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Why Goats Don't Deserve a Shower by sweetmiracle97
Why Goats Don't Deserve a Showerby sweetmiracle97
Random, personal, philosophical reflections, opinions and rants. Nothing much, but could be triggering. You have been warned. Most impressive rankings: #2 -ideas #1 -opi...
Sitting Here Thinking (2020) by Lazulel
Sitting Here Thinking (2020)by Lazulel
Poetry of varying subjects and construction, the second of two. Written while sitting anywhere, lost in thought about everything and anything. Accolades: #1 Thought Prov...
Unspoken by abenaaddai
Unspokenby 𝘼𝒃𝒆𝒏𝒂
Highest ranks: #1 in 'thought-provoking' #2 in 'spokenword' #7 in 'freeverse' • • • Welcome to my world of unspoken words (random poetry I feel like typing :)) Explore...
Everything that Can Never Be by desrelly
Everything that Can Never Beby K I K A
Following the death of his little sister, Jaime spends his evenings staring at the family next door in their nightly ritual of watching the sun set, but in his attempts...
My Bittersweet by Anna_Banana214
My Bittersweetby Anna L.
A realistic collection of original excerpts-both fictional and personal-that deal with social and mental themes. Some pieces are meant to inspire, others are there to ma...
Sitting Here Thinking (2019) by Lazulel
Sitting Here Thinking (2019)by Lazulel
Short poems of varying subjects and construction, but deep enough to be swallowed in. Written while sitting anywhere, lost in thought about everything and anything. Thes...
One Sad Butterfly || poetry by Ceciliasim
One Sad Butterfly || poetryby simmi
One sad butterfly. Doesn't mean that she wants to drown everyone along, in her essence of despair. Just wants to listen to her once and forget, a fraction of what she's...
30 days writing challenge - A reflection by solaceinreading
30 days writing challenge - A Sandy
Compilation of some pieces for a writing challenge I came across while scrolling down my social media page. Here lies a daily short read for leisurely minds... Cover b...
The Legend of Hombarume by theafricanwordsmith
The Legend of Hombarumeby Jeff Mfiri
The fate of the village lies in the hands of a courageous hunter as strange things start happening. He must overcome his demons and fight for the salvation of everyone h...
The Depths of the Mind by ncts_crack_dealer
The Depths of the Mindby Sophie
It's 3 AM and I'm being stupid by writing something thought-provoking but it really isn't.
This will be a collection of essays, quotes and articles which I wrote and will be writing. some can be my thoughts while some can be a part of me andmy life, some can b...
Flights of Fancy by writeyourname97
Flights of Fancyby Robert Peterson
There is another dimension beyond that which is known to fictional characters. A collection of short stories, poems, snippets, vignettes, and everything else that crosse...
INSIGHT by clinging_to_hope
INSIGHTby ennhhhhh...?
"A glimpse inside will scare you away but the ones who really care will choose to stay" Just a little insight of what goes on inside my head. I'm a new poet an...
The Towelhead | a poetry collection by floremaria
The Towelhead | a poetry collectionby ♥Sel♥
This is your last chance to realize that the Towelhead, deep down, is just like you. This poetry collection isn't about my religion. This is about the thoughts of a &quo...
|Haikuing Through Society|✔ by mindisequaltoblown
|Haikuing Through Society|✔by | Hiya Jain |
🌟Featured on the official Wattpad StoriesUndiscovered Profile! 🌟 🌟Featured on the official Wattpad Poetry Profile!🌟 -Haiku- A Japanese poem/verse consisting of seven...
The Science Joke Book by Tachyon84
The Science Joke Bookby Dr. Photon
"Why do chemists like nitrates?" "They are cheaper than day rates, that's why!" The Science Joke Book is an almanac of nerdy jokes to lighten and ent...
Thought Provoking Articles by N_O_Bekoe
Thought Provoking Articlesby N. O. Bekoe - Amore
These are articles you'd want to read, because they question your stand on issues about humanity.
The Last Philosopher by NickfEast
The Last Philosopherby Nick East
Before everything, it's assumed there was nothing, but what if there was no real difference between the two? Just two extreme philosophies from the original conflict. Th...
The Confessions of a Wallflower  by mareen_d
The Confessions of a Wallflower by Mareen
To all the people who want someone to write something for you, This is for you ✨