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A Celestial Requiem (Book 1, The Secrets of Tarot series) ✔ by LuliWrites
A Celestial Requiem (Book 1, The S...by Luli Xú
A crippled herbalist-in-training and the Crown Prince of Wuzhen meet in the human village of Shangzihua and try to understand their new bond, as the dark prophecy of the...
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Two Wicked Courts by bitysmith
Two Wicked Courtsby Brittany Smith
Una and Alana grew up being told wondrous and terrifying stories of the Fae, unearthly beings who can help or harm. The older they get, the less they believe, but before...
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The New Girl by WiccanWitch1301
The New Girlby Sydney Callaghan
A new girl is coming to Horseland, and she has a secret. Will the gang learn what it is, and can they accept her? I own nothing except my OCs!
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Celtic Mythology  by goddessRhoda
Celtic Mythology by ๛ ελληνιδα θεα
Celtic mythology is the mythology of Celtic polytheism, the religion of the Iron Age Celts. Like other Iron Age Europeans, the early Celts maintained a polytheistic myth...
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The Child of Frost and Flame by rightsidethru
The Child of Frost and Flameby rightsidethru
A series of interconnected stories set in a post-Deathly Hallows Hogwarts/Teen Wolf AU. The endgame pairing will be Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski.
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A Lesson in Glamour by AuthorJEJohnson
A Lesson in Glamourby Jenna Elizabeth Johnson
Cade is reluctant to take Meghan to the Otherworld, but he knows how important it is for her to learn how to use her glamour. If the Morrigan (the goddess of war and st...
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A Secrets of Tarot Guide by LuliWrites
A Secrets of Tarot Guideby Luli Xú
A world and creature guide to The Secrets of Tarot series. If you'd like to learn more about the Realm of Naestrirea and its inhabitants, check out this book!
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The Elementals by leximccown
The Elementalsby leximccown
The day I walked into Dona High was the day I became someone I never thought I could. I mean, who could ever guess me, Nuria Keegan, would ever be- well, I guess I'll ju...
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Moonlit Wishes by GoddessSirena
Moonlit Wishesby Emerald
Siobhan Morgan, a fiery redhead with complicated trust issues, leads what she feels is a normal life, even as the only child of a Wiccan high priestess and the best frie...
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Sundered Kingdoms: The Tournament of Heirs by TaylorRae91
Sundered Kingdoms: The Tournament...by Taylor Rae
Bronwen is a bastard. She spent the first part of her life as little more than a faerie-marked slave in a brothel; until the day the king's priest came to take her away...
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The Drake's Druid: Book I: The Flaming Sword with the White Hilt by user64761422
The Drake's Druid: Book I: The Fla...by D.M.Jones
Darius Mage is a twenty going on twenty-one year old guy who soon discovers that he is the son of a Celtic Deity. This is a story of a universe separate from the Percy...
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A bargain  - Prompt 2 - Dancing with Death by MeredithAll
A bargain - Prompt 2 - Dancing wi...by Meredith Allesium
A short story written for Unleashed - A Weekly Prompt Contest Club. first tryout at first-person POV
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Oran-Roy by KayeSwanAuthor
Oran-Royby Kaye Swan
Brianna Shield is eighteen years old and lives in Wicklow County, Ireland, along with her loving adopted parents and her step-brother, Ethan. Brianna was found as an inf...
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Otherworld by Delta63
Otherworldby Delta63
a changeling who loves a human is the only hope for this continent named "Otherworld" he'll face challenges through the three different countries and he'll do...
Morrigan: Goddess of Death by TheUsualOddities
Morrigan: Goddess of Deathby TheUsualOddities
My gift to the person I got for a secret santa thing.
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Among the Brookside Rushes | Labyrinth  by dene009
Among the Brookside Rushes | Labyr...by Giohanna
Eight years since her run, Sarah has long since convinced herself that the Labyrinth and all those inside it was a dream. She hasn't seen hide nor hair of a goblin since...
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The Faerie Haven by Midnightwandere
The Faerie Havenby Midnight Chase, Daughter of A...
Ciara doesn't just hear the stories told of faerie in her little Irish village like the other children- she believes them. And she has valid reason to believe in the fae...
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Clover by Clorox_helpme
Cloverby Zoë Deering
Jessica and Joshua Mulaney had never gotten along. Aside from their hair, their lineage, and the fact that neither of them understood the other, the twins had nothing i...
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The Crucible, Book 1: Forged Steel by SkribbleGurl
The Crucible, Book 1: Forged Steelby H. A. Titus
Downtown. Coffee shop. 2 AM. One minute, Josh is firing off sarcastic remarks at his best friend Marc - the next, they're running from shape-shifters. Apparently, even...
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Crowlight by Schattenvolk_vh
Crowlightby Schattenvolk_vh
"The honour of work is a truth no one can deprive you of!" Grown up in a world ruled by overlords, dearth and recession, Ciarán Kane knew exactly what kind of...
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