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IFLY (jschlatt x reader) by ftmtanner
IFLY (jschlatt x reader)by Tanner <3
"I fuckin' love ya, babe." He told you. !!COMPLETED!! IF SCHLATT ASKS TO TAKE THIS DOWN, I WILL. I absolutely hate this story, and wrote it back in late 2020...
Austin X Pablo  by RainyDewDrops
Austin X Pablo by r.pomegranate
😩 the backyardigans or whatever guys castaways !!!! 😏😏 austin yandere??? 😶😶 WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONH WIRH YALL i get so many mf comments putting the blame for this s...
Falling From Grace: Student-Teacher Forbidden Romance by noelcades
Falling From Grace: Noël Cades
★★★TOP 50 WATTPAD ROMANCE NOVEL★★★ He's her English teacher and her priest... what happens when they fall hopelessly in love? A sexy, forbidden, true love romance betwee...
Jesus X Reader by BARBARASBACK
Jesus X Readerby eat the rich
(Y/n) has been looking for a boyfriend for so long. She has tried everything: dating apps, talking to random people, dating her friends exes, asking out ALL of her frien...
Mask of Celibacy by Carolyn_Hill
Mask of Celibacyby Carolyn Hill
She wears a mask of piety. He wears a mask of logic. In the late nineties asexuality is all but unknown as a sexual orientation. It's certainly not discussed in Catholi...
Blessed Curse by VictoriaLachac
Blessed Curseby Victoria Lachac
Valentina has special skills that endanger her. Sandro belongs to an unfairly treated community. In 15th century Venice, happiness seems impossible for them to find. Rel...
Look Deeper by RRocket5
Look Deeperby Rocket
I am both Catholic and part of the LGBTQIA+ I know there are misunderstandings on both sides about the other, so I decided to make a story from a POV of someone who unde...
The Child Who Held The Devil's Hand by ALifelessAsshole
The Child Who Held The Devil's Handby ✧.*𝘌𝘺𝘦𝘭𝘦𝘴𝘴 𝘑𝘢𝘤𝘬✧.*
Two Nuns have been best friends ever since they met in school. But when they find a new church that is awfully big and creepy, they get happy to know they'll be running...
Forgive me; Fate ( for I have sinned) ambw by Zolatau
Forgive me; Fate ( for I have Zola Tau
The careless mistake of a child caused a fire to start in a local rehabilitation convent located in Bongha village, South Korea where a young African girl; Meiora and he...
What You Are Is Beautiful by Lare_loi
What You Are Is Beautifulby Confused.Clexa
Post S1 The sisters aren't just running from Adriel. Their big stunt at the Vatican managed to strengthen the bonds between their world and the next as well as put them...
Struggling Theist's Help Book by LadyOfWaterLilies
Struggling Theist's Help Bookby Hot As Hell
CHAPTER ON ABORTION INCLUDED! FUCKING COME AT ME YOU FORCEDBIRTH ASSHOLES! Struggling with your faith? Losing it and/or starting to think about Atheism/Agnosticism? Look...
the devil's waltz // father paul hill by goodsideofthings
the devil's waltz // father paul savannah
in which violet renfield tries to stop the massacre of an entire town extended summary inside (midnight mass) (oc x father paul hill)
Or What? /// jschlatt X reader by heythereimmom
Or What? /// jschlatt X readerby heythereimmom
This is me being bored and trying to do something that makes me feel productive. Trying to give you sick freaks something to read. #5 in Catholic!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
why do we close our eyes when we kiss? by xoriotgrrrl
why do we close our eyes when we xo brooklyn
Jasper Elliot. Quiet, calm, anxious foster kid. He's been through a lot. The universe seems to definitely hate him. It blessed him with a mother who ditched, an abusive...
Once Upon A Muslim by XxXFayfayXxX
Once Upon A Muslimby that one awkward girl.
Kayla's life changed as she became Muslim, saying the simple line of Shahadah: Ash-Hadu Ann Laa Ilaaha Illa Allah, Wa Ash-Hadu Anna Muhammadan Rasool Allah. She hopes th...
Be My Escape - a NamKook fanfiction by larann5
Be My Escape - a NamKook fanfictionby lara
Jungkook loves his parents and his faith. He also likes boys. He doesn't know how well the three of those will mix, especially after meeting Namjoon.
Alex Reborn by Allielives7
Alex Rebornby Allie
What if you could go back and do it all over again? What if you could have a better family? What if you could do it over it while still being able to remember all of y...
Godless Girl by postalcervix
Godless Girlby call me Aurora
"What happens at church camp stays here, right?" Hope whispers. Aurora laughs and nods. "You don't have to tell Father Gabriel about this," Aurora sm...
i think i love you / solby by gorgeousgolbachh
i think i love you / solbyby ✖️
"i.. i think i love you." "i think i love you too."
Forgiven † Josh Kiszka by hellakiszka
Forgiven † Josh Kiszkaby hellakiszka
❝You know how us Catholic girls can be.❞ Josh Kiszka x Original Female Character