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Contact Alpha, A story of sci fi fantasy by NickolegKeiige
Contact Alpha, A story of sci fi Nuckules Kage
The United Star of Gaia, an advanced space faring human civilization comes across a fantasy like planet in their journey to explore the star. This is the first time mank...
The Samurai: Rising of The Shield Hero X Male Reader by Sword_Saint89
The Samurai: Rising of The Sword_Saint89
Reito, a young man who just turned 17. After taking victory in a kendo tournament, he finds a book that will change his life forever. Something happens with the supernat...
Not soulless just obedient (Penny X Android/AI reader) by Dark_spirit09
Not soulless just obedient ( Dark_spirit09
You the reader are an android made five years before Penny and are made for the sole purpose of being extremely obedient to the point where if you were told to self term...
The Heroic Monster(Male Reader X RWBY) by arkham_zer0_6579
The Heroic Monster(Male Reader X arkham_zer0_6579
Taken by a woman that wanted death,she craved it. she dragged him from his destroyed home and attempted to put him in the pits of Grimm,he never fully submerged for long...
Honkai Impact: My Odyssey (Honkai Impact x M!Reader) by The_Godly_Tuna_
Honkai Impact: My Odyssey ( K-423(Sirin)
"Brilliant people shine more brightly than ordinary ones. They never regret or agonize over what they've done." Archer.
Fate/Reverse Side by Ringrad
Fate/Reverse Sideby Ringard
You know dying wasn't so bad what was bad was what came after.....the absolute nothing least I got Elizabeth out of it........she's nice.......I...
Dragon's Sin in the World of Danmachi by DrDedot
Dragon's Sin in the World of DrDedot
(A crossover between the Seven Deadly Sins and Danmachi) Meliodas got sent into the world of Danmachi by the Supreme Deity during his time as the King of Liones, as he s...
Naruto x Male Reader (Revamped!) by Electrivire56
Naruto x Male Reader (Revamped!)by Electri-Writer-56
Y/n is part of the Uzumaki clan that means he has red hair, that's something to know about his child hood I guess. He is a cocky and naive kid, three days after enterin...
Azur Lane: HMS Incomparable Journey by lagneverfailed
Azur Lane: HMS Incomparable Journeyby lagneverfailed
Alternate history where HMS Incomparable exist. Design and build at 1915, weirdly it was being given a Identification of "Male" rather than "Female"...
Azur Lane: Land To Sea. by TheQuoteMan2
Azur Lane: Land To "Quote"
A Land Commander turned into a Naval Commander. How will he stack up against the extra-terrestrial opponent? Care to find out? Let's begin his story. ~ (Azur Lane Fanfic...
Madness Combat oneshots and headcanons by TheApple64
Madness Combat oneshots and TheApple64
Ayo why is this kinda popular- Requests closed I have no motivation fucking kill me whEEZE
(Tfp x Madness combat reader) Somewhere in Nevada by Poggering
(Tfp x Madness combat reader) Poggering
Basically I had two ideas and asked for a vote for either Hank to be in Tfp or Tricky? but the votes were pretty even so I decided to add them both to the story as they...
Pilot Predator (Titanfall OC x RWBY) by BloodStorm1319
Pilot Predator (Titanfall OC x Murayamato
After a Rogue Pilot discovers that he wakes up in a universe filled with unfamiliar surroundings, in a world full of heroes- what will he do? {Collab with @SnowzzDark1 }...
The legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild ( BOTW ) | completed  by EpicReads_
The legend of Zelda: Breath of Megg
"... Open your eyes ..." And find yourself walking along side the new hero and the hero of twilight in a world that's not your own. Learn to fight with swords...
Darkside - A Dreamnoblade Story by Alextheslayer123
Darkside - A Dreamnoblade Storyby Alex
Techno is trapped. He's always been trapped. Ever since his father sold him to the sector house at age 10 he was never the same. Techno's a piglin hybrid that get's thro...
The Underrated Light Powered Quirk! (My Hero Academia X Male Reader)  by Electrivire56
The Underrated Light Powered Electri-Writer-56
With a Presumed Weak Quirk, Y/n Kayama After Setbacks Coursed By His Own Pathetic Nature, Will Try And Outshine The Spotlight - Season 1 √ - Season 2 √ - Season 3
Naruto - Gamer Tai by MixedMarc1
Naruto - Gamer Taiby Mixed Marc
As a gamer, you can choose one path. Which one would our favorite blond Uzumaki choose? Taijutsu-Centered Naruto. The credit of the cover goes to madnesssss on DeviantA...
The Boar Needs Me - Inosuke x Aoi by dhefaran
The Boar Needs Me - Inosuke x Aoiby dhefaran
Hashibira Inosuke. All this time he only cared for himself, and his two idiotic friends: Tanjiro and Zenitsu. But when 5 years past by, Inosuke slowly started to learn...
The Symbols Of Evil by MoinMahmud
The Symbols Of Evilby Moin Mahmud
Izuku Midoriya was devastated upon learning that you can't be a Hero without a Quirk,Then on that same day he met a boy with Multiple Personality Disorder who is The son...