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The Forgotten one by Ashkpop
The Forgotten oneby Ashkpop
It has been three years since Naru, also known as Oliver Devis left for England, it has been three years since she had lost contact with her so called SPR family, what h...
  • case
  • naruxmai
  • romance
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Silent Scream ( Ghost Hunt) by Littlecreep493
Silent Scream ( Ghost Hunt)by Emily Nicholson
Kai is a 19 year old medium from a vary well known family. What happens when she has to team up with SPR? And what happens when she gets to know a certain music loving M...
  • mai
  • monk
  • ghost
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Clouds ( Avatar: The Last Airbender) by FinlessShark
Clouds ( Avatar: The Last Thresher
Kumo was abandoned as a baby, left for the water tribe of the north. With white hair like a spirits and ice coloured eyes that pierced peoples' souls, She was an outcast...
  • ozai
  • earth
  • iroh
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Just for You by kasidyclay
Just for Youby kasidyclay
Katara is captured at a young age by the Fire Nation. She was brought across the sea to the Fire Nation capital. Only to find the Fire Lord and his family standing right...
  • zuko
  • avatarthelastairbender
  • tylee
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Kyoyas Baby Sister? by thepeachthatwrites
Kyoyas Baby Sister?by Suzy ♡ she/they
Sure, Mai Ootori is the "baby" of the Ootori group, but the only person that treats her like that is her onii-chan, Kyoya. He might have the scary reputation a...
  • mori-senpai
  • kaoru
  • hikaru
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old friend by faymir
old friendby Faymir
naru X OC fanficition. how does naru react when his old friend return to japan after so long, bringing with her, her past and dark secrets. will she be saved or...
  • fanfiction
  • mosiko
  • ghosthuntfanfic
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I Belong by Ashkpop
I Belongby Ashkpop
What if Mai and Naru were to be met under different circumstances all together? What if he is her teacher? How would he treat her than? Would he still care for her?
  • ghost
  • fanfiction
  • angst
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Beastly King  (Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic Puzzleshipping/Blindshipping) by sagariolily
Beastly King (Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic Wild flower
I am a beast A beast.Not quite wolf or gorilla or dog, but a horrible new creature with fangs, claws and scars.I'm a monster! You think this is a fairytale? No this is...
  • mai
  • mutou
  • blindshipping
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La Pijamada De Freddy (Comic) // FHS  FNAFHS // By. Velin by Velin_chan
La Pijamada De Freddy (Comic) // Velin B) 🌻💖
Este es un comic que estoy haciendo, lo subo por Twitter, pero tambien lo estare subiendo por aquí XDXDXD hace mucho que no subo algo a Wattpad :''v Sipnosis (?) Los chi...
  • comic
  • joy
  • toddy
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Gins Daughter (Detektive Conan) by helxleh
Gins Daughter (Detektive Conan)by Helena
Ich komme, schrie ich zurück ja so läuft es jeden morgen. Ich das 14 Jährige Mädchen muss um 5 Uhr morgens zum Training aufstehen. Die anderen dürfen sich selber aussuch...
  • kir
  • detective
  • mai
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Fnafhs Zodiaco by MochiM0ch12
Fnafhs Zodiacoby 💕CHANGLIX💕
Holaaaa personitas detrás de la pantalla esto como ven en el nombre es un zodiaco en el que según tu signo zodiacal veras como te llevas con los personajes,situaciones...
  • mai
  • animatronicos
  • bon
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Black Phantom (Ghost Hunt fanfic) (NaruxMai) by EnglishGarden
Black Phantom (Ghost Hunt fanfic) EnglishGarden
Naru moonlights as a Phantom Thief, by day he is the head of the task force to capture the aforementioned thief and the balance has been maintained for a year. Then Mai...
  • mai
  • fuyumi
  • naru
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LOST (Avatar The Last Airbender Fanfiction) (Zuko x OC) by PotterCat
LOST (Avatar The Last Airbender Begüm
~Story of the Ponytail Prince and Lion's Mane~ Life is full of surprises and one of these gift packages have been found by Zuko. Sorry, the package found him. Shinju, a...
  • zuko
  • firelord
  • atla
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Phantom Girl (A Yuri Musaigen No Phantom Story) by nightdragon456
Phantom Girl (A Yuri Musaigen No Crazy chick w a gun
A story about a girl named Kyouko Ichjio, the twin sister of Haruhiko Icijo, decides to come back home to her brother after more than 5 years. Back at home, she meets th...
  • yuri
  • lesbianfiction
  • haruhiko
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Fire Squad - ATLA by SlayAckles
Fire Squad - ATLAby SlayAckles
Tylee and Azula are getting closer and closer each day but don't know how to confront each other, so with the help of their friends something might come between them.
  • lesbian
  • waterbender
  • tyzula
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[1] 𝘽𝙐𝙍𝙉 ⟳ AVATAR: TLAB by momoisawsome
[1] 𝘽𝙐𝙍𝙉 ⟳ AVATAR: TLABby ❝ skylar ❞
❝Zuko you've changed so much since that day you were banished, you're no longer that little angry kid, you've grown and learned so much, you didn't just deserve this y...
  • azula
  • earth
  • atla
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El mas frio de la escuela //TN EN FNAFHS// by valgamidades
El mas frio de la escuela //TN Evan Mercer
Tn (tu nombre) es el chico mas serio y frio de la fnafhs,nadie se atreve a meterse con el,quieren saber el porque? solo lean la historia
  • mai
  • rayito
  • celos
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In Vino Veritas (Ghost Hunt) (NaruxMai) by EnglishGarden
In Vino Veritas (Ghost Hunt) ( EnglishGarden
Naru leaves Japan for England. 2 years later SPR is established again, but Mai is missing. Their first case is at a haunted Ryokan. Almost immediately Naru's path crosse...
  • naru
  • vino
  • return
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Ghost of a Chance by Weezie_24
Ghost of a Chanceby weezerz2490
What if Mai wasn't the only student at her school to get drafted into helping Naru and Lin solve the case of the old school house? Who is the person from Naru and Lin's...
  • naru
  • spr
  • ghosthunt
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Nightmare School (Ghost Hunt) (Naru x Mai) by EnglishGarden
Nightmare School (Ghost Hunt) ( EnglishGarden
One day Mai never turns up at SPR and Naru finds out it's because she is in a coma in hospital after being attacked. It's up to Naru to solve the case and to resolve his...
  • maixnaru
  • oliver
  • romance
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