandere Creepypasta X Reader by Roseline562
Yandere Creepypasta X Readerby Roseline562
Kidnapped by a phsycopath huh? This is only the kind of thing that happens in scary movies. But these...admires seem to have walked stright out of a horror novel. They a...
Homicidal Liu x Reader by alien_person_23
Homicidal Liu x Readerby Marie Rein
Y/n is a senior in high school and is being bullied at school for being adopted till a strange man saves her and the bullies mysteriously disappear. Y/n later meets the...
Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios by KreepyKitten2000
Creepypasta boyfriend scenariosby KreepyKitten
This is a creepypasta boyfriend scenarios book. Accepting new characters and chapter ideas. When suggesting new characters, please give me a bio on the person. Name...
A Smile To Earn.... (Jeff's and Liu's little sister) by Unknown_And_Gone
A Smile To Earn.... (Jeff's and Li...by Monkey1223
(y/n)....right half of her face is burned. She can't fully smile without pain, but she can smirk. It has been five years since Jeff killed their parents. No one wanted t...
Creepypasta x Reader Textfic/Chatfic by CosyMelody
Creepypasta x Reader Textfic/Chatf...by Melody
Just an ordinary girl that accidentally joins a group chat full of serial killers. What could go wrong? Warning! There will be cussing and all sorts of chaos throughout...
Creepypasta x Reader Oneshots by yandere_png
Creepypasta x Reader Oneshotsby alex 🌸
A collection of one shots of you and a Creepypasta :D
Reunion (Jeff The Killer, And Homicidal Liu) by Lilliie09
Reunion (Jeff The Killer, And Homi...by Lillie
This is being posted simply because I'm having different ideas with some parts and unsure weather to continue or not. OVER DRAMATIC at points Nothing other than the st...
Creepypasta Lemons by struggling_to_vibe69
Creepypasta Lemonsby Crow
I mean, the title kinda explains it. But hey, you're gonna meet some very interesting people... and... well, you'll find out.
Creepypasta Headcannons Book 2 by kjm126316
Creepypasta Headcannons Book 2by toast
Well whaddya know whaddya know I actually managed to fill up an entire book with these bloody headcannons. And, surprise surprise, I have an overactive imagination, so h...
Shatter Me: Creepypasta X Reader by Screamyourdeath_ST
Shatter Me: Creepypasta X Readerby 🤍Graywill🤍
Almost all her life, y/n had been treated like shit. Her mother was horrible to her and she had problems on her writing app, Wattpad. She was stuck with her mother and s...
Creepypasta Zodiacs #3 by Jaschicken
Creepypasta Zodiacs #3by Creepyp. Queen
Zodiac signs that involves Creepypasta. Play around and see who, how, why, where, and what you're signs do. Request are ALWAYS open. I hope you enjoy. Cover by me
𝗠ᛁℕE | Yandere! Ticci Toby x M!Reader by Todorokiisgaj
𝗠ᛁℕE | Yandere! Ticci Toby x M!Re...by Fuckingsimp
'•.¸⦻ Warning⚠: This story will contain gore, Stockholm Syndrome, rape, violence, smut. Pictures in the book don't belong to me, except if said so, and belong to the...