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Remnant's Winged Warrior by AthleticWeeb
Remnant's Winged Warriorby AthleticWeeb
Born a winged Faunus, your favorite place was the sky. Raised by two loving parents that were abruptly killed by the creatures of Grimm, In their death, you unlocked you...
Black Like Deep Water (RWBY x Abused male reader) by MFC4Graafschap
Black Like Deep Water (RWBY x Abus...by MFC 4
On a stormy night, a child was born in the Belladonna family. His name was (Y/N). But once his parents saw him, one thing was missing for them: the physical features of...
Blake x abused male reader by NewDeath01
Blake x abused male readerby Death
You were abused...and you're a wolf Faunus I don't own RWBY
The Prophet (RWBY) by FenrizXII
The Prophet (RWBY)by Fen
[Slow Updates] Alone and abandoned, young Seraph was left at the mercy of Grimm in the forest. He was a monster. A freak. He wasn't human. And deep down, he believes he...
Yang's Little Titan (RWBY x Male child Godzilla Reader) by Hyperbomb
Yang's Little Titan (RWBY x Male c...by Hyperbomb
Yang hade lost the trust of her sister by an incident that happened in Beacon team RWBY wasn't the same Yang was doing her Evening strolls when she heard Crying she went...
A Wolf's Tail (RWBY Fanfic) by CrimsonRouge
A Wolf's Tail (RWBY Fanfic)by CrimsonRouge
Within the ranks of The Branwen Tribe, is a woman. Few words are spoken by her, but her actions are quite clear. She never had the happy childhood many got to experience...
The Wolf and the Kitty - (Vol 1) - Male Wolf Faunus reader x Blake Belladonna by JDthebeast
The Wolf and the Kitty - (Vol 1)...by JD
Y/n is a wolf faunus that has known nothing but battle since he was Ten. An Ex-White Fang member, Y/n get's a chance to start again at Beacon. What will happen when he m...
The lord of grimm and faunus. by hunter5241
The lord of grimm and faunus.by ghost bounty hunter rider
When YN was a kid he protect a faunus kid and unlocked his semblance that made him summon grimm but instead of praise he gets locked up for his power and was gonna get s...
A King's Revenge (M.Lion Faunus Reader Insert X RWBY Harem) by GenderBenderAuthor
A King's Revenge (M.Lion Faunus Re...by Another Weirdo
Abandoned by your family at the age of 2, the Belladonna's found you and raised you. Then came the White Fang. It was the place you grew up in, with two other individual...
The Silver Dragon  by JrocksUSA
The Silver Dragon by JrocksUSA
Y/n Wick was the last faunus of his kind, a dragon faunus. Forced into hiding after his family was murdered, Y/n has survived by disguising himself as a human for the la...
Wolf on a hunt for revenge(RWBY harem x Abused and Neglected male Faunus reader) by DJMM15
Wolf on a hunt for revenge(RWBY ha...by I creative
Your father was D/N L/N and your mother is Quill Branwen when you were five your dad died defeating a village from bandits has your mother few months later got in a rela...
Orphaned Reader X RWBY  by AgentKansas632
Orphaned Reader X RWBY by Agent Kansas632
You were abandoned by your parents in the village of Menagerie and adopted by the Belladonna family after Kali found you after hearing your cries
Adopted Nikos (Volume 1) by Zap3000
Adopted Nikos (Volume 1)by Zap/Zoe3000
What happens if the world of Remnant is the aftermath of the Traveler's sacrifice? Aura, Dust, Magic, and Fanus are aftereffects of the Traveler's Light and Ghosts are t...
For Whom the Fire Burns (Pyromaniac Male Reader x RWBY) by GreenAsEnvy
For Whom the Fire Burns (Pyromania...by GreenAsEnvy
(Y/N) Ivory always had a bit of an obsession with fire. It all came to a head one day when the White Fang attacked his village, when he became to engrossed in the fires...
Wolves Stick Together: RWBY X Wolf Faunus Male Reader by TheSpectre21
Wolves Stick Together: RWBY X Wolf...by Spectre
You were nine years old when you met your best and only friend, who was also a wolf faunus like you. Her name was Raven Brawnwen, and you two were each others only frien...
Envy reader x Rwby  by GarettLessly
Envy reader x Rwby by Kickback
This is just an idea I have if envy form fma brotherhood was in rwby if you what something to happen then just ask
Rwby x Male Reader SlaveSDC by UnknownUserDefected
Rwby x Male Reader SlaveSDCby UnknownUserDefected
The rattle of chains and mining echoes throughout the cave... another day in the mine... but it was all about to change...
Undead Reader X RWBY  by AgentKansas632
Undead Reader X RWBY by Agent Kansas632
You are a resurrected warrior with a thirst for vengeance after the slaughter of your clan and family. Along the path of vengeance you encounter some new faces, some of...
Kitten (Blake x Faunus Male Reader) by Gladiator065
Kitten (Blake x Faunus Male Reader)by Gladiator065
(Y/N) (L/N) is a fox faunus. He grew up in Menagerie with his friend Blake. They were both part of the White Fang, helping in the peaceful protests. However, as they tur...
Remnants bakery | abused and neglected female reader x rwby by junkermanat
Remnants bakery | abused and negle...by Olivia’s junk box
Abused and neglected female reader x rwby This is my first story and I have no writing experience so Please bear with and give me some criticism also English isn't my fi...