Sleepy thoughts  by serenitymoonstars
Sleepy thoughts by Serenity
Random thoughts
  • thinking
  • friendship
  • confused
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It's Okay To... by savannaahmed
It's Okay S A Ɣ A N N A
In which, I will say whatever I want in the most polite way I can, but won't sugar coat it. - This book contains chapters that is for (separate or combined): » Naruto fa...
  • naruto
  • thought-provoking
  • fandoms
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Climbing Up The Poet Tree by GadamTheGreat
Climbing Up The Poet Treeby GadamTheGreat
Hi! This is my first proper crack at writing poetry and eventually publishing it all together. I have tried out some old originals and I have written some new ones. I wa...
  • uplifting
  • emotional
  • poemcollection
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Hinata's Story | Time Travel Mixed With BTS Crossover | On Hold Till December  by savannaahmed
Hinata's Story | Time Travel S A Ɣ A N N A
" protected me and Naruto. Now that you did, I am now married and have two kids. Aren't you proud?" ^_^ Hinata's life is turned upside down...
  • alternateuniverse
  • sasuke
  • crossover
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Itty Bitty Literature - Assorted Works of the Tiny Variety by avadel
Itty Bitty Literature - Assorted Laine and Aria Nichols
Tiny works deserve a tiny blurb. Curious? Good. (;
  • quotes
  • honesty
  • anthology
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Everything is Different Now. by books_xxx
Everything is Different a shadowhunter
"how sad it is that last year I had you, we were living our best lives. how sad it is that this year I lost you, and I'm going through absolute hell." ✨ This...
  • sadness
  • thought-provoking
  • empowerment
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Coping by Arveliot
Copingby Arveliot
For mostly immature audiences only. Preening pontificating from a pretentious pleb. (Updated whimsically) Take a tour through someone else's mind, as the author and te...
  • perspective
  • wattys2018
  • philosophy
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Ecstasy  by gelosthetic
Ecstasy by Angelo David
ECSTASY noun 1. an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement. 2. a poetry + prose book. Most Impressive Ranking: #1 in Essay tag (11/15/18) #5 in Met...
  • thoughts
  • feelings
  • romance
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Scribblings by variationinmotion
Scribblingsby Brian Lynch
Words arranged in a funny order. Poems about my view of reality and how my inner fantasy world colours it with strange tinges. I love discussions about concepts and idea...
  • sad
  • existential
  • funny
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random thoughts....... by mrs_kitten
random ari-bts armyanator babygirl
this is not a book or a ff i'm going to write . I'm going to write my thoughts in general or how a feel at this moment.... or if any of you want to know anything about...
  • thoughts
  • thoughtsandfeelings
  • thought-provoking
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Let's Talk | Open discussions about anything by savannaahmed
Let's Talk | Open discussions S A Ɣ A N N A
~~~[ This is open to my followers, but other people are welcome join too. Just remember to be polite. ]~~~ Life Food School Music Anime ANYTHING REALLY ^^ Let's just t...
  • thoughtsandfeelings
  • safehaven
  • talk
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The Soul of the Dryad by BrandonJAndrews
The Soul of the Dryadby BrandonJAndrews
Priya never had any friends, trees and potions are far less intimidating than other Dryad. When she is called upon with the beautiful and glamorous Saveene to examine t...
  • prophecy
  • femaleprotagonist
  • fantasy
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My Untold Truth by sadsafsaf
My Untold Truthby sadsafsaf
{Brought to you by Rhymes and Nonsense} Who am I? Well, that answer depends on who you ask. Some call me quiet. Others believe I'm bossy. I'm beautiful in the eyes of o...
  • hate
  • poems
  • thoughts
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over the horizon  by ohforgotten
over the horizon by ohforgotten
a collection of poems my thoughts and feelings the words that never leave my mouth lowercase intended. // cover photo by Matt Ferr:
  • poetrycollection
  • thoughts
  • poems
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I Drowned A Dove by boywithpencil
I Drowned A Doveby Boy With a Pencil
Sometimes things don't have meanings, or words, or even tangible evidence of anything real. They just make you feel. Feel horrible, awful, and beautiful things ~A collec...
  • notsodeep
  • wattys2018
  • thought-provoking
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Consistently Complicated Contemplations by youraveragebowlofpho
Consistently Complicated misinterpreted
_______________________________________________________________ Best Rankings - #1 in Contemplations, #1 in Reminiscence #126 in Science
  • wattys2018
  • humor
  • complain
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Shower Thoughts by The4DWorldandMe
Shower Thoughtsby C.
Random thoughts and short stories inspired by my shower thoughts. Occasional 'public-diary' type entries. My goal is to have some entries that make you facepalm and some...
  • amusing
  • shower-thoughts
  • short-stories
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ΣGӨ DΣΛƬΉ - Prose & Poetry by ReLe0_
ΣGӨ DΣΛƬΉ - Prose & Poetryby ReLe0_
Top Rankings: #1 in statement #58 in suicide awareness #73 in thoughts and feelings ~ A collection of my crappy poems and artsy thoughts. Some of these are about people...
  • freeverse
  • drunk
  • provoking
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The Depths of the Heart  by m_nikolai
The Depths of the Heart by Monica
All my work is mine, I wrote it so no stealing 😑. Please comment and like it, add it to your library please!! My work is kinda society based off of, it's also deep, an...
  • life
  • society
  • thought-provoking
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The Stars We Haven't Touched by grm345
The Stars We Haven't Touchedby Grace MacPherson
Each concept is a star in the night sky: easy to see but hard to grasp. If you ever wondered about the innermost thoughts of a small girl in a huge universe, read this...
  • wonder
  • thoughtful
  • poetry
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