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Ask and Dare Hamilton by Water_Bottle_Drunk
Ask and Dare Hamiltonby Hufflepuff 💛
The Hamilton characters are open for askin'! Join the Hamilsquad, SMFDR, The Schuyler sisters, and others as they discover more about eachother. Oh my god this sounds s...
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Weird Countryhumans stuffffff by AUUTALicious
Weird Countryhumans stuffffffby .torrentsnowx.
Ask&Dare, One-Shots, COUGH- Art- Idk It's just random I like countryhumans;3; Cover isn't mine. b i g g e s t a c h i e v e m e n t #2 askanddare
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Ask & Dare The RC9GN characters (including me) (Hiatus) by CartoonLoverGirl01
Ask & Dare The RC9GN characters ( CartoonLoverGirl01
You can ask or dare all of us. Ask or dare anything! (even kisses) But no smut! except if there is like 200 comments on that. Go ahead! Oh one more thing. Ask and dares...
  • nomicon
  • rc9gn
  • randycunningham
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Teen Titans: Ask And Dare by Michelle_Frost
Teen Titans: Ask And Dareby Michelle Frost
Hello there, I see you have somehow managed to stumble across my book so lucky me. In this book you get to comment dares for the Teen Titans and I, being the host will m...
  • raven
  • garfieldlogan
  • koriandr
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Ask/dare au sanses! by MrsStabby
Ask/dare au sanses!by Teal Leader
You can ask Classic Fell Blueberry Ink Dream Geno Horror Killer Chess Femme Sci Dust Error Cross Reaper Lust Nightmare G Fresh Asy And me :') Ships will happen( ͡° ͜ʖ...
  • askanddare
  • sanscest
  • ausans
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Youtubers Ego One Shots by The-Lazy-Writer
Youtubers Ego One Shotsby Banana
As the title states this will be a bunch of one shot interactions with various egos of youtubers. Look to the introduction for more info! <3 More or less this 'book'...
  • smutmaybe
  • truthordare
  • bingiplier
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Only You - Darkstache Oneshots by The-Lazy-Writer
Only You - Darkstache Oneshotsby Banana
As the title implies I'll be doing some Dark x Wilford oneshot scenarios, likely it'll be a fairly soft!dark as well The art is from darkstache daily on tumblr, they got...
  • markiplier
  • warfstache
  • askaway
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Ask & Dare The Big Five by disneyworksnerd
Ask & Dare The Big Fiveby dry banana hippy hat
❝ ᴄᴜᴛ ʟᴏᴏsᴇ ❞ ^^ The title is pretty much self-explanatory. Ask and Dare The Big Five! Hiccup, Rapunzel, Merida, Jack and Elsa --and their friends (the other charac...
  • hiccstrid
  • crossover
  • kristanna
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Billdip And Willdip Ask And Dare by MangoMacciato
Billdip And Willdip Ask And Dareby g r a c e
WARNING: Youi (boy x boy) in this book! I will take requests! Enjoyyy!
  • askanddare
  • gravityfalls
  • gay
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Trolls Ask and Dare by sortiz327
Trolls Ask and Dareby sortiz327
Ask and Dare the trolls anything.
  • trolls
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  • dreamworks
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oof, I sure am bored, aren't I? ANOTHER ASK BOOK, YAY!
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Ask/Dare Undertale AU's 6 by FriendlyCurse223
Ask/Dare Undertale AU's 6by FriendlyCurse223
You've been sent back in time to just after Alvar escaped his prison. You have one shot left to get your happy ending. Code tells you; "Don't mess this up." NO...
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Behind The Scenes Of MPPL/MPBL by Caitlyn_CC
Behind The Scenes Of MPPL/MPBLby Cat The Bean Queen
Pizza can be a taco if it believes to be
  • askanddare
  • dustberry
  • errorink
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The Past and The Present  by Luna_Valmeave
The Past and The Present by Luna_Valmeave
Disclaim: I do not own anything only the story and some oc's eveything else belongs to their rightful owners!
  • moltenfreddy
  • rockstarfreddy
  • springtrap
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Why not do an ask or dare but drunk? by Whentheworldisending
Why not do an ask or dare but Whentheworldisending
Yes i stole this idea.. DON'T QUOTE ME ON THAT!!!
  • pizza
  • thefamousfilms
  • askanddare
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Ask The Sanses by Sinna_Sinner
Ask The Sansesby Brick Goddess
I haven't really seen a lot of these lately so, why not? Also art on the cover does not belong to me credit goes to them.
  • sanscest
  • fell
  • asktheausans
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Ask and dare ( Countryhumans) by MadokaAi
Ask and dare ( Countryhumans)by MadokaAi
Ask and Dare z naszymi ulubionymi krajami z CH! Ask jest robiony na odstresowanie i dla zabawy, więc nie narzekać, że takie coś psuje wattpad, bo piszę również książki...
  • iiireich
  • zabawa
  • zsrr
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ask or dare Michel  by arelytheboss
ask or dare Michel by devil angle
h-hi ladies and gentlemen this is a book where you could ask or dare me whatever you want! But please don't let my sister hear this, I would hate it if she finds out
  • askanddare
Ask or Dare the Vocaloids, Utaus and Fanloids! by MellonWrites
Ask or Dare the Vocaloids, Utaus Michael
Welcome one and all! Ask your questions! Send some dares! Respect their personal boundaries or Mayu will get you! All Vocaloids, Utaus/Vipperloids, and Fanloids are open...
  • askordare
  • gakupo
  • miku
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The New Start by WillowWells303
The New Startby Willow
This book is to introduce myself and everyone else that's new on this account! Enjoy!
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