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Math- amasai by bobazmiko
Math- amasaiby 🌈Miko🌈
- - - - Funny thing is that... he doesn't even have a little brother. Angst, and harm is in this book! Also I was watching too much 90's movies and I came up with this...
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Love is painful. [Oumasai] by MotherOfUnholyStakes
Love is painful. [Oumasai]by MotherOfUnholyStakes
Kokichi Ouma is a victim of this rare disease called; Hanahaki. Even if the flowers are beautiful, it makes him suffocate from the inside. Once Kokichi laid eyes on a pa...
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Kidnapped Together (Shuichi X Kokichi) by Ciel_and_Payten
Kidnapped Together (Shuichi X Ciel And Payten
It was a normal day. Just walking home from school when someone suddenly grabbed him. Of course, he tried to cry for help but red duct tape was almost immediately put on...
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Deceit - The Phantom Thief by girlfriendfromhell
Deceit - The Phantom Thiefby Astrolight
**COMPLETED** It is human nature to survive, to cheat death at every opportunity, but what happens when detective Shuichi Saihara is faced with a seemingly simple case t...
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Fate (Shuichi x Kokichi x Rantaro(ish))  by TheLostEcho
Fate (Shuichi x Kokichi x Rantaro( NotAFujoshi
Kokichi is able to see the 'Red String of Fate' on everyone. The string will disappear when they get to a certain distance from each other that is deemed "Too close...
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Danganronpa v3 boyfriend  by Candysugarush
Danganronpa v3 boyfriend by Candy
Me : HAHAHAHA ! Finally this book is out ! Kaito : And I'm back bitches! Ryoma : Watch your language... Kokishi : Nishishi ! Rantaro : Ah~ it's good to see people who...
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My Insane Love Story (Yandere!Shuichi X Reader X Yandere!Kokichi) by QueenOfNekoWriters
My Insane Love Story (Yandere! DaydreamingNeko
You will be mine... Mine and mine alone... Forever... And ever... You'll never escape... From my love... Ever... *** What is love? Is it an emotion? A feeling that acts...
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No Matter What || OumaSai || Finished.. For once.. by whatdafukdood
No Matter What || OumaSai || gAE
Its Non-despair AU.. But its still in Hopes Peak.. Also I wasn't allowed to write yaoi..
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Danganronpa V3 The Case Of The Sick Detective  by SheMyCrabQueen
Danganronpa V3 The Case Of The Ginger
Danganronpa FanFic After being trapped inside a school for almost 3 days and being forced to play a killing game, the stress and pressure is starting to take a toll on...
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Danganronpa 1, 2, and V3 Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios by QueenOfNekoWriters
Danganronpa 1, 2, and V3 DaydreamingNeko
Have you ever wanted to go through a romantic adventure with your favorite male/female danganronpa character? Good! Because this is your chance to do just that. Options...
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Saiouma/Oumasai Images by Ultimate_BADluck
Saiouma/Oumasai Imagesby Bad Luck (4ever)
So I had like 1000 Saiou images and decided to do something with them. E꙰N꙰J꙰O꙰Y꙰ !
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Random Danganronpa book (Some Spoilers) by Kiri-bap
Random Danganronpa book (Some Verzweiflung
*SPOILERS* Filled with me fangirling and memeing abt danganronpa and shit. I made this while i was watching danganronpa and after i was watching danganronpa, and its pre...
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Who you were (Pregame Saiouma) by LIsForLucifer
Who you were (Pregame Saiouma)by T r a s h l o r d e
Shuichi had no idea who he'd been, what monster he truly was.. He didn't know until she unlocked the memories.. Now he wonders why he ever wanted them in the first place...
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What if it Repeated?   (Oumasai/Saiouma) by Dangan_Crack
What if it Repeated? (Oumasai/ RelativelyTiredSock
-Oumasai -Spoilers for the whole of Danganronpa V3- The killing game is over. Finally. The only thing to worry about now is what lies outside of this world. Or so he tho...
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Lies Are Easier to Carry (Shuichi X Kokichi) by Ciel_and_Payten
Lies Are Easier to Carry ( Ciel And Payten
Kokichi Ouma was a liar. Everyone knew that. But everyone also didn't like it. After Kirumi was executed and Kokichi faked his reaction, he decided to mess with Himiko...
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Oumasai Oneshots by TalentlessChloe
Oumasai Oneshotsby UnTalentedChloe
Oumasai is my pit of fluff and angst, not much else to it. Cover belongs to me 😑
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Beneath a Liar (Oumasai) by bbymikan
Beneath a Liar (Oumasai)by Ouma_Likes_Panta
All anyone ever sees in Kokichi Ouma is a liar. Nobody gets to know him and nobody wants too, that is, everyone except Shuichi Saihara, the detective. Can Shuichi see be...
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Danganronpa X Reader Oneshots  by stressed_simone
Danganronpa X Reader Oneshots by ~ Fire ~
Requests open! Welcome to my unoriginal book. I will do girlxgirl and boyxboy when I want to, so if you don't like it, either skip that chapter or don't read. Enjoy!
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danganronpa- Falling For You. by masteroftheworld5678
danganronpa- Falling For Dippn'dots
shuichi x kokichi high school Au, cover not mine. On hiatus
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✔️More Than a Game (Oumasai/Saiouma) by aesthetic-saihara
✔️More Than a Game (Oumasai/ aesthetic-saihara
Shuichi Saihara wasn't fond of Kokichi Ouma at first, but a killing game trapped in a school with fifteen other people can change someone's mind. A lot. Though Monokuma...
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