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Only Human by Bluebell84
Only Humanby Cate Shaw
Hannah had it all. The perfect life; a doting husband, three wonderful kids, a house in the suburbs. But that all changes quickly, devastating her perfect world. When h...
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Heal // z.m by mindofjohanna
Heal // z.mby Hannah 🪐
in which the journey of Rose's internship becomes something she could've only imagined after meeting this sick guy. || completed but currently editing || • All rights r...
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The Only One For Me by jENNIE68
The Only One For Meby jENNIE68
It's 2125 and the world has changed dramatically. The supernatural is widely known about. They managed to become a big part of our everyday lives without us even realizi...
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Have Faith In Me (5SOS sister) by beautifulvibe
Have Faith In Me (5SOS sister)by all time clo
Have faith in me, ‘cause there are things that I’ve seen, I don’t believe. So cling to what you know, and never let go.
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Cloudy With A Chance Of Pain |ONC 2020| by ScarlettBlackDaisy
Cloudy With A Chance Of Pain | Daisy
Em a.k.a. Empathy has always hated her name. She also isn't particularly fond of being the only one who can see people's sorrows floating above their heads like gray clo...
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Wolf Born Lycan by AshaWheeler
Wolf Born Lycanby Asha Wheeler
A Lycan can not shift forms while pregnant. The danger in doing so is too high. Emma is locked in a cell. Her mate is dead. Her captors want her pup. She's being drugge...
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Diversion by Marsh02
Diversionby Marshall McCarthy
A man commits gruesome crimes in broad daylight in front of thousands of people. A conviction should be easy, but every time the evidence points towards another suspect...
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SOS by Ro_Sparkz
SOSby Ro
That Little Island In The Distance Was Once Big.
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Kitsune's Revenge by MieraScarlet
Kitsune's Revengeby MieraScarlet
"My life is just too mundane for that sort of drama to unfold for no apparent reason." said the young jeweler with a hint of humor in her voice. Nina Rose Broo...
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Raising Laila by cinderellaeyes
Raising Lailaby cinderellaeyes
When Jade's parents died in a fatal car accident last September, sweet, innocent Laila, having witnessed the crash from the backseat was left behind. With Jade too busy...
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Beautiful Symphony  by rosalinemidnight
Beautiful Symphony by •RosalineMidnight•
-It's dark. The music comforts me, whilst the shadows consume me. I let them eat away at me, but he burns through. Brighter and stronger than anything else I have ever s...
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My Bipolar Journal by Kat_Charmer
My Bipolar Journalby Kat_Charmer
July 9th The day he died, I died too. A look into the journal entry of losing a furchild far too soon.
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A Dolphin's Cry by JessicaCMadden
A Dolphin's Cryby Jessica Madden
Ashley's life is turned upside down when her mother is killed in a car accident. Leaving her hometown in Canada, she is forced to move back to Australia with her father...
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A poetic journey  by EramMustafa
A poetic journey by
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Parenthood'z Nightmare by OrtumnAllbones
Parenthood'z Nightmareby Ortumn
Sephiroth is thrown into his own personal nightmare - PARENTHOOD! Forced to father a toddler just as strange as himself, Sephiroth tries to balance a war around day care...
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The Ghost in the Mirror  by legolas778
The Ghost in the Mirror by legolas778
A woman named Pam Winterfield love her Daughter Cassie and is really close to her. Cassie get into an car accident with her actor boyfriend and becomes brain dead. Pam...
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Slowly Mending✔(BadBoy) by Shency123
Slowly Mending✔(BadBoy)by Ishence Sato
Highest Rankings♡ #186 Teen Fiction 30/08/18 #383 Romance 08/09/18 #195 Humour 11/09/18 #36 Chicklit 11/09/18 ----------------------------------- "I gently gripped...
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Hollywood Hills by mhunyadi
Hollywood Hillsby Boris L. Slocum
What happens when you experience something that brings into question all you know about the world in which you live? Something that eats away at the already-frayed notio...
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Blackbird by Malik_Wifey
Blackbirdby EST 19XX
Why you wanna fly, Blackbird? You ain't ever gonna fly No place big enough for holding All the tears you're gonna cry Cause your mama's name was "Lonely" And y...
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Fragile   e.d. by purityring_dolans
Fragile Turtle
"we made a promise, remember?"
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