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Cutey pie with some blood on top by CryBlueBerry
Cutey pie with some blood on topby Cry Blueberry
Izuku Midoriya has a Quirk, a strong one too. You're wondering what it's called, well, it's called Adorable Percentage. It works best if the user is cute, the user can a...
  • cutedeku
  • fairies
  • ocxoc
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The Subtle Beauty - A Celtic Beauty & the Beast retelling by AnnHunter82
The Subtle Beauty - A Celtic Ann Hunter
A cursed prince. A vain beauty. Glory is the seventh daughter of Balthazar, High King of the Twelve Kingdoms. Glory hopes that - of all her sisters - she can escape the...
  • swordfights
  • arrangedmarriage
  • gryphons
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The Arrival, Book one of the Birthright Trilogy by DamselinaDirtyDress
The Arrival, Book one of the Nicole MacDonald
Bound by love, drawn by magick, happily ever after won't come without a fight... Looking for love, four friends cast a spell. Thrust into a terrifying new world, they fi...
  • dragons
  • female
  • griffons
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The 12 Warriors ( karma x reader) by Lizzy10167
The 12 Warriors ( karma x reader)by M i d n i g h t
There is a legend that 12 people will put the ever-lasting war to an end. The war between the supernatural. Witches. Wolves. Dragons Angels. Vampires. Devils. Griffons. ...
  • devils
  • wolves
  • dragons
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DRAGONQUEEN: RISE OF THE SILVER PHOENIX(#the2017awards) by MadelaineTaljaard
Book 1 of the Eternal warrior's saga. (1st draft) WELCOME TO THE GALAXY OF THE DRAGON'S EYE. Rebecca of Blackmountain has lived all her life, thinking she is just an ord...
  • griffons
  • knights
  • dark
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Will of Iron. by saoigreen
Will of S.M.K
---BEING TAKEN DOWN TO BE RE-EDITED ON THE 6TH OF JULY. Book Two of the Forged Series. Her home was destroyed by the Finder, but she found solace among other lost soul...
  • cadelith
  • bonds
  • romance
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Arachnaroc's Quest by Fuzzyisthebest
Arachnaroc's Questby くコ:彡
A warrior's fun filled adventure through the Forests of Focaccia and the Kingdom of Asteria. You will discover the secrets of the dragon born, battle goblins, and follow...
  • griffons
  • knights
  • nothing
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A Piece of Sky by AnnHunter82
A Piece of Skyby Ann Hunter
**THIS IS THE DRAFT COPY AND MAY DIFFER DRAMATICALLY FROM THE FINAL VERSION** (Currently enrolled in Kindle Unlimited at . Final c...
  • chickensfly
  • abilities
  • creatures
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Dragonbane by SashaL
Dragonbaneby Sasha L
Your kingdom or your love? What is more important? A dragon rider named Andrew must realise who he is and what he must do to save his people.
  • griffons
  • dragons
  • elves
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Ask Cylia The griffon by Cylia_The_Griffon
Ask Cylia The griffonby Cylia_The_Griffon
You can ask me stuff about being a griffon, ask my friends stuff Dares and anything else!!!
  • ask
  • fanfiction
  • griffons
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What Lays Beyond Moria by xXWild-OneXx
What Lays Beyond Moriaby WildBeest
Peregrine, a young farm girl, known to others as the lost queen of Moria, is destined to take the throne. The only thing standing in the way, dragons, evil demons, dark...
  • evilqueen
  • throne
  • moria
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Dragon's Moon by EurasianLynx
Dragon's Moonby Eurasian Lynx
It was an accident, honestly. It was dark and she was scared. She didn't mean for it to happen. But it did. And now she must bear the curse of what she has done. You can...
  • unicorn
  • mlp
  • dragon
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Cherry Blossom by Theroyalphoenix
Cherry Blossomby Captain Calliope
First story in a while!
  • griffons
  • originalstory
  • fantasy
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Drema: The Dragon's Gambit by JoeWilliams123
Drema: The Dragon's Gambitby BlackKnight123
In ancient times there were different races. Dragons, griffons and unicorns roamed the plains, mountains and grasslands of Drema. When the raiders of a northern island...
  • polar-bears
  • dragons
  • shaman
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Bear Heart's Captive by Areckas
Bear Heart's Captiveby A. Reckas
This was my first published novel! (I've changed the title for now.) When the press went out of business, the rights reverted back to me. One day, I may finish the serie...
  • younglove
  • lakhota
  • captive
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Witchcraft by HorseCrazy21
Witchcraftby HorseCrazy21
Book 1: Demigoddess Trilogy Jordan Gray has never had a normal life. The forbidden daughter of a powerful witch, she has never quite fit in with anyone. Her only friends...
  • psychics
  • spells
  • friendship
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Story of Elves by PlaidMooseLover
Story of Elvesby ^^Little.Cyborg^^
Have you ever wondered about the elves that have magic powers? No. Not the elf on the shelf. You dumb shit. No, the tall elves with fucking bow and arrows, slaying flesh...
  • griffons
  • mermaid
  • elfs
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Griffon Fire by Griffon_of_Fire
Griffon Fireby Emily Ward
  • griffons
  • traitor
Tales of tails! by JewelRedfox
Tales of tails!by Zodiac
When a country girl moves to a beach city, she finds herself in a tight situation as her parents continue arguing over her and divorce nothing can worse until they came...
  • some
  • creatures
  • mermaids
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