Welcome to my profile! Y’all can call me by my pen name, Ashlee! I write all sorts of books including fan fictions, teacher/student, romance and werewolf. Thanks and I love y’all!

Some stuff about me:

~I have a YouTube page where I post videos that go with my story as well as recordings of me singing. You can get to my YouTube page by clicking the green home button above!

~I am majoring in Nursing in college

~I have been a swimmer since the age of eight years old. Although I am not the best at it, I love it! I can’t really play any other sports so it’s perfect for me!

~I have been snowmobiling since I was one year old. Winter is my favorite season because of it!

~I grew up in New England in the United States but I grew up listening to country. It’s my favorite music. I cannot stand rap or hip hop. It’s either pop, rock, or country for me.

~I'm a country girl at heart. I fit in perfectly up where I go to school because of it :)

~I am a huge boyband lover. It all started with Nsync and Backstreet Boys...Oh the good old days lol

~If you're ever looking for a website to make books covers or outfits for your stories, use polyvore.com! That's what I use!

~I’m an easygoing girl who laughs at everything and gets along with everyone! If you ever want to talk, leave a message on my board or inbox me!





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Featured work.

Invisible (A Hunter Hayes Fan Fiction)

Social data: 6.6K reads. 306 votes. 66 comments.

Description: Scarlett Wilson has always been the “invisible” girl in school. Many people know her as “the weird quiet girl with good grades”. What they don’t realize is that she isn’t what they think she is. She isn’t weir...


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Story Reading List

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