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Riddles by JaneConquestBackup
Riddlesby JCB
Clever and funny riddles for you and your friends!
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Scribblings by variationinmotion
Scribblingsby variationinmotion
Words arranged in a funny order. Rhyme will be used Only occassionally because of Things like bananas Which only work with half rhymes Normally. The first poem will u...
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Nightshade by onlyanorthernsong
Nightshadeby you don't know ;)
Within the Riviera, on the coast of The City of Angels, a dark, graceful figure makes it's way across a tenuously vibrating wall of cinder blocks. She creeps down, and i...
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In The Gaslight by JJRothschild
In The Gaslightby J.J. Rothschild
A tantalizing, dark, sinful collection of poetical works, quotes, wisdom, and insanity by J.J. Rothschild. In darkness and light And everything in between... In the gas...
  • romance
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The World as We Know It by Anna_Banana214
The World as We Know Itby Anna L.
A realistic collection of original excerpts--mostly fictional and a few personal--that hold themes of society and tougher, circulating topics. Not everything is rainbow...
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~Reflections~ [DISCONTINUED] by calamariqueen
~Reflections~ [DISCONTINUED]by The Real Raw G a r y
From the creator of Spoiled Lemon comes a Psychological fanfiction about Taco's relationship with the other contestants. Now that Taco has taken Microphone under her win...
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a flash of a smile by arixxxi
a flash of a smileby Ariii
☾ "i'm sorry," she lied. ☽ 3/8/18 :: #161 in poetry 3/10/18 :: #136 in poetry 3/12/18 :: #119 in poetry 4/8/18 :: #80 in poetry
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How I Execute Revenge For: Working in Customer Service by Sass1ee
How I Execute Revenge For: Sass1ee
If revenge is a dish best served warm; Bon appétit! Wondering what goes on behind the customer service worker's fake smile? Well look no further! Read about my...
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at 17  by SZA_00
at 17 by howlonghasitbeen?
At 17, thinking aloud is allowed.
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As She Blooms by evawritez
As She Bloomsby ; eva
↞ my unparalleled voice screams at the world ↠ a book of poetry by an angsty teen with a lot to say and not enough courage to say it
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The Depths of the Heart  by m_nikolai
The Depths of the Heart by Monica
All my work is mine, I wrote it so no stealing 😑. Please comment and like it, add it to your library please!! My work is kinda society based off of, it's also deep, an...
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A Girl In Thought  by Ceciliasim
A Girl In Thought by ✿ simi ✿
"Walk away... With your eyes stuck to the ground And believe, I will look the other side Never in a while will give you a chance To feel bad for our lives" ...
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We do 20 minutes writing to flex our writing muscles at Artizan Writers group every Wednesday. The following stories are my story writing exercises. Hope you enjoy them.
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Reminiscences, Mine by NaveenKumar013
Reminiscences, Mineby Naveen Kumar
"Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings-always darker, emptier and simpler" - FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE This is a collection of my phrenic babbles.
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my mind by ritaesthetic
my mindby ritaesthetic
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Just Think by Cobalt_Blu
Just Thinkby •ωσℓғɛʏ•
Pics that make u think. Dont just look and be like whatever. Ok so if ur gonna read this than i hope you guys will actually give a thought to what u see ~Readers Thought...
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Silver Tongue by ideoIogies
Silver Tongueby 𝕜𝕙𝕦𝕟𝕤𝕒
this is where khunsa spins and weaves unanswered questions and tales, like raindrops gathered in numerous buckets and pails. [12.04.18] etherealsouls- all rights reserv...
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Coping by Arveliot
Copingby Arveliot
Why 'Coping'? Because preening pontificating from a pretentious pleb makes a terrible book title. (Updated whimsically) Take a tour through someone else's mind, as the a...
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Echoes  by drosegrl1
Echoes by drosegrl1
A collection of thoughts
  • society
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A random book filled with randomness by LiesITellYou
A random book filled with Tabitha Smallwood
Literally junk that I put on the internet because my mind is full of stuff that I feel I need to write down. Do what you want with whatever I put down, I really don't c...
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