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The Olympians by DirtyLu
The Olympiansby Lucas Shumate
He just sits and watches as his creation eradicates humans. This story was inspired by a writing competition. In this competition, I was given a Genre, a location, and...
  • apocalypse
  • reflection
  • science
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The Poet Within by kandigurl711
The Poet Withinby KandiSinge
Welcome, please come forth. Yes, it is you that I beckon; you, the passerby, innocent or otherwise; you, the complete stranger, my childhood companion; you my friend, my...
  • love
  • anger
  • thoughtful
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Noriaki Kakyoin's Diary by hermescostellosbbyg
Noriaki Kakyoin's Diaryby Kealy
Noriaki Kakyoin contemplates events in his life, sexuality, and what it really means to be someone in the course of summer 1989. {boardwalk, non-canon, no stands} [in de...
  • dinerau
  • boardwalkau
  • jotarokujo
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where are my storms, love? by flowersforyoursoul
where are my storms, love?by charcoal • child
~ and so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past ~ . . a collection of prose, poetry, and all things untold written in the most perpl...
  • rants
  • writtenmostlywhenimhalfawake
  • prose
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All Roads Lead To Rome by WanderingPoet116
All Roads Lead To Romeby Ronnie King
..... *sinister laugh* ... *grabs your hand* ... *leads you down this winding path*... *its dark* ...*any second now you think* ... *they'll bring out the hidden camera...
  • poems
  • within
  • contemplation
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maybe by clarah246
maybeby Clara ♡
where i vent emotions nobody knows i have
  • sadness
  • life
  • shortstory
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very confused humans by BrilliantBookworm05
very confused humansby bridie.
  • depressing
  • unrequited
  • contemplation
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Lost In Thought by FuShaMan
Lost In Thoughtby Sam Fordham
A reaction to contemporary life, consisting of multiple short pieces.
  • shortstory
  • poetry
  • life
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Thought Book by xxSeaSaltxx
Thought Bookby Kai Jay Linkon
Hello wonderful user. This book contains entrees that describe my thoughts. I decided to make this for no reason, so enjoy.
  • thoughts
  • ijdkfjjfkfke
  • writing
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Ramblings of My Mind (A Book Of Poems and Thoughts) by AuthorNancyAnn
Ramblings of My Mind (A Book Of Nancy Ann
Now Available on Amazon! Ramblings of the Mind, is a collection of art, poems, and thoughts. Many of my poems might be dark and depressing, but writing is how I cope wit...
  • truestory
  • mentalhealth
  • faith
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Poesia de superfície by JulieneManzoli
Poesia de superfícieby Juliene Manzoli
Poesias simples e confusas para mentes difusas.
  • sentimientos
  • filosofia
  • haiku
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Coming Home by nicazad
Coming Homeby nicazad
On a dark night, in a quiet town, a man reflects on the life he has lived.
  • contemplation
  • memories
  • love
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Contemplates by zxielle
Contemplatesby zxielle
Nothing but unwanted opinion.
  • contemplation
  • feelings
  • poetry
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The human mind by fangirl8642
The human mindby Trashy McTrashison
We're all broken people
  • selfish
  • girl
  • lonely
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Recueil by Daeqin
Recueilby Daeqin🌙
Plusieurs textes sans queue ni tête, sans début ni fin.
  • suicide
  • amour
  • amitié
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Senryude by suvachana
Senryudeby suvachana
Short poems, most in senryu-style - varied in mood. Senryū tend to be about human foibles while haiku tend to be about nature, and senryū are often cynical or darkly hu...
  • sorrow
  • nature
  • sunset
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Unraveling Life's Secrets by ZeyadKS
Unraveling Life's Secretsby Zeyad
This is merely but an amalgam of the plentiful thoughts permeating ever so gracefully the fantastical realm of my imagination. My goal is simply to manifest to each one...
  • love
  • deep
  • philosophy
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The Dark Pond by Rustyahoy
The Dark Pondby Rusty Nelson
What happens when evil seems so enticing? Can one walk away?
  • family
  • reflection
  • fantasy
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Love like You by strawberisodas
Love like Youby Beri
The world had met it's end, and now Calliope found herself alone in a place that was stagnant. After a final visit with a guardian, the lich makes her final decision; it...
  • splatoon2
  • proposal
  • love
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A Dark Sky by May_beTomorrow_
A Dark Skyby Maybe Tomorrow
So often we find ourselves so self righteous, forgetting who and where we truly are: under the stars.
  • space
  • humans
  • originalwork
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