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Lelouch's Other Sister. by TeamWhiteRose100
Lelouch's Other Sister.by TeamWhiteRose100
Her name is Elizabeth VI Britannia and she is the other sister of Lelouch VI Britannia and Nunnally VI Britannia. She's often better then Lelouch and Schneizel at Chess...
The Dark Knight: Origins (My Hero Academia X Code Geass) by TheAgent88
The Dark Knight: Origins (My Hero...by Expendable Asset
My Hero Academia X Code Geass After sacrificing his life for the Zero Requiem, Lelouch Vi Britannia is reborn in a different world. A world completely different from his...
Nori of the Rebellion (Code Geass Fanfiction Book 1) by Moonshadow16
Nori of the Rebellion (Code Geass...by Night
Please note that Code Geass is not owned by me. They are owned by Gorō Taniguchi, Ichirō Ōkouchi, and Sunrise Studio. Please support the official release. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
Storms of the Heart [Code Geass Fanfiction; LelouchXOC] by amandaluvsya
Storms of the Heart [Code Geass Fa...by amandaluvsya
Adelice is a long time family friend and love interest of Lelouch, but how will she react when she finds out that he is the masked man, Zero? Lelouch X OC Thank you to m...
Tokyo Ghoul: Zero by TheAgent88
Tokyo Ghoul: Zeroby Expendable Asset
Tokyo Ghoul X Code Geass Spin-off to the Suicidal Ghoul After Kaneki's disappearence, Tokyo has been much more dangerous than ever after​ a masked man known as Zero decl...
Rυler Of Tнe World~[Yandere!Lelouch X Reader] by STWNTstories
Rυler Of Tнe World~[Yandere!Lelouc...by StoriesThatWereNeverTold
He had everything, even though people hated him, regretted him being alive because of his deeds... There was one person who loved him. She loved him only like a dear bro...
*REQUESTS CLOSED* A Love That Binds Us All~ VARIOUS x Reader! by ForeverYoungest
*REQUESTS CLOSED* A Love That Bind...by *Insert Clever Name Here*
||Requests|Closed|| Do you have feels needing to be felt? Are you recently obsessing over an anime that one shots will help ease the pain of having to wait at least a w...
code geass: a new hope by emiya529440
code geass: a new hopeby Prometheus
Y/n Taurus a young teen graduating from college was in an accadent and was reincarnated into the world of code geass in a new body in the royal family as arthur vi Brita...
Warlock's Bittersweet Lie || Code Geass  by Arimist07
Warlock's Bittersweet Lie || Code...by Arimist07
"Who are you?" I asked, making my voice as neutral as possible. "Do you really not know?" "Lelouch." The voices in my head told me. No, t...
In Our Arms (Lelouch x Reader x Suzaku) by ScruffyZelda
In Our Arms (Lelouch x Reader x Su...by ♥ Emily Trancy ♥️
A normal rich kid with some different friends.
Afterwards [Code Geass R3 FanFic] by Soulstar07
Afterwards [Code Geass R3 FanFic]by Soulstar
The Zero Requiem: a plot to have Lelouch vi Brittania publicly murdered by Zero. Why: to make the world peaceful again, to let Nunally rule it and let it thrive again, a...
Why..(Lelouch Lamperouge X ABUSED! Reader) by Emmocupcakes
Why..(Lelouch Lamperouge X ABUSED...by Emmocupcakes
Your mother died in a car accident and ever since then your father has been drinking and sometimes when he's drunk he will take it out on you. You didn't ever tell anyon...
I Command You! {Lelouch x Reader} by CharacterxReaderxOC
I Command You! {Lelouch x Reader}by Kira L.
It's 2017 a.t.b. You can't remember how you got there, but you do know you're no longer in the royal palace of Britannia. Starting your life again sounds reasonable as y...
[DISCONTINUED] Code Geass: Turmoil in Euro Britannia  by taniatan18
[DISCONTINUED] Code Geass: Turmoil...by Tania Tan
Code Geass Fan Fiction: What happened to Lelouch Lamperouge? Why does he call himself Julius Kingsley now? Why is he helping Britannia now? Would Lelouch be able to wres...
Black Knight of Rebellion [Code Geass Fanfic] by verglas
Black Knight of Rebellion [Code Ge...by Verglas
Losing his family in the war between the Holy Britannian Empire and Japan, now named Area 11, Alex sought the power to protect those he love, those he has left. And that...
You may now kiss the bride- SuzaLulu (BOYXBOY) by CheesyPizzaFace
You may now kiss the bride- SuzaLu...by Azu-Azu
Code Geass Suzaku x Lelouch In which lelouch becomes the bride but the groom doesn't seem to mind. Fluffiness slight OOC Warning: Yaoi is bl or boyxboy Has lemony goodn...
тнe worѕт ιѕ yeт тo coмe [Yandere!Lelouch X Reader]x2 by STWNTstories
тнe worѕт ιѕ yeт тo coмe [Yandere...by StoriesThatWereNeverTold
“To defeat evil, I must become a greater evil” That is the words of Lelouch. While trying to change the world, he is trying to earn the love of (y/n). Witch will he succ...
Return of Lelouch Vi Britannia by Luna_Uchiha1
Return of Lelouch Vi Britanniaby Luna Uchiha
What if Lelouch Lamperouge was reborn as Tsuna's older brother? How much chaos will the presence of the former Britania Emperor bring to Namimori?
Live Up to You (On Hold) by AndreaGomex124
Live Up to You (On Hold)by Andrea Gomez M.
Violet Lamperouge, Daughter of Nunnally Vi Britannia and Rolo Lamperouge, Wishes to as excellent as her uncle Lelouch and live up to what he was. He was her Idle in ever...