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Victor by Night | Finnick Odair by itsjustannie
Victor by Night | Finnick Odairby annie :)
Sagitarra Scrymgeour -- Sage, for short -- has already fought her way and conquered the title of Victor during the 72nd Annual Hunger Games for District 5. Still recove...
The Butterfly ~ HxH x Kanao Reader by Anlm3fR3aK
The Butterfly ~ HxH x Kanao Readerby ♡Izami Køta♡
(Y/n), a quiet girl takes the Hunter Exam and meets three teenage boys. Will she pass the Hunter Exam? Will she make the three boys her friend? Will she fall in lov...
The Rebel Victor | I [THG] by reloading-
The Rebel Victor | I [THG]by S.
"There is never just one spark, Ms. Maverick, and one spark can start a fire." ~ President Snow Quinn Maverick, the first spark of the rebellion. __ Featured i...
Charisk shots by huntress777
Charisk shotsby Eight
this is a collection of charisk one shots. please make many request to keep it going
Mockingjay-Adler by TheAshleyPotts
Mockingjay-Adlerby Ashley Potts
Adler Chelsing, District 8, Hunger Games/Quarter Quell Victor has survived. Waking up deep underground in District 13, she learns that District 12 is gone, Peeta, Johann...
Lucinda | Finnick Odair (Coming Soon) by cvpidas
Lucinda | Finnick Odair (Coming Hello :)
In which Lucinda Gray Barrett is the grandaughter of a former Covey member who was best friends with Lucy Gray. ------------------------------------------ "You know...
COUNT TO 67 ۞ Finnick Odair          [discontinued] by Star_noodle
COUNT TO 67 ۞ Finnick super cool person
HER WORDS WERE AS SWEET AS CANDY if candy was laced with poison [Catching fire] [Finnick Odair x oc] started: 29.3.20 finished: - Top rankings...
Games of Distortion by frozenyogurt1234
Games of Distortionby Anna Banana
It had been seven years since the Capitol had fallen to the rebel districts of Panem. Seven years since the death of President Snow. Seven years since a little girl of...
Random Imagines  by just_a_normal_me
Random Imagines by ......
some random one shots about everything , oc's series, movies, video games and anything you suggest, hope you enjoy. *requests are open* (English is not my mother tongue...
Lucifer (one shot for now) by sadhubhai
Lucifer (one shot for now)by Ace 0
Have you ever felt rebuked... by the whole world??? Have you ever felt outcasted?? Have you ever felt anger against the world??? Have you ever felt the desire to destroy...
A Hodge-Podge of Zutara Fanfictions by banana_bookworm
A Hodge-Podge of Zutara Fanfictionsby Writing_Ghost
A Hodge-Podge of Zutara fanfictions ranging from one-shots to AUs! Disclaimer: I do not own ATLA, LoK, or any of the characters in them.
Lilac : Spring by peacemint
Lilac : Springby mint
A popular fantasy author who used to created her story based on imagination suddenly got a dare to make a realistic story and more serious. With a genre that she never u...
Magical Tide (Finnick Odair) by Unei5233
Magical Tide (Finnick Odair)by Unei
Amynta Snape knew that magic was capable of anything. She knew that there was some unknown force of magic out there in the world. But she didn't expect herself to be sud...
A Change of Heart by multifandomwritingss
A Change of Heartby multifandomwritingss
"I don't understand why we're continuing this then? If you don't believe in this working, then it's done." "You don't get it, you're making this difficult...
The Vial by theres_no_guarantees
The Vialby theres_no_guarantees
In a world where super powers were once able to be bought, all havoc has broken out. What's left is now illegal, most likely taken away by the government. But when one...
Coin Master Hack 2020 - How To Get Free Spins and Coins! by coinmasterhacks
Coin Master Hack 2020 - How To Coin Master Hack 2020
Imagine you could simply use the Coin Master hack for iOS and Android to generate free coins and spins on your smartphone or tablet. This is absolutely possible now! You...
La vez que el Maau SE HIZO TROLO by abimaruIce32
La vez que el Maau SE HIZO TROLOby D`MARTIN
El maau lo abandona la novia y busca consuelo en un viejo amigo y amor prohibido, el brasileiro makunga.
Connor x that fucking coin (interactive story) by Fanlocked
Connor x that fucking coin ( 🌶 Spicy Desu🌶
Connor knew that tampering with evidence was a crime and he would be disobeying his orders but that coin looked so damn tasty also ive been trying to do the coin thing a...
Welcome to Reality [A Hunger Games fan fic] by monteydog
Welcome to Reality [A Hunger Montana Dinosaur
Is it possible for the Hunger Games to be real, but just in a different life? When Katniss has a terrible incident with falling from a tree, she wakes up in a strange pl...
| The Jabberbird | THG | by overnumerousness
| The Jabberbird | THG |by Rigby
Coin got what she wanted, Peeta was lifted from the Arena, safe in the arms of the rebels desperately trying to use him for their cause. But Katniss was taken, lowered i...