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Bakat Seorang Anak by chorrorindonesia
Bakat Seorang Anakby HOROR ID
Aku hanya terpaku di sudut ruangan itu sendirian, benar-benar sendirian. Hanya terdengar angin semilir yang rasanya tengah asik menusuk-nusuk kulit tubuhku.
  • cerbung
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Tuyệt thế độc phi của tà vương by luvJiYong
Tuyệt thế độc phi của tà vươngby luvJiYong
Tuyệt thế độc phi của tà vương
  • chi
Heart of a half Saiyan (Gohan) by MyFanficSux
Heart of a half Saiyan (Gohan)by Jay
Gohan and Laylah grew up together, and when they hit there teen years they discover something more than just friendship between them. A Gohan Love Story (With a little b...
  • futuretrunks
  • dbz
  • gohan
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Camren in Hell by camrenisrealbye
Camren in Hellby x
The girls of Fifth Harmony got in a car accident and died. Where the hell are they now?
  • gay
  • camreninhell
  • chi
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Paranormal Lore by Paranormal
Paranormal Loreby Paranormal and Supernatural
This collection includes: Common symbols, tools, and imagery in Paranormal literature. Guest author essays on the Paranormal and the genre's most famous authors.
  • crystals
  • chakra
  • wprs
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The pink flower ninja (Naruto) [Sequel to Sakura's twin sister Chiharu] ✓ by xxbyunhyun
The pink flower ninja (Naruto) [ ✨ 𝒶𝓁𝓁𝓎 ✨
Almost three years passed since Chiharu Haruno, Sakura's twin sister left Konoha. She was training and going on missions together with her sensei Takeshi for all that ti...
  • deidara
  • chi
  • action
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Issei hyoudou the red dragon and creation Saiyan by brandonleckie16
Issei hyoudou the red dragon and brandon
Issei was born in a hospital with specialist doctors and nurses just in case he had something in his tail bone little did the know he was to strong to have one thanks to...
  • godlike
  • powers
  • saiyan
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PANGGILAN MISTERIUS by chorrorindonesia
Panggilan aneh yang masuk ke hp bambang sungguh membuat pemilik nya terganggu. Apalagi, saat bambang mengangkat panggilan tersebut, sang penelpon misterius meminta tolon...
  • creepy
  • story
  • chi
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Menceritakan tentang seorang gadis yang terbangun tengah malam karena mendadak ingin buang air kecil, yang kemudian mencoba membangunkan keluarganya, namun apa boleh bua...
  • realstory
  • story
  • horror
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🐉Tohru's Instagram🐉 by Tohru_DragonMaid
🐉Tohru's Instagram🐉by Tohru
Hi! My name is Tohru! And this is my Instagram!
  • kobayaki-san
  • tohru
  • no
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40 DAYS by chorrorindonesia
Apakah kau percaya jika seseorang telah meninggal dunia. Maka selama 40 hari dia akan berada disekitarmu?
  • scary
  • creepy
  • horror
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Tut vẽ nhập lậu^^ by _Galaxyari_
Tut vẽ nhập lậu^^by GAREN RYRANYA
Chú ý: Có thể nó sẽ không đúng, nhưng mà có gì sai chỉnh lại cho tớ nhé, tớ cảm ơn rất nhiều^^
  • chi
  • phácthảo
  • mau
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Design Book by Chiuse17
Design Bookby Chi Chuột
Quá trình học design của Chi Nó rất hại mắt + fail lòi nên cân nhắc trước khi vào xem Áo được mua tại Nhây's Xưởng @Nhaylamotxuthe
  • book
  • design-book
  • des
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RANDOM PICS 2 by billcipher907
RANDOM PICS 2by ☆тαкєи☆
more pics!!!
  • chi
  • thigh
  • tech
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Keluarga Tak Bahagia by chorrorindonesia
Keluarga Tak Bahagiaby HOROR ID
Ibu dan ayahku telah bercerai seminggu yang lalu. Ibuku menuduh ayah berselingkuh. Aku pun memutuskan untuk tinggal bersama ibuku sekarang.
  • cerbung
  • horror
  • story
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Let's get into spirituality and more by Blazer142000
Let's get into spirituality and Blazer142000
This book is the second book in my spirituality series, this book covers the basics of spirituality from the knowledge i got from creatures and from what i seen and lear...
  • chakra
  • spiritualist
  • divine
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The rabbit and the dog (ciel x reader) by brittneyfergy
The rabbit and the dog (ciel x Tending heart
You were the rabbit and he was the dog you didn't think it would work since dogs hunted rabbits well big dogs until you saw him...
  • cielphantomhive
  • trancy
  • blackbutler
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Badut Pembunuh by chorrorindonesia
Badut Pembunuhby HOROR ID
Perkenalkan Namaku Aliffian, dan nama penaku adalah Wira. Entah mengapa semenjak hari itu, aku sering menulis cerita - cerita horor yang memiliki teka - teki klise. Tida...
  • lain
  • copypasta
  • realstory
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Ascension by sedgeaono7
Ascensionby sedgeaono7
A fighting, science fiction fantasy story of energy. This is the story of all we ever felt was possible within us from our energy, instinct our fire that has gone unfulf...
  • martialarts
  • chi
  • energy
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Blood of the Reprimanded Angel by asuka_lynnbrown
Blood of the Reprimanded Angelby asuka_lynnbrown
The Seven Colored Kings were once feared, and respected, they ruled Japan in the shadows. But, they have disappeared along with the Dresden Slate. After World War III, J...
  • fushimisaruhiko
  • chiral
  • yatamisaki
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