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Smarter than bruce banner?  (The Avengers) by Amethyst_Wolf106
Smarter than bruce banner? (The A...by Ash Woods
What would it be like if Loki used to have a girlfriend? What would it be like if his girlfriend was a goddess? What if she dump him before she was sent to Midgard? What...
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Loki and Reader by LokiSonOfAsgard
Loki and Readerby LokiSonOfAsgard
You wake up in an strange place with unfamiliar people talking to you. They tell you you have arrived in Asgard and that you will be staying with them. You are all alone...
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Compelled - Loki by tilfas
Compelled - Lokiby tilfas
Emy est une femme torturée mais puissante, elle ne connait pas ses origines et ne sait pas maitriser ses pouvoirs. Etant une Avengers, c'est avec appréhension qu'elle se...
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Staying Power by officialpaigeturner
Staying Powerby paige turner
A dramatic retelling of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to include Sigyn, Princess of Vanaheim and Goddess of Fidelity.
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The Best People have the Rottenest Luck by katjacks14
The Best People have the Rottenest...by katjacks14
Percy Jackson is going to visit to his mom while Annabeth is off on a quest to Washington, D.C.. Loki has escaped Asgard, with plans to reclaim the throne, but first he...
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Thor X Reader (My Lady) by Fanixxxx
Thor X Reader (My Lady)by FANIX
After Ragnarok destroyed Asgard, Thor decides to evacuate his people to Earth. It had been a while since he had visited the planet, and he didn't know a lot of people...
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Loki Laufeyson x reader by Metal_Panda_Bear
Loki Laufeyson x readerby Metal_Panda_Bear
Loki has come to Midgard (Present-day Earth), to collect his new slave. Will he come to love her? Will he treat her like shit? Find out in this story *Possible Mature c...
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Nocturnus // A MCU AU ✐ by amirahiddleston
Nocturnus // A MCU AU ✐by ˢᵖᵒᵒᵏʸ ˢᵗᵒʳᵐ
❝ What's with the goggles? ❞ ❝ Sensitive eyes, I'm Nadia. ❞ - Nadia Oakley is not like other girls...no seriously, she isn't! Nadia is a great archer and fighter, so go...
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Jail birds (Loki x reader) by Awesomelemonaids
Jail birds (Loki x reader)by Awesomelemonaids
Young (Y/n) finds herself in trouble when she returns to earth only to be captured and thrown into a cell by the heroes who call themselves the Avengers. In the cell nex...
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storm of rage ◦ harry potter × marvel ×  ii. by redwings_birdss
storm of rage ◦ harry potter × mar...by redwings_birdss
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Loki's Daughter  by WhatLight
Loki's Daughter by ∆.C.G.∆
Highest ranking- #1 in Lokifanfic __________________________________________________ "Look, if you're looking for a nice meaty meal, I'm a vegetarian." The un...
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A Whole Bunch of Loki's by DarkHell616
A Whole Bunch of Loki'sby Hell
Here we have just a bunch of Loki's. Werewolf Loki's, Teen Loki's, Lokitty-Loki's and eventually even FrankenLoki's. Told in a variety of POV's, we have a collection of...
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♪Gods♪Loki X Reader by RavenQueen39
♪Gods♪Loki X Readerby DanSter
√Book 1 of 2 Series√ "Wait for me... Because I'll always wait for you" Have you ever felt..... Magical? Loved? Betrayed? Abandoned? Cause that's what Loki...
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Anchor by Shidemila
Anchorby Mila
Műfaj: Romantikus dráma Páros: Loki/Sigyn Egy jóslat, ami gúzsba köt, egy ígéret, ami elveszik, és két szív, ami összetört.
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Learning to Trust by BeeboSmeebo100
Learning to Trustby Everybody Scream
The story of unlikely enemies doing what it takes to get away from their corrupt king, and eacape to a new world where they can live in peace, without discrimination and...
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taken [loki laufeyson] by reverieloki
taken [loki laufeyson]by ✧
❝for now, you are my prisoner. And i am your king.❞ ⋆ status: writing, unfinished. editing soon. a loki fanfiction. may be mature for some audiences. all characters...
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Loki x Reader - Monster [on hold] by youngrdj
Loki x Reader - Monster [on hold]by youngrdj
The God of Mischief is surprised, to say the least when his long-lost childhood friend is thrown into the jail cell opposite to him. A sense of curiosity fills him when...
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NIGHTMARES  •loki & sigyn• by ally-jandro
NIGHTMARES •loki & sigyn•by ⁂ algae ⁂
"I did not ask for the things I've been through, and I certainly did not ask my mind to paint and repaint the pictures in flashback form." -Michelle Groth *La...
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Unexpected (DoctorWho/Avengers) by MrStarkIDntFeelSoGud
Unexpected (DoctorWho/Avengers)by Bea Azevedo
No, the Doctor is not in it. This story is about Nina, a TimeLady that got stuck on earth in a different universe. She lost her TARDIS and fell on the planet around 18...
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Thrown into Marvel (Loki Fan Fic) by TFALokiwriter
Thrown into Marvel (Loki Fan Fic)by Ivy
A woman is thrown into Marvel while picking a lock. Yes, that is how she makes her grand entrance to Marvel. She finds herself in a familiar area which makes her think s...
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